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Babylon and the Beast

Did God Call You?

Or did you just decide to join the Church of God?

Friends and brethren, there are many people who grew up among the Church of God and were taught to believe in and accept the teachings of the Holy Bible. When these young people reached adulthood, they were persuaded by their parents and ministers, as well as by their own reasoning and church piers, that they should get baptized and become a converted member of the church. These children were raised to respect their parents and the ministry, so many of them did end up getting baptized and were assumed to be a full-fledged member of the first-fruit body of Christ, which is the Church of God.

Babylon and the Beast


The following is a letter that I wrote in answer to a minister of one, of the scattered splinter groups which, was once a part of the Worldwide Church of God. I believe that the knowledge and understanding here in this letter could be very helpful to anyone who desires to learn the truth concerning the prophecies about the “Beast” Government written of in Revelation and Daniel. I have changed the name of the minister in order to prevent any public embarrassment, of that man. I think that you will find the information below very interesting and educational.

The Real Purpose for Human Existence



Have you ever wondered why we humans exist out here on this planet, among all of the other stars and planets that are out here in eternal space? Do you realize that it is possible for you to understand, and actually know what that purpose is, and who ordained that wonderful purpose for your life?

The True Church of God



What is the true church of God, and what is this web site all about?


The true church of God are the people who have been given a divine calling from God the father, and who have completely surrendered their lives to let God and Christ correct, and change them so that they no longer live to please the lusts of the flesh, and the lusts of the carnal, fleshly, selfish mind. They are a people who have been so completely convinced by God that God is real and is definitely involved in their lives that they are able to give up their will, and their ways, and let the true word of God teach them, the truth, and they are willing to obey, even though Gods way is completely opposite of the way that they were living formerly.

Just What do you Mean Church ERAS?


The book of Revelations chapters two and three speaks of God’s judgment and council to the seven churches which existed in Asia Minor at the time when Jesus gave this revelation to the Apostle John. Why was God so concerned with these local churches and yet he doesn’t seem to talk of all the other churches of God down through history? Or does he? The truth of the matter is: God does give an overview of the works of his only true church down through history.

Bread From Heaven


Manna is the word that the Israelite people called the granular type food that God rained down from heaven to feed the Children of Israel, while they wandered in the wilderness for forty years. The word manna simply means: What is it? The Israelite people had never seen anything like that before. God used the manna to sustain their physical life, while they wandered in the Sinai desert, and he also used this manna to test the people, whether they would keep his law or not. The seventh-day Sabbath was one of the main test commandments; whether they would keep his Spiritual Law; The Ten Commandments.

Time to Wake Up


Feb. 8-2013

Hello friends and brethren,

We know from the Word of God that this nation, the United States of America, as well as Britain and many other nations which have descended from the twelve original tribes of Israel, are going to be humbled in the worst time of trouble that has ever been on any people since there ever was a nation.

The God Designed Family



Have you ever wondered why we humans exist out here on this planet, among all of the other stars and planets that are out here in eternal space? Do you realize that it is possible for you to understand, and actually know what that purpose is, and who ordained that wonderful purpose for your life?

The God Designed Family

 The God Designed Family


Where did the marriage and family institution come from? Animals don’t marry and have a family relationship. If marriage and a family, is a relationship of higher intelligence creatures, then why is our modern world, destroying the marriage and family institution through pornography, fornication, adultery, divorce, and just living together without any commitment, or marriage contract and homosexuality? Are we progressing in reverse? There is a real purpose for marriage and family, and most people on this earth don’t even know what that purpose is, or where it came from. Most people who are married don’t even know how a God designed marriage and family is supposed to function; that is partly why there are so many divorces in the land. Many people on this earth don’t even know what a marriage and family is. Many people seem to think that marriage and family can consist of two homosexual men or two homosexual women with children.

