Enforcement of the Mark of the Beast


Hello friends and brethren,

We are living in urgent and fearful times, and it is time that we true followers of Christ need to understand what is about to happen. We have known for ages that the mark of the Beast that is talked about in the book of Revelation is the Sunday day of rest, which is the first day of the week instead of the seventh day of the week, that God named the Sabbath. The Sabbath that God commands his people to remember and observe by resting from work on that day, is the seventh day of the week and is called Saturday on the Roman calendar. It was pagan Emperor Constantine who commanded the old pagan Sunday rest for the Roman Empire. Later after he had been converted to the apostate “Christian” Church, and began giving great wealth to that church; that anti-Christ church became great and powerful in the Roman Empire.

That once persecuted church organization, became the persecutors of true Christians who kept the Commandments of God. The Holy Bible refers to her relationship with the Emperors, and kings of this world as a fornicating relationship with them. (Rev. 17: 18) (Rev. 18: 3-9) Through her false doctrines, and pagan holidays she has made the merchants (the wealthy elite) rich. Sales and commerce have been based and established around those Pagan holidays that the whore church has given Christian sounding names, and supposed meanings too. That Church and its bishops were not faithful to the true Christ, that she might be married to Christ at his second coming, and then be able to help him rule the earth in truth and righteousness, as will the true and faithful body of Christ. No, she fornicated with the kings of this world that she might rule now in this world.

Satan the devil tried to get Christ to bow down to his will, by offering him to be ruler of all this world; but Jesus refused, and told him: “Get out of here, Satan: for it is written, You shall worship the Lord your God, and him only shall you serve.”(Matt. 4: 8-10) Satan obviously offered the same proposition to the top bishops that were leading the visible church organization which was known as Christian, and they fell for it. As a result, that organization became a synagogue of Satan (Rev. 2: 9) (Rev. 3: 9); but it continued on to be called “Christian.”

(Christians are considered Spiritual Jews because our Lord who dwells in us is a Jew. (Romans 2: 28-29)Because of this, their meeting place and organization is called a synagogue in the Holy Scriptures; but this apostate church is not of the true God but of Satan the devil.) The true and faithful followers of Christ were persecuted and driven out of the visible organization.

After the apostate church had begun her fornication with the Emperor of the Byzantine Empire, which was the eastern leg of the Roman Empire; then Satan did later give her rule over much of the world. This began when Constantine became a member of that church. Constantine made “Christianity” the official religion of the Empire. Later those true Christians who kept the Commandments of God, and believed the gospel, the testimony of Christ (Rev. 12: 17) were forced to flee the jurisdiction of the Empire or suffer persecution and death. Many were killed. In about 363 AD This Roman Catholic Church passed a church law at the Council of Laodicea that forbid Christians from keeping the seventh-day Sabbath, and commanded all to rest on Sunday. The decree read as: “Christians must not Judaize by resting on the Sabbath, but must work on that day, resting rather on Sunday. But if any be found to be Judaizing, let them be declared anathema from Christ.”

By declaring true Sabbath-keeping Christians anathema (a heretic) the Catholic Church was causing them to be put to death. Since it was Roman law that one must be “Christian”, then the Roman state police of the Empire would come in and start torturing them. Unless they recanted their faith in the true Christ and his laws, and submit to Catholic teachings, they would be tortured to death! If you would like to have a more complete understanding of this subject; I strongly recommend that you read the following booklets written by Herbert W. Armstrong: Who Is the Beast, and The Mark of the Beast. You can find them on the internet. The Library of Congress has preserved much of Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong’s works including videos and audios.

