Letter to the Brethren



Dear Brethren in Christ,

I have enjoyed being able to share with you all some of the knowledge and understanding that God has given to me. I hope to continue writing articles and putting them on the internet, for the precious knowledge and deep understanding of God is the most valuable thing that I could give you. I know that not all people that will read my literature will value it. The Word of God is corrective, and it causes us to look deep into our own hearts, and most often what we see in the inner core of our hearts and minds is not very flattering. The word of God cuts like a double-edged sword, and people don’t like to see their sins and weaknesses. People prefer to wear a cloak and hide from the plain truth, rather than to be corrected. Human nature is to condemn the one who bears the sword of God and refuse to acknowledge the truth.

You brethren, who truly are called of God and are in a process of being converted to become like Christ, and are striving for perfection and holiness in your lives know that we must continue all through our lives here in this world to grow in the knowledge and character of God. That means that we must never be content with ourselves as we are. We must always be diligently searching our hearts and intents of heart so that we may see the truth about our own selves, even if it is unflattering. Then we must repent of the wrongs that we see in ourselves so that God can forgive us and give us more of his own righteousness through his Holy Spirit.

God has let me personally experience some very sore trials at different times through the years, so that I may be corrected of some of my own hidden faults. It has been very painful but I know that it is ultimately for my own good as well as for the good of others who may be able to learn the wisdom that God has taught me. God doesn’t just chasten the obvious wicked people, but he chastens every son that he loves. Remember how God said that Job was righteous, yet Satan argued that Job was just serving God because it was to his advantage too, seeing how God had blessed and protected Job and even had a Hedge built about him to keep Satan from launching a major attack against him. God knew how he had blessed and protected Job, but God believed in Job, that even when he let Satan loose on him, that he would remain faithful. So God let Satan launch a massive attack against Job, and in the end, Job was only made better, and come to know God better, for Job really did Love God and his righteousness. Brethren we must all be tried and tested before God gives us eternal life and the powers that he wants us to have. It is hard to rejoice when we are experiencing terrible trials and afflictions, but we need to remember that when we are tried, it is so that God may help us to have a deeper conversion and a deeper love for the Word of God and his purpose for us. A deeper conversion means that we will be more like Christ all the way through to the inner core of our hearts and minds. Most of us still have a lot of this world and its ways in us, even though it may be hidden from our own understanding. I have noticed that, as was the case with Job so after we have been tried and corrected, then we can expect to receive even greater blessing and favor from God.

Brethren we are living in the days of final exams that Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong talked about. I believe that God has been purging me to prepare me for his purpose for my life, and I am grateful to God for loving me enough to purge and correct me, rather than just let me drift along thinking that I am ok just as I am. I expect that all of God’s faithful saints will be purged in these final days of this world. What God has in store for us is so great and powerful, that God will not give it to us, unless that he is absolutely sure of us, that we love God and his way of life more than anything, even our own lives here in the flesh. Jesus said that every branch that does bear fruit; he will purge it that it may bring forth more fruit.

That fruit that we need is not just the obvious things such as keeping the Sabbath and Holy Days, or keeping the commandments in an outward manner in which other people can see, but to look deep into our inner heart and have all our thoughts and intents of heart in complete agreement with the lead of the Holy Spirit. We could understand prophecy, have an outward show of doing all of the dos and don’ts of the law, and still have iniquity in our inner heart. Remember God knows your heart better than you do, and he sees all things about us with perfect vision. Nothing is hidden from God. He knows what you lack in your own heart and mind, which you need to be complete like Christ. God is very forgiving, but he also expects us to be honest and see ourselves as he does, and repent of everything that is not according to true Holiness. God doesn’t show us all of our unrighteousness at once when we are first converted, If he did we would be so overwhelmed that we would be discouraged, and just want to die; but little by little as we live he helps us to see more of our sinful nature; and then the Holy Spirit will lead us to confess it and repent of it, so that we may continue in God’s grace, and grow in holiness unto perfection, as our Lord and example is.

We are very near the end of this world and the time when we shall be offered. We have reached the time when we must examine our hearts more carefully and honestly than ever before. God intends that we strive to let him help us to measure up to the very stature of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If we won’t willingly examine ourselves and come to deeper repentance of our unrighteous human nature, then God will arrange to let us fall into various trials and temptations to cause us to see our sins and repent, even if it means that we must go through great tribulation. God loves us very much and is all for us, but that same God hates all of our secret sins of the heart and mind. I don’t know your sins and you don’t know mine, but God does and he wants us to quit hiding from facing the truth about ourselves. We can’t repent of them until we see them. Ask God to cause you to see yourself as he does, then be ready to repent and grow in God’s grace. Jesus said that through much tribulation will we enter into the kingdom of God.

