The following is a letter that I wrote in answer to a minister of one, of the scattered splinter groups which, was once a part of the Worldwide Church of God. I believe that the knowledge and understanding here in this letter could be very helpful to anyone who desires to learn the truth concerning the prophecies about the “Beast” Government written of in Revelation and Daniel. I have changed the name of the minister in order to prevent any public embarrassment, of that man. I think that you will find the information below very interesting and educational.

Hello Mr. Minister,

I was glad to hear from you in your e-mail letter. Since you have asked me to try and shed some light on the subject of this end-time “Beast” government that is talked about in the book of Daniel, and also in the book of Revelation; I, therefore, assume that you are willing to examine, and seriously consider what I have to say about this subject. I will do my best to yield myself to Christ, and let him use me to teach such knowledge that I have an understanding of, concerning this subject.

First of all, I do understand what you declared in your letter to me, that God did not give Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong instant and sudden knowledge of all biblical knowledge when he was first converted to Christ. However, it is also true that God did give Mr. Armstrong Much knowledge of the word of God in that first six months night and day study that he was plunged into when God began calling him. True, he did have to study and allow God to teach him little by little, and one doctrine at a time, over the rest of his life, so that he could be used to restore the true teaching of God and his prophecies to the rest of us whom God was calling. However, God was in the driver’s seat of his life. God had conquered him and had made him willing to truly surrender to Christ so that he could actually, willingly let Christ sit in the driver’s seat of his life. God had specifically called him for a Great Commission to learn the truth from God and then teach and preach, and publish this truth throughout the entire earth, as a witness to all nations, and also so that God could educate anyone, and all of us whom God planned to call to have a part in this early firstfruits harvest of people into the kingdom of God.

Almost all of the truth that any true Christian in this age has concerning the Word of God and his Kingdom, and the way of life that leads to eternal life, was taught to us by God’s true end-time Apostle, Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong. God called him and sent him to be a teacher of teachers, to prepare us in knowledge and understanding of the most fundamental, teachings of the Word of God, as well as also an in-depth understanding of the hope that is available to us in the gospel that Christ preached and taught to his disciples about the Kingdom of God. I do acknowledge that God did not make Mr. Armstrong understand everything in his lifetime, but God did reveal to him all of the things that God wanted to impart to the body of Christ at that particular, time-period.

I also acknowledge that because of Mr. Armstrong being human and less than completely perfect and fully grown spiritually, and in knowledge; he did make some mistakes while trying to understand things that were not yet given to him by Christ, and he did make and teach a few mistakes over the years. However, when God did reveal the truth to him he changed his teaching and embraced the truth because he truly did love and desire the truth, even as we all should do. Even though Mr. Armstrong was not completely perfect, yet he spent his converted life in an honest attempt to sort out truth from error and hold on to, and embrace the truth of God’s Word. I am convinced that God was guiding him, and toward the end of his life; he understood and taught the truth that God wanted him to understand and teach at that time.

I do agree that there has been a few new truths that God has revealed to a few of his scattered saints in this Laodicean Age of the church, especially concerning the Synagogue of Satan taking control of the Philadelphian Organization of the Church, which God had used Mr. Armstrong to raise, up. God also has given even to me the understanding of how God raised up, the Laodicean Church Organization by the “angel of the Church of the Laodiceans”, and how he has become lukewarm, blind, and naked spiritually speaking; and has contributed greatly to the scattering of Gods faithful saints. Christ has had to “spew him out of his mouth”, or reject him from being a voice to speak for Christ because of his lukewarm (neither completely right nor completely wrong teachings and behavior.)

I do also believe that the scattered and faithful Christians in this Laodicean Age had better be extra careful to truly prove all points and angles of an idea to be sure that it agrees, completely with the word of God before we embrace it; for many have accepted false doctrine and false prophecy since God allowed Satan to come in and test, and scatter the true saints of God and Christ. God is proving us whether we truly love the truth, or are we willing to give it up so that we may continue in a certain organization or group for fearful, carnal, and selfish reasons, or that we may even exalt our selves and ideas above the true Word of God. God must know what we will do in times of temptation and trial. Are we deeply converted all the way through, even to the very core of our hearts and minds? If not, then will we let God correct us, and purge us of our faults, or not?