The purpose of this article is not to give all of the biblical proof about who the Beast is, nor what the mark of the Beast is; that has been done sufficiently by Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong. My main purpose in writing this article is to expand on his true teachings and show you how this mark of the Beast is going to be enforced in this 21st century by the final head of this Roman Empire, and its false prophet (pope). This Empire is the French or German-led European Union and all of its conquered nations and peoples. It is the final government that will emerge from the efforts of those who are pushing for this “New World Order” that is being worked out by the wealthy and politically elite of many nations on this earth. They are all trying to bring about a single world government, with the super-wealthy in positions of power, and the majority of the people that will be left alive, being reduced to peasant status. They have been planning this out in their secretive Bilderberg Group meetings ever since World War II. Their global efforts will fail, but there will be ten kings or rulers that will give their nations and strength over to this final so-called Holy Roman Empire. They will make up the Empire that is referred to in Daniel Chapter two as the feet and toes that are part Iron and part clay. They are also the final Beast Empire of Revelation Chapter seventeen. They are also the tenth horn of the fourth beast of Daniel Chapter seven. All ten of those horns or governments arose out of the Roman Empire after it received its deadly wound in Revelation Chapter thirteen. The first three of those horns were up-rooted by the Papacy because they would not submit to the Papacy rule; but the last seven beginning with Justinian who recognized the “Supremacy” of the Pope, rode and ruled over by the Papacy and the Catholic Church. The first three of those horns ruled contemporary with each other and did not heal the “deadly wound” of the Roman Empire. Justinian and the Pope did heal the deadly wound and revived the Roman Empire. It is known as the Imperial Restoration of the Empire. From this time forward it became recognized as the Holy Roman Empire because of the Catholic Church riding this “Beast” down through history in all of its future heads or governments.

I wrote a letter to one of the ministers of the church concerning Babylon, and it is also on my website. If you will read it you will find it helpful in explaining the truth about this Beast of Revelation.

Now how will this world-dominating government, which is the Devils government, go about enforcing the Sunday Mark of the Beast? To understand this, we must look at what the bible says about this topic, and also look at the modern technology that is available to the Beast in this age. When Mr. Armstrong was alive he understood who the Beast is, and what the Mark of the Beast is; but he didn’t fully understand how it would be enforced, because technology had not been completed well enough, nor spread as widely as it is today. Today the average person has awesome advanced technology use in their own homes and on their persons. Of course, I’m talking of modern computers, cell phones, and debit cards, and even implanted computer chips, in their bodies. Our government has even more advanced technology in spy equipment, and lethal weaponry such as drones, diseases, chemical weapons, and nuclear, weapons.

To understand what I am talking about, you must understand that the Beast is the Roman Empire as Mr. Armstrong’s booklet proves. The Roman Empire fell in 476 AD, and that was the deadly wound that one of its heads (governments) received in Revelation Chapter 13 verse three. There were three contemporary governments (the first three horns of the beast in Daniel 7, and Rev. 13) that ruled the territory of the Roman Empire, but they were not the Empire. They were the Vandals, the Heruli, (Odoacer’s government), and the Ostrogoths. The Pope “uprooted”(Dan. 7: 8) these three governments by secretive leagues made with them, and turning them to fight against each other; so that he could set up and crown his man, Justinian to restore the Roman Empire under his own control. The deadly wound was not healed until “the Imperial Restoration” by Justinian and the pope in 554 AD. Justinian was the first Emperor in the west to recognize the “supremacy of the pope”. (Roman Emperor Constantine did to some degree, in the eastern leg of the Empire that was called Byzantine with its capital at Constantinople.) That means that Justinian was the first Roman Emperor in the western division with its capital at Rome to recognize the pope to be supreme in authority above even the Emperor. From this time forward, the popes would exercise authority even over the Emperors of the next seven successive heads or governments of the so-called “Holy Roman Empire”; which is the beast that is written about in Revelation 17. The Papacy ruled Catholic Church is pictured as a great whore woman that sits astride the Beast (Roman Empire), and guides it. (Rev. 17) She is also the mother of harlots (protestant churches) which came out of her in protest but continued on in much of their mother’s false doctrine, and pagan holidays, including the mark of the beast, Sunday rest instead of the Sabbath). The Papacy and the Vatican’s government were designed by Pope Leo l in the image of the Roman Empire government and is the image of the Beast. The pope is the life and voice for the image of the Beast.

This blasphemously called the Holy Roman Empire would continue 1260 years, in five different governments (heads) from 554 to 1814 when Napoleon’s empire ended. That ended the so-called Holy Roman Empire; it went into the” “bottomless pit”. That is when the beast or Roman Empire was and is not. (Rev. 17: 8) Napoleon’s Empire was the fifth head of this “Holy Roman Empire”, which makes it one of the seven heads or governments that the Papacy and Its church rode and guided, (Rev. 17: 11) but it is also the eighth horn of the ten governments that would arise out of the fallen Roman Empire. (Daniel 7) (Rev. 13) The seven heads of the beast in Revelation 17 are the last seven horns of the beast with ten horns in Rev. 13, and Daniel 7. The first three were “uprooted” by the pope, and the last seven were the ones that the Catholic Church and its Popes rode astride.

