Have you ever wondered why we humans exist out here on this planet, among all of the other stars and planets that are out here in eternal space? Do you realize that it is possible for you to understand, and actually know what that purpose is, and who ordained that wonderful purpose for your life?

Man is a very wonderfully made creature, having a mind that has no ceiling to what we can learn and understand. No animal has that kind of mind; which is capable of continually growing in knowledge and understanding. A man also has a body, unlike any animal, with arms and hands which are capable of creating whatever his mind imagines doing; then man is able to experience and take pleasure, and rejoice in the work of his hands and mind. No animal can do this; yet mankind is similar to an animal, in the fact that man is made of flesh and has a very temporary life. Why should something as wonderful as a human being be so temporary? Have you ever wondered about that? Is there any hope that somehow, or someway man might be able to live forever?

Man has learned how to do awesome things in designing, creating, and building things that are made of physical matter; yet he seems completely helpless when it comes to solving his problems and troubles which are of a spiritual nature; such as relationships with other people. Why? There are definite answers to these questions and you as an individual can learn and understand these also. Consider this: There is nothing about your flesh and blood that causes you to love, show mercy, compassion, be generous in giving and serving other’s needs, or making selfless sacrifices for the good of others. No, those are all acts that are motivated out of a spirit of selfless love. The flesh has nothing to do with the will to show outgoing selfless love for others. God did put in man a human spirit, (Romans 8: 16) and it is capable of selfless love, or selfishness and even hate; depending on how we let our spirit be trained, by other spiritual forces, either good or evil. God’s word and Spirit will lead us in righteousness if we will follow him: However, God told Cain that Sin (or Satan) lies at the door and that he must rule over him. (Genesis 4:7) If Cain wouldn’t rule over the evil spirit, then it would rule over him, even as did happen, and Cain became the first human murderer. (Study Proverbs Chapter 16.)

Consider this also: There is nothing about your human flesh that causes you to have the attitude of hate and bitterness against another person; there is nothing about the flesh that causes you to be envious, covetous, resentful, or deceitful, and dishonest. No, those evil attitudes are also spiritual in nature, and are motivated out of the human spirit, and not the flesh. Jesus said that out of the abundance of a man’s heart, his mouth speaks. (Matt. 12:34) These evils that people do are not caused by a physical brain disorder; but they are the result of a selfish and unloving human spirit, which is unlearned and undisciplined, in the way of righteousness.

Righteousness is the way of God’s Law and is the way of outgoing love for others equal to self. Jesus also says in the next two verses, (Matt. 12: 35, 36) “A good man, out of the good treasure of his heart (spirit) brings forth good things (deeds): and an evil man, out of the evil treasure, brings forth evil things (deeds). Our flesh is designed by our creator to be ruled over and disciplined by our human spirit. We can yield to good which is from God and his way of love; or we can yield to evil, which in the way of selfishness, and is completely contrary to God’s way of outgoing love: It is the way of Satan and his evil demons.

God has determined that we must choose for ourselves whether we will live the out-going unselfish way or God’s love; or if we will choose to live the selfish, vain, and unloving way of sin, which is Satan’s way. Whether we will be allowed to live forever; or if we will be put to death forever will depend upon the choices that we make. Because God desires for his human children to all have eternal life, but only if we can all live in peace with each other, and according to the way of God’s law of love which is the only way to lasting peace. The two trees in the Garden of Eden were symbolic of these two opposite ways of life. We have all lived the way of sin to one degree or another, and have by our works earned the death penalty. (Romans 6: 23) However God is very merciful and patient, and he has provided a way for us to be saved from our deserved eternal death if we are willing to repent of our sins and change our ways to be obedient to him when he chooses to call us and open our minds to his truth and this good news (Gospel).

Expanding our thoughts of this creation

There is an old saying that says someone is: “to close to the trees to see the forest.” Think about this for a moment; if a person is out in the forest and is standing facing a large tree with his face right next to the tree, he can’t see that there are many, many trees all around him. That is the way we humans are on this earth. If we can back away in our minds and view this whole creation, then we will see that we have been living as if the earth is the bottom of everything and that the heavens are something above us. In fact from a more distant view, we are very tiny little creatures, and this earth is a very tiny little speck of dust out here in the universe among millions of other planets and stars, and many of them are much larger than this earth that we live on. All of these planets and stars including this earth that we live on are out here in the heavens; in their special little orbits, and we are rolling over and over, once every twenty-four hours while we are also traveling all the way around the sun and back every three hundred and sixty-five days. That is amazing! What are we doing out here? Are we pitifully lost?

This globe is far from being at peace with its self! Man does not know the way to peace, and even if it is told to them, they do not have the character and unselfish love to live that way. Will we destroy our selves in our selfish attempt to satisfy our personal lusts, and to maintain our own ambitions and goals?

Are we the only intelligent life in this wonderful creation? If we are then how did we come to exist? Can something so wonderfully made as human life just accidentally come into existence without a much greater mind having designed and created it? Be honest with your own self when trying to answer that question. When you study deeply into the creation of anything that has been made, you can see that it is all marvelously made, and very complex creation. This creation did not just happen without a very marvelous, wonderful and powerful mind having designed it! The more that you honestly study the facts and fine details about any one small part of this creation, and how it behaves; you are left only with the amazing truth, that there is an Almighty, All-Wise, All-knowing, Very Merciful, and Loving Spirit being who has created all things including our own lives. This Creator is God!