Now another point that I need to address that you mentioned in your letter is: You seem to accuse Mr. Armstrong of being ignorant about God, and claiming that the Allah of Islam is the same as our God of Christianity. In so doing, you are giving the impression to your readers, and listeners that Mr. Armstrong assumed that Islam is also God’s religion. That is a very false accusation. Mr. Armstrong was very much aware that Islam is not the true God’s religion, and he never endorsed Islam nor the Quran. Mr. Armstrong certainly understood that Mohammed was a false prophet. The truth of the matter is, that Allah is just an Arab word which in their language refers to the God of Abraham. You should consider that the God of Abraham was also involved in a certain way with Hagar and Ishmael. God blessed them because Ishmael was the son of Abraham, even though he was not the one God had chosen to be heir to the promises made to him by God. (Genesis Chapters 16, 17, 21)

Understand this: Mr. Armstrong was not telling the Egyptian President, Anwar Sadat, that he recognized their Muslim Religion as being the religion of our God, the true God; but what he said to Sadat was simply a diplomatic way for him to recognize that they believe that they serve the God of Abraham, which Christians also claim to serve. Sadat also acknowledged back to Mr. Armstrong that he agreed with him on that point. By Sadat acknowledging that they both claim to recognize the same God is by no means Sadat recognizing that Christianity is the true religion of Allah. They both understood, and so should we also, that they didn’t agree on the religion of God.

Consider this also: The Catholics and the Protestants also claim to serve the same God that true Christians serve, but in truth, we know that they are all deceived and don’t even truly know the true God of Abraham; neither do the Muslims, nor any other religion on this earth. Mr. Armstrong was not ignorant of this fact; he was just speaking diplomatically in the interest of finding some slight bit of common ground, in the hopes to develop a better relationship for the common good of all, which was in hope of giving greater success to the preaching and publishing of the true Gospel in that part of the world. However, even though the Catholics, the Protestants, and the Muslims do not truly yet know the true God of Abraham; never the less it is true that we all at least acknowledge that we are in our language referring to the Creator God which became Abrahams God, and became Christians God, and even blessed Ishmael. Even though Muslims do not truly know God any more than the Protestants or Catholics do; the Arabs in their language came to recognize Abraham’s God as Allah.

Now concerning the “Beast” of the end time, I will try to help you to understand that it is even as Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong taught. Studying carefully what he wrote in his booklet, “Who is the Beast” should be sufficient to understand the truth on this subject, but you have already entertained other ideas which makes it harder for you to see what is plain and clear. I am not trying to be degrading of you in this matter, but only truthful and helpful. I have no other reason to spend this much time trying to persuade you of the truth, other than simply trying to help you see this more clearly, for your good, as well as for those others whom you teach.

We need to understand that God had this knowledge written down in the same manner that he did all of the rest of the Holy Bible. Here a little and there a little, and by different writers over many years. (Isaiah 28: 9-11) If we truly do desire the truth and not just our own opinions, then we must be willing to let God’s Holy Spirit in us lead us to find and study all of the relevant scriptures on that topic from both old and new testaments of the Holy Bible. We also must not take any unclear scripture and interpret it according to our personal opinions. We must let the other relevant scriptures, pertaining, to that topic interpret the true meaning. Those Scriptures are inspired by God, and our opinions may not always be inspired by God. If we desire the truth, then we must let God’s word teach us, instead of us trying to push our own opinions into God’s word.

You are putting forth the idea that the statue which God in the vision had shown to Nebuchadnezzar King of Babylon, and also revealed it, and its interpretation to Daniel the prophet; you believe represents five empires instead of four. The scriptures in Daniel Chapter two doesn’t make it completely clear, whether it is four or five, but it does teach us that all of these empires which are headed by Babylon will not be, completely, destroyed until the “Stone” which is cut out without hands, which other scriptures reveal is Jesus Christ at his second coming, will smite the Babylonian Image on its feet. When Christ strikes the final Babylonian government on its feet, then all of the other Babylonian systems of government will also all be broken into pieces together and consumed together.

