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An audio by Herbert W. Armstrong entitled: What the True Church of God will by Like

Bread From Heaven

Manna is the word that the Israelite people called the granular type food that God rained down from heaven to feed the Children of Israel, while they wandered in the wilderness for forty years. The word manna simply means: What is it? The Israelite people had never seen anything like that before. God used the manna to sustain their physical life, while they wandered in the Sinai desert, and he also used this manna to test the people, whether they would keep his law or not. The seventh-day Sabbath was one of the main test commandments; whether they would keep his Spiritual Law; The Ten Commandments.

Time to Wake Up

Feb. 8-2013

Hello friends and brethren,

We know from the Word of God that this nation, the United States of America, as well as Britain and many other nations which have descended from the twelve original tribes of Israel, are going to be humbled in the worst time of trouble that has ever been on any people since there ever was a nation.

 The God Designed Family


 Where did the marriage and family institution come from? Animals don’t marry and have a family relationship. If marriage and a family, is a relationship of higher intelligence creatures, then why is our modern world, destroying the marriage and family institution through pornography, fornication, adultery, divorce, and just living together without any commitment, or marriage contract and homosexuality? Are we progressing in reverse? There is a real purpose for marriage and family, and most people on this earth don’t even know what that purpose is, or where it came from. Most people who are married don’t even know how a God designed marriage and family is supposed to function; that is partly why there are so many divorces in the land. Many people on this earth don’t even know what a marriage and family is. Many people seem to think that marriage and family can consist of two homosexual men or two homosexual women with children.

The True Church of God

What is the true church of God, and what is this web site all about?

The true church of God are the people who have been given a divine calling from God the Father, and who have completely surrendered their lives to let God and Christ correct, and change them so that they no longer live to please the lusts of the flesh, and the lusts of the carnal, fleshly, selfish mind. They are a people who have been so completely convinced by God that God is real and is definitely involved in their lives that they are able to give up their will, and their ways, and let the true word of God teach them, the truth, and they are willing to obey, even though Gods way is completely opposite of the way that they were living formerly.


Just What do you mean Church ERAS?

The book of Revelations chapters two and three speaks of God’s judgment and council to the seven churches which existed in Asia Minor at the time when Jesus gave this revelation to the Apostle John. Why was God so concerned with these local churches and yet he doesn’t seem to talk of all the other churches of God down through history? Or does he? The truth of the matter is: God does give an overview of the works of his only true church down through history.

–About Gary Stowers and this web-site.

Who is Gary Stowers and what is this website all about?

There are thousands of people who have websites offering their religious opinions and teachings to the public. Some have some good information, but mixed in with some false opinions; others have what I am persuaded to be mostly a lot of deceptive ideas and opinions. So why should you bother to read my literature?

Most of the religious websites have a bottom-line desire to enrich themselves by gaining membership and your tithes and offerings. I am not interested in any of that. My purpose is to give you the precious truth that God has given to me. I have not been ordained by any man or organization. I have been called by God into the truth back in 1979 and was baptized into the body of Christ in June 13, 1980.

I was born back in 1956, in Pocahontas, Arkansas. My parents were poor farm-workers. I had three brothers and three sisters. We all worked in a variety of farm work including picking cotton, chopping cotton. During certain years, we also traveled to follow the fruit harvest in several different states. We picked strawberries, raspberries, we cut grapes, and picked oranges. I mention these things so that you can better understand the background that I came from. I have an article that I will put on my website that will discuss a little more about my calling and conversion into the truth.

Now again I ask: Why should anyone spend their time reading my literature? Friends, of my own self, I would not have anything worthy of your time reading my literature. But when God began getting my attention, he drew me to “The Plain Truth” magazine, which was published by Herbert W. Armstrong. Through reading that magazine and another of Mr. Armstrong’s magazines, “The Good News”, I began to learn of God’s wonderful purpose that he had for my life. This gospel was not only for my life but for all humans that will believe and surrender to obey God.

I had never before, really had my mind opened up to consider that the Almighty Creator God actually had a great and magnificent purpose for our human existence. This was awesome to contemplate! The supreme source of power and mind that designed and created the vast expanse of the heavens, and all-stars and planets that are in the heavens, including the one that we are made out of, and are living on that we call earth; This great, all-powerful and all-wise mind had also devised an incredible plan and purpose for making humans in his own image. This Great Spirit Being purposed that ultimately we shall be born again into Spirit Beings like He is! The true “Gospel” is that God is building a Kingdom of his own Spirit born family. We humans have this destiny set before us if we can appreciate it enough to seek after it. This awesome hope set before us should motivate anyone who actually believes in it, to also seek after the righteousness of God, for that is the required and necessary way of life that we must all learn to live by so that we all can live in peace and happiness with each other for eternity.