This so-called Holy Roman Empire was brought out of the bottomless pit under Garibaldi, and Mussolini ruled as Emperor very briefly over this sixth head, but their ambitions of world rule was thwarted by God, through the United States and Britain (so that God’s work could be accomplished) so it ended at the end of World War ll. The wealthy aristocrats, the Papacy, and many high ranking Nazi leaders went “underground” at the end of the war and began working on bringing about this final and seventh head of this evil empire through the secretive meetings and activities with the government leaders and wealthy elite of this world, The BilderbergGroup among others.

The final and seventh head of this Beast that the woman rides is going about to conquer the modern nations of Israel in a very subtle way, by seducing our government leaders into willingly giving their nations over to this “New World Order”, all the while deceiving the average people who live in these nations. When they finally spring their trap on the people, it will be too late. Our top government leaders have all of our military power under their control. The people will not have a chance to win this coming revolution. You should read my article titled “Time to Wake Up”. Much blood will be spilled, along with much pain, anguish, suffering, brutality, deadly diseases, and genocide. It will be the Great Tribulation. Those left alive of the average people will become slaves. But, at the end of three and one-half years, God will deliver his obedient people out from their slavery, and destroy this whole evil Babylonian system of Satan’s world governments. He will then set up his kingdom here in earth. (Dan. 7: 23-27) Daniel chapter 2 also speaks of this whole Babylonian system of gentile world governments beginning with Babylon, Persia, Greece, and the fourth Kingdom of Iron, the Roman Empire with its ten governments that would arise after the fall of the Roman Empire. The last one of these governments would have ten kings that rule contemporary with the final Emperor. They are pictured by the ten toes on the feet of this great statue. (Dan. 2) (Rev. 17: 12-14)

Again, my friends, God would be on our side if we were on his righteous side, but people must experience this evil to learn that sin really is horribly evil, against God and against man. The Devils face will no longer be cloaked in pleasure, wealth, and prosperity; disobedience to God and his laws which is sin; will be exposed to the Israelite people so that all can see and experience the evil of sin, and learn that sin really is evil, and very bad for the people.

An innumerable multitude of people from all nations will repent and turn to God during this evil time. (Rev. 7: 9-17) That is why God is going to let our enemies take control of us. God’s true servants have warned the people for many decades, and most refuse the true and right way to live, but this tribulation will make it seem much more real to them. They won’t be able to just switch channels to escape the truth then. They won’t be able to hide from the truth by just seeking escape into pleasures. All the earth is about to face the end results of living in sin.

Remember friends and brethren, it will not be easy to obey God in those times. The Beast and false prophet, (the Pope) will again enforce the mark of the Beast. If you obey God you may have to give your life. This will take great faith and courage, and great love for God and his truth, and his true purpose for our lives, the true Gospel. Friends and brethren, just knowing and thinking about these things gives me much pain and sorrow of heart, but God’s people must be warned; I can see it beginning to happen even now, and will become much, much worse!

Now I need to show you how the Beast will enforce the Mark of the Beast on the people. Revelation Chapter 13 verse 16 and 17 says: “And he (the Pope) causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads; and that no man might buy or sell except he had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” God gave us an understanding about this through his end-time Apostle, Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong. You should read his booklets that I mentioned to you again, for it is about to happen! One receives this Sunday mark in the forehead by being deceived in his mind into keeping Sunday instead of the Sabbath, thinking that Sunday is the day that God has set aside for people to rest and worship God. One receives the mark in his right hand by keeping Sunday, even though he may know that God commands us to keep the seventh-day Sabbath holy by not working on that day. Your right hand is symbolic of your deeds or works regardless of what you know in your mind. You should read Deuteronomy chapter six and especially verse eight to better understand this. Also, read Deut. 11: 18.

This Sunday mark is a mark that identifies Satan’s counterfeit church in similar manner as the Sabbath is a sign that identifies God’s true Church that we are God’s people, and he is our God. (Exodus 31: 13-17) (Ezek. 20: 12-20) God’s true church has always kept God’s Sabbath just as our Lord Jesus did. If we violate any one of God’s Commandments we would be sinning against God. (1 John 3: 4) Those people who will be given eternal life will be those who do the Commandments of God. (Rev. 22: 14)

Now, remember Revelation says that under the Beast’s rule nobody will be able to buy or sell unless he or she has this mark, which is Sunday observance and violating God’s Sabbath. This mark has been enforced to some degree in past ages, especially during the inquisition years, in the middle Ages, but as long as there is cash money in use it would be impossible to totally enforce this not buying and selling. People could always buy or sell on the black market, and from other individuals who might see that as a way to make extra money, or from others who may have mercy on those neighbors who keep the Sabbath. But the wording that God inspired in the book of Revelation says that no one, small or great, rich, poor, free or bond will be able to buy or sell unless they have this mark, which identifies them as Roman Catholics. Mr. Armstrong said that keeping the pagan holidays, such as Christmas, Easter, New year’s Day, are also a part of this mark.