We need to understand that these empires are all a part of Babylon even though they were not specifically recognized as Babylon. It is similarly as all people today are a part of Adam. God showed them all to be a certain part of a statue of a man whose head is Babylon. Much of the influence, ideologies, religion, peoples, languages, culture, knowledge, technologies, were all passed on down to, and mixed in, and incorporated with the next level of these Babylonian empires. Babylon first, then on to meads and Persians, then on down to the Greeks, and then on down to the Romans. God shows these same four systems of this Babylonian government to be as a wild beast in Daniel Chapter seven; and there are only four, not five. The fourth one continues through its ten horns, all the way down to the return of Jesus Christ. It is the tenth horn that is the final beast empire. This tenth horn is the one that Christ destroys at his coming, even as in the “Stone” striking the image on its feet, and by doing so, completely, destroys all of the four systems that were all incorporated into it.

I realize that you have disregarded the fourth beast of Daniel Chapter Seven as referring to those same empires of Daniel Chapter Two, but this is where you have made a great mistake. Any time you reject any piece of truth that God has given to us; then you will be unable to find how to properly fit together all of the rest of the pieces of this “jigsaw puzzle”.

God gave Daniel a vision, recorded in chapter 7, which showed four empires represented as wild beasts. These four empires were, obviously shown to Daniel to give God’s saints greater understanding and detail of the same governments mentioned in Nebuchadnezzar’s vision in Daniel chapter 2. Both of these symbolic recordings of the four systems of the gentile world-dominating empires begin with Babylon and end with the second coming of Christ; who establishes his saints as rulers with and under him, over the entire earth.

Let us look at a few things that reveal that they are, in fact, the same governments. Let us examine Daniel Chapter 7. Notice verse 3: there were four great beasts that came up from the sea, and they were different from each other. Notice verse 4: The first was like a lion and it had Eagle’s wings. This Lion is the symbol representing Babylon. A lion is considered the king of the forest, because of his ferociousness, and great ability to dominate and strike fear in all other animals of the forest. This lion-like kingdom was Babylon, which was the head of gold on the statue in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. Gold is the most precious and malleable of all metals, and God was able to work with this Nebuchadnezzar to eventually teach him to respect and honor the great God. You should read this in Nebuchadnezzar’s own words in Daniel Chapter 4. Gold is also the most valuable of all other materials used to represent these other empires in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of the great statue. Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylon was the most valuable to God of all the other gentile Empires to come after.

Notice the last part of Daniel Chapter Seven, verse 4: This beast was lifted up, from the earth and made to stand upon his feet as a man, and a man’s heart was given to it. It is also obvious that this is referring to the way that God humbled Nebuchadnezzar, and after the seven years of living, as, a wild beast, then God stood him upon his feet and put a human spirit back into him and restored him to his throne. Nebuchadnezzar was humbled, and now truly had learned to fear and respect, and honor the True God. (Chapter 4)

Yes, it is obvious, if we do truly desire the truth, that this beast “like a lion” was Babylon, with Nebuchadnezzar as it’s first and greatest king.

Now notice Daniel Chapter Seven, verse 5: here we see a second beast “like a bear”. The bear was the symbol for the Meads and the Persian Empire which conquered and replaced the Babylonian Empire. The Persian Empire was the same as the breast and arms of silver in the statue of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. It was inferior to Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylon even as silver is inferior to Gold, but it was still much more valuable to God and his people than the other empires to come after it. God was able to stir up the spirit of Cyrus the Persian to desire to restore the Jewish kingdom in Jerusalem and to let the Jews go forth from Persia to rebuild the Temple and Jerusalem, and to provide the materials and wealth to do so. Other Persian kings continued to support the work of Cyrus’ in this great God-ordained work.

Next, we see in Daniel Chapter Seven that a third beast was to arise that was “like a leopard”, with four wings on its back. This leopard-like beast also had four heads. This four-headed Empire represents the bronze belly and thighs of the Babylonian statue. History reveals that the next empire to take over and have dominion over the territory of the Mead and Persian Empire was Alexander the Great and his four generals that ruled this Greek ruled Empire. Alexander didn’t live long after his conquest, and having no heir, his four generals parted the empire into four territories which they each ruled. The Greek army was known to be the swiftest and most powerful military force ever at that time; which explains the Leopard with wings. The four heads represent the four generals that ended up ruling the Empire.