When God had given me the real living faith in his word, his way of life, and his gospel plan for my life; I was thrilled! I had never in all my life ever heard or imagined such wonderful hope for my existence. Up to that point in time, I had only assumed that the only purpose for my life was just whatever purpose that I tried to give myself. I found the gospel of the kingdom of God to be like Jesus Christ said, that it is like a treasure that a man found hid in a field, and he valued it so much that he went and sold all that he had so that he could buy that field, so that the treasure could be his own. This was a very exciting and thrilling treasure that God had given me hope in!

As a result of my love for the truth and God’s purpose for my life, I did surrender to God and Christ, and I was baptized on June 13, 1980. That has now been near forty years ago, and I still love God and his way of love and righteousness, and I still am thrilled with that wonderful hope that I have in the Kingdom and Family of God. This hope is not only for me, but for my children, and grandchildren which I love and hope for also. This hope is for all people on earth that will value it enough to submit their lives to be obedient to God and Christ.

I can’t take time or space in this brief introduction of myself and this website to explain all of the precious knowledge that I would like to share with you concerning this wonderful hope in Christ; so I will put many different articles or booklets up on my web-site. One important truth that I must let you know of in this writing is: God is the only one that can make a believer out of you. Unless God is calling you, then you will not have the faith to take action to obey God and his Commandments. Unless God is calling you, then you will not even believe the wonderful good news about God’s plan for your life in his family and kingdom, even if it is shown to you in the Holy Bible. If you don’t truly believe then it would seem foolish for you to surrender to obey a God that you don’t even believe. Yes, God must spiritually act on your mind to call you and give you faith in his Word, and he will do that in his own time. No man, by any means, can make a true believer out of you. Not all people are called to be “First-fruits” into the kingdom of God. There will only be 144000 first-fruit Christians that will be redeemed from this world at the time of Christ’s second coming. Read of this in Revelation Chapter 14. Many people have lived and died in this world who thought they were true Christians; and yet they were only deceived by men teaching false teachings that appeared to be what the people thought was Christ’s teachings. Satan has sent his ministers out to appear as angels of light but they were in fact only deceiving the people. Most people will not have their calling from God until the second resurrection; which is resurrection back to mortal human life, after the 1000 year rule of Christ and his saints on this earth.

It is true that God has set the specific number of first-fruit Christians to be only 144000, but that does not mean that God doesn’t plan to give you all an opportunity to get to know and believe God and Christ. God Plans to call all people, but not all in the first stage of building the Kingdom of God. The First-fruits are called to be overcoming and developing Godly character in this age so that they may be the wife of Christ at his coming. They are to serve in the world tomorrow as kings and priests to teach and rule over the children of God who will be called in the time of Great Tribulation at the end of this world. Those people who will be allowed to live over into the new world after Christ returns will have come out of Great Tribulation and will have repented of their own sins and sinful nature. They will be given faith in God and his Word and will have their sins washed away by the blood of Christ, but they are not called to be in the early harvest of people into the Kingdom of God. These people called at the end of this world will be given their space of time to grow in God’s grace, knowledge, and character during the Millennium when Christ and his first-fruit wife will be ruling for that 1000 years.

God has not set a specific number for this latter harvest of people as he did for the First-fruit harvest. That is why they are mentioned in the seventh chapter of Revelation as being a great multitude of people from all nations which no man could know that number. (Rev. 7: 9-17) This great harvest of people will have repented, and been forgiven, and washed by the blood of Christ, but they are not ready to be born again as Spirit beings with eternal life into the Kingdom of God. No, they must also be led unto the fountains of living waters, and Christ and his saints will lead them. God is the fountain of living waters. The Holy Spirit is the living waters that we must all partake of so that we may grow into God’s own spirit-born children with holy righteous character.

I write these things to you so that you may have a general idea about what I stand for and believe, and what you can expect to find more information about in all of my other writings. One thing I want to let you all know upfront: I do believe in the doctrines that God used Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong to teach us from the word of God. However, there is one doctrine that I am persuaded by the word and Spirit of God that Mr. Armstrong was in partial error, that doctrine is the healing doctrine. I do believe that God has and does still heal people of sickness and disease; however, I have proved to my own satisfaction that God is not jealous of us using our own knowledge, skills, and abilities to treat ourselves with the medical help that men are able to give and do. There is much that man can’t do to give good medical help to people, but there is also much that men have been able to learn how to care for and treat, to aid in healing and just giving medical aid and comfort to help sick and diseased people.

God does not expect us to refuse to give or receive medical care when it can help. Love will lead us to follow the example of “the good Samaritan”. Some of my writings will help to explain my beliefs on this subject more in detail. With this having been said, I do believe that Herbert W. Armstrong was a true servant and Apostle of Christ and God, and most of the truth that any of us true Christians have is a direct result of God teaching him from the Holy Bible, and him teaching us. Many of the splinter groups and ministers that have branched away from the Worldwide Church of God seem to try and distance themselves from him and refuse to recognize that it was Herbert W. Armstrong that God used to raise up the sixth horn of Christ, the “Church in Philadelphia”, and to restore the true teaching of Christ and his apostles in the Church of God, and also to preach and publish this truth including the true gospel throughout the world in all nations.