Enforcement of the Mark of the Beast

Enforcement of the Mark of the Beast

We are living in urgent and fearful times, and it is time that we true followers of Christ need to understand what is about to happen. We have known for ages that the mark of the Beast that is talked about in the book of Revelation is the Sunday day of rest, which is the first day of the week instead of the seventh day of the week, that God named the Sabbath. The Sabbath that God commands his people to remember and observe by resting from work on that day, is the seventh day of the week and is called Saturday on the Roman calendar. It was pagan Emperor Constantine who commanded the old pagan Sunday rest for the Roman Empire. Later after he had been converted to the apostate “Christian” Church, and began giving great wealth to that church; that anti-Christ church became great and powerful in the Roman Empire.

Letter to All of God's Scattered Church

Letter to all of God’s Scattered Church

I Gary Stowers feel the need to write this letter to all of God’s scattered sheep that truly does love the true Christ and our Father in Heaven. Brethren I love God with my whole heart, and I love all of his children in Christ. Because of my love for you, I felt the need to let God use me to give all of us some wise instruction and even correction in certain areas of our lives where we may need it. I don’t set myself up as some lord over Christ’s body, but because of God’s love in me for you all; I can’t just keep quiet, and let things slide that I know are detrimental to the overall spiritual health of God’s scattered flock.

Who will be the Guest as Christ's Wedding?



Jesus Christ is coming back to this earth very soon. He is going to marry his bride when he comes back. All true Christians know that the bride of Christ is the one and only true Church of God. (Ephesians 5: 22-32), (Rev. 19: 7, 8) Yes, all of the true saints of God through all ages of this world, who have been called by God, and remained faithful to God and Christ, and have let Christ cleanse them of all sin and unrighteousness by his blood and his word, and recreate them spiritually, by his life in them; they will make up the bride of Jesus Christ.


The Seven Thunders of Revelation



Seven Thunders spoke their messages to the apostle John and then a voice from heaven told John not to write their messages down. This voice from heaven told John to seal up their messages also. (Rev. 10: 3, 4) The angel (or messenger) to the Laodicean Horn or era of God’s church has proclaimed himself to be a prophet and claims that he has understood and written a book that reveals what the seven thunders said. As I will proceed to do here in this article; I will show you that he is wrong, and will direct you to a book that God inspired that will reveal what the seven thunders did reveal to the apostle John. Please bear with me here for a while, for I must give you some background knowledge, so that you may truly understand this matter.

Proof of God's Government in His Church

Proof of



Gary Stowers, to all of the truly called saints of God in this last Laodicean Era of God’s Church: Brethren and friends, Jesus Christ has impressed upon my mind through his word and Holy Spirit that I need to write this article concerning the authority and government that God and Christ has established in his own called out body of Christians. Proof of God’s government in his church is found in the letter to the seven churches. Some professing brethren seem to resent the authority that Mr. Armstrong exercised in the Philadelphian Horn of Christ. Some of them even blame Mr. Armstrong for “setting them up to fail” by having a hierarchal government set in the Church of God. These people seem to still be unwilling to accept blame for their own failures to remain faithful to Christ when Tkach began casting out the truth and replacing it with false doctrine.

The Work of God's Two Witnesses

The Work of God’s Two Witnesses


You have probably heard or read of men who claim to be one of the two witnesses that are prophesied about in the book of Revelations; but the very fact that they boast of such things is obvious proof that they are seeking self-glory, and are too vain to be used by God in such an office. It is true that all true Christians should be true witnesses for God, but that does not make us one of the two that are prophesied about in Revelation, Chapter Eleven. God would only give such miraculous powers to men whom God himself has personally prepared and selected for that office. Men who begin thinking too highly of themselves, and covet such powers for their own glory are like Simon the Sorcerer, who was rebuked by Peter for coveting and trying to buy the power of God for his own self glory and wealth.

The True Way to Peace


I Gary Stowers a true servant of the, most high God, thought it good for me to write down some of the knowledge and wisdom that God has taught me through the last twenty-eight years of being led by the Holy Spirit, and studying, and practicing the word of God. I know that until God Almighty calls a person, and causes them to fear and tremble before God, that they can’t really appreciate the Word of God and these things I write will only seem like some unrealistic and lofty ideas. This message is directed to those who have gone into tribulation and have been humbled by the, Most High God.