Next, Daniel saw in the vision the fourth beast,) (Daniel 7: 7-9 which was dreadful, and terrible, and exceedingly strong. It also had great iron teeth. It devoured, broke in pieces, and with its feet stamped the residue. This beast was different from all of the beasts before it. And it had ten horns. This fourth beast is, obviously the Roman Empire and its ten horns (governments) that would arise out of this Roman Empire after it received its deadly wound in 476 AD. Understand this: This fourth Beast is the same as the legs of iron in Nebuchadnezzar’s statue dream. Notice that both of these empires continue down to the time of Christ’s second coming, to destroy all these worldly kingdoms, and to establish the Kingdom of God under Christ and his saints. Therefore the feet and toes on the statue are also a part of this fourth empire. But the feet and toes with Iron and clay don’t come on the scene until the tenth horn that comes out of this beast. And with its feet, it will trample underfoot the residue which it has broken. Notice that even the residue of the Holy City of Jerusalem (and the Church) will also be trodden under foot by this beast government. (Rev. 11: 2) That will be the nature of this evil empire that will soon dominate this world. It will have the strength of, iron, (the Roman Empire) but will also be weakened by the least valuable statue building material of clay, which I will discuss later on.

Notice Daniel Chapter Seven verse 8: Daniel says he considered these ten horns and another little horn came up among them. This little horn is the Papacy that uprooted the first three horns or governments that ruled the old Roman Empire territory after its fall. Secular history shows this to be what, actually happened to the Vandals, The Heruli, Odoacer’s government, and the Ostrogoths. These governments would not submit to the Papacy, and they embraced doctrines which the Papacy called heresy. The Papacy deceitfully played these kingdoms against each other, turning these kingdoms Generals to fight against each other, and at last, used Justinian to conquer and destroy the last of them so that he then restored the Empire under the Popes over-all authority. Justinian was the first Emperor in the west to recognize the “Supremacy” of the Pope. In other words, The Pope and his Church would ride and guide this “healed” head of the beast which was The Roman Empire, all the way through history beginning in 554 AD for 1260 years (42 Prophetic months), to the fall of Napoleon and his French Empire in 1814 (Rev. 13: 5). Revelation Chapter 17 reveals that this Papacy dominated empire would be brought back out of the bottomless pit for two more horns (governments) before it is finally destroyed by Jesus Christ.

If there is any doubt in your mind that there are only four systems of Babylonian government that are represented in the statue of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream that continues down to Christ’s coming to set up His Kingdom on earth; then read Daniel Chapter Seven, and verses 17, and 18. “These great beasts, which, are four, are four kings (kingdoms) which shall arise out of the earth, but the saints of the, Most High shall take the kingdom, and possess the kingdom forever, even forever and ever.” These four Babylonian systems of Empires are Babylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome. Christ Comes back to destroy the tenth and final horn of the Roman Empire; and when he does all of the mixtures of these Babylonian Systems of government that are incorporated into this tenth horn of the Roman Empire will finally be destroyed, even as it was in the stone hitting the Image on its feet. Christ will then establish his Kingdom which will grow to fill the entire earth.

These four systems are the seven heads of the government spoken of in Revelation Chapter 13. Babylon was one head, Persia was the second head, Greece and its four divisions makes up the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth head, and The Roman Empire is the seventh head. The Roman Empire has ten horns that will continue after the fall of the Roman Empire in 476 AD. The first three of these horns ruled much of the territory of the old Roman Empire from its demise until 554 when Justinian Restored the Empire, “The Imperial Restoration”. From that time forward the next seven horns (governments) on the “healed Roman Empire Head” would rule consecutively, or one at a time to the End. The first five of these Papacy dominated governments ruled until Napoleon’s fall in 1814. It would be brought out of the bottomless pit and briefly be ruled by Garibaldi and later Mussolini until it was forced underground at the end of World War ll. This last revival of the so-called Holy Roman Empire is now being quickly put together and being brought out of the underground and into open operation with intentions of being a Global Government. A one-world government. This seventh horn that the Papacy and Catholic Church dominate is also the tenth horn of the fourth beast of Daniel Chapter Seven. Revelation Chapter seventeen shows us this truth.