God could keep a hedge about us so that we never suffer trial and tribulation, but then we wouldn’t ever be qualified for the reward that God has in mind for us either. We are to be overcomers. We must overcome the world, but that means that we must overcome the ways of Satan’s world that is in us, and then to keep ourselves unspotted of the world by not letting the ways of this world enter back into our minds and hearts. If we compare ourselves to this world, then we look almost perfect; and even if we compare ourselves with other brethren in this Laodicean age, we may look very good; but God wants us to compare ourselves with the perfect example of Christ. If we are honest, then we can see that we don’t yet completely measure up to that standard. This is something that no other human can do for you, but you must allow the Holy Spirit to lead you to do for your own self if you really desire what God has in store for you.

Brethren, we the elect of God, have already grown in much of the Holy Character of God and we may appear blameless before other brethren, but that doesn’t mean that we should glory in our righteousness to the point that we don’t see the need to continue growing in the mind and character of God. That is the attitude that the spiritually blind Laodiceans have; they think that they are rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing. They can see the faults and sins of everyone else, but will not allow their selves to see their own faults and sins. In the fifty-eighth chapter of Isaiah God says Cry aloud, spare not, lift up your voice like a trumpet, and show my people their transgressions, and the house of Jacob their sins. The house of Jacob today is the United States of America, and the British People as well as the rest of the Israelite people, but the My People is also us true Christians. I am not accusing anyone, but only teaching you what you must-do if you really do hunger and thirst for righteousness in your own life. We will all be rewarded for what we have done with the Holy Spirit that God has given to us to continually lead us to see and change ourselves into a Holy son or daughter of God. Brethren God will not tolerate sin in his family when we are born again at Christ’s coming. What so ever that is found in us that is not Christ-like will be destroyed and our, glory, power, and life, in the kingdom, depend on us putting the Holy Spirit to work in our lives now while we can still change and grow. Even of those that do receive eternal life, we will not all receive the same reward, and glory, because we will be rewarded by what we have done with the gift God has given us, and by how well we overcome our own human nature.

My dear brethren, I hope that you find the things that I write to you helpful, and I hope that you continue in the truth and grow in God’s grace unto the end. Even though I don’t personally know you, I pray for you all who love the Word of God and his righteousness; I hope you will pray for one another and for me also. I don’t set myself up as some lord over God’s people, but rather I believe that God has chosen to use me as an instrument in his hand to help you with the true knowledge and guidance of our Lord in writing these things to you. If you truly are of God and are led by the Holy Spirit, you will know that I also am of God and that I love God and all of his children.

Brethren, some of you may wonder why I have not given you an address whereby you can contact me. I believe that God has lead me up to this point not to give you the opportunity to personally contact me so that you can better get to know me by what I write to you about the true word of God. People tend to want a minister that they can see and touch, but your greatest minister, Jesus Christ has not allowed you to see him with your physical eyes, so that you may learn to love him for the truth, and not his flesh. God wants a people who learn to see him spiritually with their minds. Past history has proved that people, even Christians tend to rely too much on their physical senses, and not enough on their Spiritual understanding to have a relationship with Christ and his ministers. People who are spiritually blind tend to look to a man or an organization to make them feel like they are following Christ.

When Mr. Armstrong was still alive in the flesh, the people followed him in an outward physical way and trusted that they were following Christ. After Mr. Armstrong died and Joseph Tkach became pastor general, they looked to him and the organization of the church and followed them even when they had to grieve the Holy Spirit to stay in agreement with them. After that organization had been turned into a synagogue of Satan, many of the people continued to follow the corrupt ministers, because they were not looking with their Spiritual understanding, but with their physical eyes. God desires a people who follow Christ and not physical men or organizations; even if that means that they must be cast out of their visible organizations, and all alone physically. Elijah the prophet thought he was all alone as a true servant of God, and he was physically, but not spiritually; God told him that he had seven thousand men in Israel who had not bowed their knees to Baal. I sometimes feel all alone also, but I also know that God has many of you dear brethren scattered around this world who are faithful to the true Word of God. Because of this, I have the hope and courage to write these letters, booklets, and articles to you, even though I don’t see you with my physical eyes.

Brethren, I don’t believe that God wants me or any man to raise up another horn, or organization of Christ’s church, for there are only seven horns of Christ mentioned in the bible; but I do believe that God has now caused me to see the need at this point to give you faithful brethren the opportunity to communicate back with me if you so desire. It is good for God’s children to be able to refresh one another spiritually by their spiritual fellowship and united worship of God and Christ. The early New Testament church that is written of, in the book of Acts had that kind of love for one another, for they were united by their common faith and love of Christ. This world’s goods were not what they trusted in as does the world, but they trusted in Christ and only used the things of this world for their physical needs, as well as for the needs of their brethren. Their heart was set on the Kingdom of God and his righteousness. They were in love with Christ and his way of life, which leads to eternal life and all that God has in store for his faithful saints.