Let the record show that I certainly love and respect the Word of God and His Apostle that he used to teach me the truth. I don’t just follow a man, but I try to follow Christ; if I must recognize that Mr. Armstrong was mistaking and wrong on anything, then I will do so, but for the most part, I have proved that he was right on target. I recommend that you all should go on the internet to visit the “Herbert W. Armstrong Resource Library” which has been preserved by the Library of the United States Congress. Much valued knowledge is stored there; in books, booklets, magazines, sermons, television and radio broadcasts, and other materials. I suggest that you study his literature along with anything that I write or teach. My desire is that you should have the truth, and not just any man’s opinion. God’s word is the truth; let that be your standard whereby you measure what I say or what Mr. Armstrong says, or what any other person teaches. That is how we follow Christ and not just follow men. It is God’s Word, the truth that offers us any hope that we have in the family and kingdom of God. Men’s ideas and opinions offer us nothing good unless they are in complete agreement with the word of God. Our motto should be In God We Trust.

After Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong died in 1986, the next pastor general that was left in charge of the Worldwide Church of God began perverting and destroying the true doctrines and teaching of God out of that Philadelphian organization of the Church of God. The ministry as a whole went along with Tkach in his evil perversions of the truth and they cast out many of us brethren who still loved the truth. When we would talk with other brethren about this evil work that was going on in the Church of God, then some snitch false brother would turn us into the minister, and we would end up being disfellowshipped and marked as someone whom the rest of the brethren were told not to communicate with anymore. Tkach and his ministry had turned that organization of the Church of God into a Synagogue of Satan, just like what had happened to the early New Testament Church known as the Ephesian Era.

Those ministers in the Worldwide Church of God were hired shepherds and they were more interested in their paycheck, and career than they were in holding on to the truth of God’s word. God did use one minister and his assistant who stood against their evil doctrine changes to raise up the last organization or horn of Christ’s body. That man has also come under Satan’s influence and become just as God’s word says he would be: Spiritually blind, spiritually naked, and not teaching totally right, nor totally wrong; he became “lukewarm”, neither hot nor cold. That man is Gerald Flurry. Many of us have had to leave or be cast out of their organization also. That is the Laodicean organization.

In this Laodicean era, the true and faithful children of God are scattered all over the earth, and we do not even know where or who is the rest of the faithful body of Christ. God does know his own and will gather us all in one at the return of our savior Jesus Christ.

Now since this is supposed to be a lead article to help introduce you to myself and my web-site; I will let you know that I stood up for the truth that I love, early on in 1991, and was disfellowshipped for talking to other brethren about the departure from the truth that was taking place by the whole ministry in the Worldwide Church of God. I attended the Laodicean Church that Flurry was leading for several years and was eventually disfellowshipped from that organization also when I let them know that I disagreed with the doctrine of not using medical care for the sick and diseased people. I have proved that doctrine to be wrong in a paper that I wrote, and they refused to acknowledge that they were wrong, so they just removed me from their fellowship. Seeing how far off course they have strayed since then, I realize that they only did me and my family a favor when they cast us out.

Since being disfellowshipped from the Laodicean organization, I have continued to hold on to and teach God’s truth to my family and anyone else that I am able to reach. At the present time I am mostly alone. My children and wife are not interested in keeping God’s Sabbath and Holy Days any longer. God has not gotten their attention yet, but I hope and pray for them.

I did have a web-site called the True Church of God for several years, but I was relying on my son-in-law to do much of the Computer programming for me. He has divorced my daughter and is hostile to me so I lost that web-site. My friend that I have known for several years, Mr. Raymond Mills has recently offered to help me to again have a web-site where I can again share the precious truth that God has given to me with other people.

I don’t claim to have never sinned since conversion; but God knows that I have repented when I realize that I have sinned, and God also knows that I have never lost my love and delight in God’s word and his gospel. I believe that since I have been faithful to Gods’ Word and not gone astray, when the majority of the people were going astray from the truth, and were following men or organizations rather than Christ; that God has chosen to give me understanding of much knowledge and understanding concerning things that were not fully revealed to God’s Apostle Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong. It was not God’s intention to reveal a lot to Mr. Armstrong concerning the Laodicean Church, and how and when it would be raised up. I believe that God has given me a good understanding about this. Many other things also I believe that God has given me understanding about. I have written several articles that I hope you will find informative and helpful in giving understanding to the brethren of God’s Church, as well as to those who will become converted to be a part of the world tomorrow as physical people, who will be led into the way of God by the First-fruit Priesthood and our King Jesus Christ.

I hope that this article will prick your interest and help you to desire to find out more of the things that rejoices my heart. My passion for God and Christ has never ceased since I first believed the wonderful good news about the Kingdom of God and our hope in it. I will tell you that the titles of some of my articles can’t actually give you much knowledge of the nuggets of gold that I believe you will find in them when you read them through. I have no desire to receive tithes from anyone; my hope is to share my love of the truth and understanding of the hope that is set before us with anyone who can appreciate it.


Gary Stowers