Let us examine a few things in Revelation Chapter 17 where God reveals to us these last seven horns (governments) of the Roman Empire which the Catholic whore rides and dominates. Remember, the first three of the horns that came out of the Roman Empire (the fourth beast of Daniel 7) were plucked up by the roots by the Papacy. The Catholic Church and its Papacy only ruled over and dominated the last seven of those governments (horns).

Here in Revelation Chapter Seventeen God shows us this Whore Church that rules over the kingdoms of the earth. (Rev. 17: 18) In Revelation 17, and verse 3 shows this evil church to be sitting on and riding a beast, which has seven heads and ten horns. We need to understand that these seven heads and ten horns are not the same seven heads and ten horns that are talked about in Revelation Chapter 13. Revelation Chapter 13 is talking of the seven prophetic heads of the Babylonian system that is represented in Nebuchadnezzar’s statue dream. 1st Babylon, 2nd Persia, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th, are Greece’s four divisions, and Rome is the 7th head. This seventh head, the Roman Empire had ten horns to arise after its fall. As Mr. Armstrong pointed out; bible scholars who have made commentaries on this subject have falsely assumed that these ten horns were ten governments that ruled contemporary after Rome’s fall. The truth is that the first three horns did rule between the demise of Rome and the Imperial Restoration by Justinian and the Pope in 554 AD. Those three were the horns uprooted by the Papacy; and the last seven of those horns are, in fact the seven heads of the beast talked about in Revelation Chapter Seventeen, which rule consecutively down to the second coming of Christ. This seven-headed beast is the so recognized “Holy Roman Empire” which the Papacy and the Catholic Clergy rode, guided, and ruled over. It was considered a holy empire because the papacy and the Catholic Church dominated it. The ten horns talked about in Revelation Chapter 17 are the ten kings or kingdoms that will surrender their power and kingdoms over to the final, end-time beast. Those ten horns will rule contemporary at the end.

The Chart that Mr. Armstrong has in his booklet, “Who is the Beast” will help you understand this matter very clearly.

God and Christ tell his servants in Revelation Chapter 17, and beginning in verse 7 that he will explain the mystery, of the whore woman, and the beast that she rode. Understand this: the understanding of this to God’s end-time Apostle is dated to the time of the sixth horn that the woman rode, which is the little revival when the Pope Crowned Mussolini as Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. Mussolini’s little empire was planned to include all Europe, when Adolph Hitler, his ally had accomplished to conquer all of Europe. I think that they may have even envisioned conquering, all of the world. That never happened, and God was just beginning his work of publishing the True Gospel to all of this world in preparation for the coming of Christ and his Kingdom.

God gave victory to the Israelite nations, Britain, and the United States of America, so that we could continue in freedom and defend the freedom of much of this world so that the true Gospel could be published and preached through a free society. That little sixth horn of the so-called “Holy Roman Empire” was openly defeated, and had to go underground until a later time. The seventh horn of this beast is swiftly being unveiled before our eyes even as I write. This end-time beast is going about to try and conquer the American and British peoples by putting their bought and paid for politicians in our government to surrender our governments over to this evil world government. The British and American peoples are starting to wake up from the deep sleep that our leaders and the bought and paid for deceitful mainstream media has been using to deceive the people. I, personally expect a time of great tribulation to begin soon! These evil devils will not give up until Christ comes and destroys them.