Repent and Believe the Gospel



After Jesus Christ had been tried and tested by the devil and had overcome him; he came into Galilee preaching the gospel of the Kingdom of God, and saying, the time is fulfilled and the Kingdom of God is at hand: repent you, and believe the gospel. (Mark 1: 12-15) The book of Matthew, Chapter 4 gives a more detailed account of that temptation by the devil, who was trying to cause Jesus to sin and therefore disqualify him from being able to be our savior. Thank God that Jesus did overcome the devil!

Watch and Pray

Watch and Pray

Just what did Jesus mean when he said, “Watch”? Most of us understand what is meant by pray, but it seems that many seem not to understand his real intentions when he tells us to watch. Jesus often used the word, pray in connection with the word watch. Brethren, this subject has everything to do with whether we will have the faith and courage to stand up for righteousness when we are tried, or whether we will weakly succumb to Satan and sin.

Made in the Image of God


The great Creator God says that they made man in the image of God. Do you know what that means? I dare say that most people only have some faint idea about what this is all about. In trying to understand this, people try to make God in the image of man. There is a great problem with this; God is spirit and man is flesh. God is Holy and perfectly righteous, and man is still living according to Satan’s ways of selfishness, greed, lust, vanity, and competition. Man has temporary life in the flesh, which must continually be fed, and must constantly be breathing in the air to stay alive. God lives forever and doesn’t have to eat or breathe air to live. Man is confined to a small space, but God inhabits eternity. So how can God be like a man? We all need to understand this vital subject.

Letter to the Brethren

Letter to the Brethren


I have enjoyed being able to share with you all some of the knowledge and understanding that God has given to me. I hope to continue writing articles and putting them on the internet, for the precious knowledge and deep understanding of God is the most valuable thing that I could give you. I know that not all people that will read my literature will value it. The Word of God is corrective, and it causes us to look deep into our own hearts, and most often what we see in the inner core of our hearts and minds is not very flattering. The word of God cuts like a double-edged sword, and people don’t like to see their sins and weaknesses. People prefer to wear a cloak and hide from the plain truth, rather than to be corrected. Human nature is to condemn the one who bears the sword of God and refuse to acknowledge the truth.

Just What do you mean Love?

Just what do you mean love?

 Is sex love? Is the feeling of desire to have and hold someone in your arms love? Is feeling jealous about a person’s love? What about this; if you find a person very attractive, and desire to have that person for your very own; is that love? Are there different kinds of love? Is it possible to ever intentionally harm someone because you love him or her? Just what is real, true love, and how does real true love behave?

Vital Knowledge for God's Scattered Church

Vital knowledge for Gods Scattered Church


Hello to all of our dear brethren in Christ, who have been scattered by Satan and his wicked ministers, who love not the children of God in truth; but they seek their own glory and wealth in this world, and take advantage of God’s scattered flock. Brethren our Father in heaven cares deeply about all of us and desires that we all can overcome the evils of our own human nature, as well as overcome the dependency of putting your trust, and faith in any man or organization. Brethren, there are many ministers out there who seek their own glory, power, and wealth at the expense of God’s called and converted children.

Where in Creation are you?



Think for a moment; where are you at? Do you really know where you are at? We judge where we or someplace or thing is at, based on considering the location in relation to other things or places that we know of that is around it. If I were to call my wife on her cell phone and ask her where she is at, she might tell me she is at home, at the grocery store, or maybe driving on the road between Fort Gibson and Muskogee, or some other place around here. You would be very much the same, in that you would tell me the location based on things and places around you that I would be somewhat familiar with so that I could get an idea where you are at.

Spiritual Clothing


You need to know what Almighty God has to say about your spiritual clothing; it will make a difference as to whether or not you will be allowed in Gods kingdom.