True Christians should not keep the pagan holidays but should keep God’s Holy Days. You should read his booklet: Pagan Holidays or God’s Holy Days Which? Also, you should read The Plain Truth about Christmas. You can find these booklets written by Mr. Armstrong also on the internet. Friends we are very near the time when we will not have the freedom to study these things! Take advantage of the freedom that you still have, and use it wisely. Once the truth is in your mind, they can’t take it away from you, unless you let them. If you truly do love the truth, God will stand up strong on your behalf also. We may be martyred, but they can’t turn you away from God unless you let them. Brethren pray that God will not let them use mind-altering drugs on us! God will stand up for us in these situations if we are truly faithful to Christ. Daniel was inspired to write that the people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits during this evil time. (Dan. 11: 32-35) Those same scriptures also state; that the people that do know their God and have understanding shall instruct many. Brethren, this is not talking about hired ministers; but all saints that do know God and have understanding. The time of being a hired minister in God’s Church will be over at that time. True Christians will share the truth with all who desire it, not for money, but out of deep love for the Word of God and deep love for the humbled people. We will have to trust God to feed us.

Now, since a person could always buy or sell with other individuals, and on the black market; how could this Beast force us faithful Sabbath-keepers from being able to buy and sell? There is only one way, and we could never understand this until this age that we live in, and its modern technology. The only way to stop Christians who keep the commandments of God from being able to buy or sell is for this final revival of the so-called Holy Roman Empire to switch the world, which this empire will rule over, to a cashless society. All payments in business and commerce, as well as private sales, will be conducted through the computer type banking system. There will be no cash money, only a bank account on the bank’s computers. All banks will be tied directly to the World Bank. People will either have a debit type card, or a computer chip implanted in their self to access their account. All transactions will be done in this manner. The debit card or the computer chip is not the mark of the beast, but if you are not in good standing with the government or the Catholic Church; they will simply close your account. Then you will have no buying power. To keep your buying power account open, you will be forced to obey their commands. Those who are faithful to God and Christ will have to trust in God to provide all their physical needs. God will test us, but he will come through for us if we are faithful. Many True Christians will also be murdered for not complying with their evil religious and civil laws. (Rev. 7: 9-11) God help his people to be faithful and keep their minds focused on God and his righteousness, and the soon coming of Christ to resurrect his dead saints, and destroy the wicked out of the earth, and set up his Holy Kingdom here on the earth.

Did you notice that even the rich will not be able to buy or sell unless they receive this Satanic Sunday mark? So from this, you can see that it is not just a matter that they will try to keep us from being able to hold a job if we don’t work on the Sabbath and rest on Sunday. The rich would not need to hold a job to buy and sell, but when all of our buying power is controlled by the cashless computer system; not even a rich man could buy or sell without going through the government-controlled cashless banking system.

This cashless society is being planned already; check it out on the internet. The Devil is doing all he can to destroy God’s saints spiritually as well as physically. Satan wants to try starving us into submission to him! God remember those of us who love you! Our Great Creator God will defeat and destroy our adversaries soon. Draw near to God in earnest heartfelt prayer, and set your heart to always be faithful to God regardless of what we must suffer, and we with Christ shall win!

Brethren the Devil is moving fast, for he knows that he has but a short season to do his evil work. Recently Pope Benedict resigned from being the pope. He claims that because of his age and because he says that he doesn’t have the physical or spiritual strength to do the work of that the pope needs to do; therefore he has decided to resign. We were told by the news reporters that no physician has diagnosed him with any immediate health problems. Don’t you find that very peculiar? Would a man with his plans, views, authority, and power, just give it up? This is the first time that a pope has resigned in about six hundred years. Brethren it seems obvious that there is at least one major reason that he is resigning. The work that they are planning for the pope to do is the work of performing awesome, deceptive lying wonders, and fake miracles, just like the Holy Word of God has prophesied. They have someone already picked for this work, even though they will not tell you so. The next pope or one after him will most likely be the one to appear to do awesome wonders and cause the world to be deceived and follow him and worship him and this Beast. I suspect that the new pope will also be a man who speaks English fluently. They have a major agenda to sell the average English speaking people on this “miracle” working pope. Germany has already conquered most European states, and now they will dazzle the English speaking people with this “wonder” working pope. It is all about deception and control. Brethren we need to be awake and draw near to God as never before. Remember brethren, Jesus Christ is coming soon! Be faithful even unto death! There is no wicked spirit that is more powerful than our Great God! We with Christ will win in the end!