Now let me get back to the explanation of this beast in Revelation Seventeen. Verse 8 tells us that this beast in Revelation Chapter 17 was and is not. At the time that God gave this prophecy to the Apostle John, this beast had not yet ever been. Consider that! At the time that God had begun teaching his chosen end-time Apostle, this beast was not, even though it had been in existence in the past. God then continues to tell us that this beast will arise out of the bottomless pit and go into perdition. God also tells us that the ignorant people of this world will wonder or be amazed when they finally see this old beast that had before existed, and had ceased to exist, but will again come into existence before their dumbfounded eyes. Next God begins to give wisdom and understanding to his servants. God explains to his servants that the seven heads are seven mountains (governments) over which the woman sits (rules over). God then explains that there are seven kings (or kingdoms); God continues and tells us that five of these have fallen and one is, (in existence at the time he is revealing this to his servant). This one that existed at the time of God revealing this understanding to his Apostle, Mr. Armstrong, was the sixth little horn and Empire that Mussolini ruled over, which was overthrown at the end of World War ll. God continued in verse 10 to tell us that there is one more horn (government) that had not come yet at that time, but would come, and would continue for a short space of time. This of course is referring to the seventh horn which the woman (Catholic Church) would ride and rule over. This seventh horn is the final revival of the so-called Holy Roman Empire, which is also the same as the feet and toes that were on the statue in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. The ten toes on the statue are the same as the ten horns or kings that will give their kingdoms and power over to the development of this global dominating beast which God tells us about in Revelation 17, and verses 16, and 17.

To help us to understand that the seven successive heads of this beast, are, in fact, the same as the last seven horns of the ten horns on the fourth beast of Daniel Chapter 7; God has revealed this in Revelation Chapter Seventeen also. Notice verse 10; five of these have fallen. That was the French government of Napoleon, which fell in 1814, and was the one that God says was and is not. Now notice carefully verse 11; God says that the horn (government) that was and is not is the eighth, and yet is of the seven which the woman ruled over. How can that be? God puts this riddle to us so that the truth is hidden from the disobedient, and yet it reveals understanding, to God’s faithful servants. God tells us that this fifth horn, of the governments, that the woman rode; which was Napoleons Empire, which also fell and caused the beast to go into the bottomless pit, and cease to exist (was and is not); is also the eighth horn of the ten horns that came out of the Roman Empire; which was represented by the fourth Beast of Daniel Chapter seven. God also tells us that it is one of the seven which the woman rides. In fact; it is the fifth, of the seven, that the whore rides, and is the eighth of the ten horns that came out of the fatally wounded and healed Roman Empire. The reason that they are offset like this is that the Papacy uprooted the first three governments (horns) of the fourth Babylonian beast system, which was the Roman Empire, but it did not rule over or ride those governments as it did the last seven of those governments. If you will study the chart that is in Mr. Armstrong’s booklet, “Who is the Beast”; it will help you to see the correlation between all these governments.

Concerning the Clay being mixed in with the Iron of this final revival of this so-called “Holy Roman Empire”; we need to understand that the materials that are in this statue, in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, does not reveal peoples, races, tribes, or even religions but they are all materials that could be used in creating a statue by an artist. They are listed from the top to the bottom of this statue as well as from the most valuable to the least in value. God chose these materials to declare strengths and weaknesses, and even glory and value of Character of those governments pictured by them. Remember, it is God who chose the materials used to represent these heads of empires. Those materials represent God’s right depiction of their strength, the value of governmental character, glory, and weaknesses.

The final horn of the beast that will be destroyed by Christ at his coming is made up of Iron and clay. The Iron shows the strength of the traditional governments of the Roman Empire and its other six horns which were also composed of Iron strength, but this final horn of the Roman Empire has clay mixed in which reveals, serious, weaknesses that hinder this empire from being solidly welded together. As Mr. Armstrong believed, this clay revealed differences between the peoples which hindered them from being completely and strongly united in one. These differences could consist of secularism (that is being none religious), they could also be differences in nationalism even as each nation desires to maintain their own laws, and not be pushed to give up their own nation’s laws and independence to be part of this global government. Some of this clay-like division could be about, religious and national customs. This could also include such divisions created by the recent influx of Islamic immigration, into the nations that will be part of this Beast Empire. The scriptures say in Daniel Chapter Two that they would mingle themselves with the seed of men but they would not cleave to one another, even as iron and clay will not strongly bond with each other. The end time beast intends to conquer and control the Middle East, and African, Islamic Countries also, and there may very well be some puppet kings set up over these nations which will be part of, and subject to the Globalist Beast Government. As we know though by the sure Word of God they will fail, and Christ will take over and rule all of the earth in righteousness, and he will rule with, a rod of Iron.