I also must add that I haven’t yet given my address to you, because that I don’t want to be contacted by people who just want to argue with the truth. I only wanted the power and opportunity to share with you the precious things that God has given to me. So far the internet has served me well in accomplishing this. I also don’t need a bunch of hate mail from Satan’s deceived world; but if, and only if you are truly in agreement with God and the things that God uses me to write to you, then I would appreciate hearing from you. I will give you my mailing address in this letter. I have chosen not to have a computer address in the past, partially because I am not that good with computers; but now I also have got the internet at my home, and will give you my E-Mail address.

Another reason that I didn’t have a computer address is that it is too easy for people to make comments and argue over the truth instead of having to take time and effort to write a letter. I and God desire that only truly converted, those being converted, and those who love the truth that I write to you would write to me. I figure that by causing the people to sit down and write a letter, it will help sift out the wheat from the chaff. For those of you who sincerely love the truth and desire to write to me, my address is as follows: Gary Stowers: 605 Straight Street, Fort Gibson, Oklahoma 74434, (garystowers1956@gmail.com). I will leave this address sort of hidden here in this letter, so as to not be as easily available to those who are not interested in the truth enough to read this letter. I don’t want my mailbox cluttered up with a bunch of hate mail or mail from those who only want to argue over the truth. Please be patient with me and I will also answer you back, even if I must do so in another article for all. I am just one man and may not be able to answer all the letters in person.

Brethren I love God our Father and his Holy Son, Jesus with my whole heart, and because of Christ in you, and because you are being led by the Holy Spirit; I know that I also love you, dear brethren, fervently, even though I don’t know your flesh. That is how we all are able to love one another, because of Christ in us. Jesus said that by this all people will (someday) know that we are Christ’s disciples if we have a love for one another. We love the people of this world because our Father and Christ do, even though they hate their evil ways; but God is not finished with them yet, and he has hope for them that they don’t even know about yet. When God does call them to judgment, many of them will also repent and let God change and correct them so that they may come to have the Holiness of God in them also.

Brethren our reward in the millennium is all about giving and serving those people who are still unconverted today, with the precious way of God. When they are made willing to obey God, our job will be like putting Apples of Gold in Settings of Silver! If we don’t enjoy giving and helping others, then we wouldn’t enjoy being in the Kingdom of God even if we were allowed in it. There is nothing more precious, that you can give anyone than giving them the knowledge, and wisdom of God, and the more we give, the more we receive.

Brethren, there have been some, even, of the called-out ones in the Church who, because of their own lack of complete development into a perfect, holy righteous son of God; have looked upon themselves and saw that they had some knowledge of God and some holy righteous character and wisdom formed in their selves and have looked down on the people of this world with contempt. That is the way Satan did by looking at his own Glory, beauty, and wisdom, and became vain and thought he was just as good as God, maybe even better in the vanity of his own mind, and thought that he should take over God’s job and be the ruler of the universe. Satan’s vanity didn’t let him honestly consider that all goodness he had and was; God had created in him. Likewise, any righteousness that we may have in ourselves, is because that God brought us to repentance, and created it in us by the power of his Holy Spirit; which the ignorant people of this world haven’t yet had their opportunity to receive. They are all still sentenced to experience their own ways so that when God will reveal himself to them, they will understand that their way and this whole world’s way is not good; it doesn’t produce good end results. They will then also have given to them the same precious knowledge, and if they repent they will also be given the Holy Spirit to help them become the Holy righteous children of God.

We should hate sin whether it is in us or them, but we should love the people with the same love that God does. They are now simply an unfinished work of God. For that matter, are we true Christians not also still an unfinished work? We are just advanced a little farther along, not by our choice but by God’s purpose and design. So we have no room to glory in ourselves, but let our glorying be in Christ and our Father in heaven. That is why Christ tells us to love our enemies; at one time we were also the enemies of God. God’s way of love is to turn his enemies into his friends if at all possible. In God’s time, not ours, God will perform his wonderful work in their lives also, and if they continue to rebel and refuse to be corrected in their hearts, then and only then he will destroy them permanently. We also had better fear, and be completely corrected to be made like Christ in our hearts and minds, lest we who have been called and given the gift of the Holy Spirit, and the true word of God; that we should lose out on our God-given potential.

Brethren of God, we should guard our minds to keep them pure, lest Satan injects, his evil thoughts in our minds and corrupt us. Remember God will let Satan test us. I will close this letter now and I hope to hear from you when you can. God bless all of those who really do love the truth, and righteousness of God and Christ.

Your brother in Christ,

Gary Stowers