The United States government is planning to soon sign a free trade agreement with the European Union. Because of the nation’s abilities to manipulate the value of its own currency; this may prove to be the deal that will cause all nations to switch over to a single currency, which will not be cash notes, but a cashless system that is controlled by the World Bank. Because of America’s manufactured economic, and debt crisis, the Federal Reserve Bank has been printing counterfeit money that is playing us right into this situation. It is all planned! When they decide to switch us over to this new system; the American people will think that we have no other option; thus making the government leaders look justified in the people’s eyes. How deceitful! Even today most banking transactions are done in this manner. Some of us still use cash, but soon we will be forced to turn in our cash to the new banking cashless system or lose out on our money altogether. Cash money will become worthless, as confederate money did. When they implement this system; they will be able to control people’s lives in a much greater way than ever before. Not many people in this age are set up so they can produce their own food and water out of the earth; we must buy everything that we need. If you don’t follow their dictatorial rules; they can stop your bank account from being used. With no cash, how will you buy or sell? And even if you do work, it will be without buying power. Many people are jobless now, but you can be sure that they then, will make sure that you will have a job. Brethren we can see that the devil is making great headway in his evil plans; but remember; our God is Almighty God, and he will stand up and do mighty things for those who love him and his way of life. Pray for all of God’s saints and do all that you can to open the eyes of others. Fill your minds with the true Word of God, for the days are coming when your mind may be your only source of the Word of God. It might also be wise to consider all things that you will need, but may not be able to buy in the future. God bless all of you dear brethren who do love God and Christ in truth. We should pray for one another, that our faith and love fail not in the trying times ahead of us. Those things that keep God’s Church divided into different organizations and groups today will seem unimportant then. All of God’s saints will be forced to totally surrender to God, or to the devil. By this God will do away with the lukewarmness. All saints will either become hot or cold.

In the end of days, God will cause these power-hungry, greedy, and deceived kings that are going to be ruling over their assigned territories in this Empire to wake up and realize that, they also have been deceived and betrayed by this Catholic Church and its hierarchy, including the Pope and their Emperor. What they thought would become a prosperous and wonderful “New World Order” for them, will be exposed to be the most oppressive, bloody, and evil rule that has ever existed. These ten kings will turn to hate this “Mystery Babylon” and will expose and burn this evil Church and destroy it; for God will put it in their hearts to do so. (Rev. 17: 16, 17). When this evil Church and its government is exposed and destroyed; the wealthy elite merchants will weep and mourn for her, because no one will buy their merchandise any more. (Rev. 18: 11) These super-wealthy merchants and political rulers are the ones who have been fornicating with this Whore Church, and plotting out how to build this “New World Order” which they thought would make them even richer and more powerful. (Rev. 18: 3) The merchants of the earth have become rich through this false church’s pagan holidays such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, New Years Day, Easter, and Halloween. But in the end, they will drink the dregs of the cup of God Almighty’s wrath, and the Emperor and the pope will be cast into a lake of fire while they are still alive! (Rev. 19: 20) The devil which deceived them and the whole world into disobeying God’s righteous Commandments will be bound for a thousand years until God purposes to use him again to test the people of the earth, whether they Love the righteous way of God or not. (Rev. 20: 1-3) No one will ever be given eternal life unless they prove to God and Christ that they love God and his righteous way more than anything else. God will not allow anyone to have eternal life unless they will overcome the devil’s evil ways. And remember; the battle is in your own minds, and not against flesh and blood. We can afford to lose the flesh, as long as we, with God’s help can save the Spirit in righteousness. Brethren we are soon, in a few years going to see our Lord and Savior coming in the clouds of heaven in Great Glory and Power to take over all nations and establish his Holy kingdom on this earth! God speed that day! Keep this hope firmly in your mind, and overcome all evil through Christ richly dwelling in you. I suggest that you read and study the book of Zephaniah; it is about this time.

Your brother in Christ,

Gary Stowers