This “New World Order” which is about developing a one-world, Global Government is an effort of the devil and his agents to try and cause men to restore the efforts of the leaders of the people at the tower of Babel and build a one-world government to unite all nations, tribes, and languages back into one Empire, under their technocratic rule. They are trying to mix and mingle the people together, but there are too many differing ideologies, religions, customs, beliefs, and even laws that the people respect, for them to all be truly united in a strong bond.

Mr. Minister, I hope that this letter will be of real help in giving you an understanding of these governments and how these revelations are playing out in real life. I realize that what I have written here in this brief writing does not give all of the depth of understanding that a person with no background knowledge of the truth taught by Mr. Armstrong would need, to be able to completely understand all things mentioned in this writing. I believe that the writings of Mr. Armstrong, as well as the literature published by the Church of God while Mr. Armstrong was still alive, should be studied along with this writing to ensure a good understanding of this subject. I do believe that because we are on the scene of the rise of this final beast, that we can see some things more clearly than Mr. Armstrong did; but for the most part he had a good understanding of those prophecies that talk of, the beast governments in both Daniel and Revelations.

Now I would like to give my, personal analysis of what is going on with this ridiculous immigration policy by the leaders of the United States and Europe. As you know they are bringing in thousands and millions of Muslim refugees into our nations. These people are being forced out of their own countries by the violence, and famine that has been created by the Globalists who have used their own trained mercenaries and terrorist organizations to topple and destabilize the Middle East Islamic nations, to the end that they may rule over them. Many of these Muslim refugees are very radical and are given over to terrorist activity. They have been doing much violence, rape, bombings, and bloody murders of innocent people.

Why would our national leaders keep bringing these radical Islamic people into our countries? I will tell you plainly: It is not because they are just weak and ignorant leaders. It is all planned by the top architects of this New World Order which are designing a one-world government under their technocratic authority! It is also not because they just love these Muslim people! The truth is they are using this whole self-created problem to cause the desired reaction from the average American and European people. Then these Technocratic leaders will come in with their previously designed solution to the problem, and they will have manipulated many of the more ignorant, and deceived people into willingly giving up their freedoms in order, to receive the Globalist solution offering hope and salvation from this violent rapist, and also murdering terrorist. The “United Nations Organization” has become a key instrument for these Globalist Technocrats to enforce their Babylonian one-world government.

When these radical Muslims have brought so much terror, death, and fear to our American and European peoples; then the people will be inflamed and ready to welcome stricter laws and government policies that will stand up strongly against the radical Muslims or any “unorthodox” religious people. The Papacy will then help the Globalist to outlaw any religious beliefs that are un-vetted by them and will declare war on any religious peoples who do not adhere to their Papacy run Babylonian Mystery Religion. It will be like the inquisition of past history. They will even use the new electronic monetary and banking system to prevent anyone from having the ability to buy or sell if they do not comply with their religious dogma. Sunday worship and worship of the Papacy and the Beast will again be enforced on this last horn of the so-called “Holy Roman Empire”. That mark of the Beast will again be forced on the people of this world. God help our peoples wake up and turn to the true God, and keep his commandments, even if we lose our lives in this world. God will soon resurrect his faithful saints to eternal life in his kingdom. Those people who will surrender to Christ during the tribulation, and wash their spiritual robes in Christ’s blood will be given the opportunity to live over into the kingdom, which Christ and his saints will set up and rule over all of the earth. Then Christ will wipe away their tears, for it is the way of sin that has caused all of their sorrows and tears. They will be led unto the fountains of “living waters”. God is the fountain of living waters, and the Holy Spirit is the living waters. They will then be led and taught in the way of God and Christ, so that they also may eventually be qualified for the gift of eternal life in God’s own Spirit born family and kingdom. (Rev. 7: 9-17)

Events are moving fast; I don’t see any slowing or stopping of this Beast Power until Christ comes back.

Your brother in Christ,

Gary Stowers