Why Scientist Rejects the Idea of the Creator God

The scientist of this world has been going to great lengths in experiments to try and find some other life form out here in eternal space that could possibly be of far superior, and advanced mind than man, yet they at the same time reject the possibility of there being a Great Creator God that has made all things in heaven and in the earth. Why do they reject the idea of the Creator God being real? The Creation itself is witness that there has to be a Great Creator with mind and power far superior to that of man.

The theory of evolution is foolishness; all creations are designed and created by some thinking mind with a purpose. These scientists have rejected the Creator God for two basic reasons;

#1 the religions of this world, including this world’s version of Christianity, are man-made to a great extent, under the influence of a great spirit being, which is called the Devil, by the Holy Bible. The theologians of man’s version of Christianity, have used certain parts of the Holy Bible and interpreted it according to their own human opinions to make it look as if they have the religion of God. Their religions have deceived the people of this world. Satan the Devil has influenced their unsuspecting minds even in this. They were not truly called and converted to Christ, and were not truly willing to obey or believe God. As a result, they twist the scriptures and interpret the scriptures to fit their own ways. By Satan’s deceptions and false religion in the name of Christianity, as well as other false religions, Satan has deceived the whole world. (Rev. 12: 9) Satan the Devil has many false ministers that masquerade as the ministers of righteousness. (2 Cor. 11: 13-15) These ministers may very well be sincere, and actually believe that they are teaching the truth, but they also have been deceived. A deceived person does not know that he is deceived, or else he would not be deceived.

This counterfeit Christianity which masquerades as the religion of the true Christ and Son of God does not know how to answer some of the puzzling questions that have posed themselves to thinking minds; so without a real understanding of what God’s Word does teach; the scientist and many others reject the whole Creator God idea. These professing scientists are also not willing to be under the authority of any God or man. Those so-called scientists trust in the vanity of their own religion, which is the “Evolution Theory.”

#2 Scientists are only men, though they may have great college degrees and gain respect among people, they are also a part of mankind which has been deceived by the devil.

Not only has the devil deceived mankind through false counterfeit religion, but he has also deceived man into thinking that the way to happiness and fulfillment of life comes from being totally free to follow his own lusts, and do whatever he pleases, without being told how to live his life; being his own boss, doing his own will, being his own self, without any outside interference. So, as a result, scientist, as well as all human beings, refuses to be told what is right and wrong, just like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. As a result, they have chosen to disobey the voice of their Creator. When they took of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which their Creator had told them not to eat; in effect, what they were doing was rejecting God their Creator and his knowledge, and wisdom about what is good and what is evil (right and wrong) and they chose to decide for themselves what is right and wrong. (Gen. Chapter 2) Of course, they were also following Satan the Devil’s advice, and Satan would continue to influence their minds by spiritually injecting his thoughts, moods, and attitudes into their unsuspecting minds. (Eph. 2:2) (Eph. 6: 12) (Rev.12: 9) (2 Cor. 4: 4).

The spiritual attitudes that Satan influences the human mind to have, are self-centeredness, selfishness, lust, vanity, greed, covetousness, envy, competition, deceit, hate, indifference toward others, hate of correction, which is based on vanity, contempt for those that do good, and hate of the true Word of God. Man thinks he is free to do as he pleases, but in reality, all of mankind that has come forth from Adam and Eve except Jesus Christ has been slaves to an evil spirit angel that they can’t see, and are not aware of his influence on their minds. This wicked devil has caused people to live in such a manner as to cause strife, contention, and division between each other. A man definitely needs to be taught and disciplined into the way of peace and unity, which they have been deceived into rejecting.

Now back to the point, scientists like all people don’t want to be told what to do, and what not to do. That is why this world hates the laws of God, the Ten Commandments; they have lusted to do what God says not to do, and they lust to ‘’be free” not to do what God says to do. If Scientists or man, in general, were to acknowledge that there really is a Great Spirit God with superior mind and power that had created us and all things, and had a real specific purpose for our lives, then they would feel compelled to humbly submit to, and obey him. But mankind is too proud and arrogant, and refuses to humble their-selves and obey any higher and wiser mind and power. As a result, scientists have tried to figure out in their own deceived minds a way for there to be a creation without a creator. That is what the evolution theory is all about! Even the evolution theory begins with, a creation such as space, material particles, chemicals, minerals, and laws of physics. Who created them? Be honest.

Creations are created for a Specific Purpose

Understand this, friends: The creator of a thing has in his mind the purpose for which he created his creation. The Creator knows the purpose for his creation, and for the creation to fulfill its intended purpose the creator has to have definite rules or laws for the creation to follow, otherwise, the creation will not fulfill its intended purpose. Have you ever wondered why God is not concerned with dogs having multiple sex partners, and yet he commands us humans not to fornicate, or commit adultery? The reason is simple; man was created for a completely different purpose. Animals like dogs do obey the rules that God expects of them. They have no choice, God himself has programmed the animals with an instinct so that they will do and function according to his purpose for them. Animals have no potential to think and understand like a man does. The simple relationship that a dog has with its temporary mate is not damaged if they go off and breed with other dogs also. They are not designed to have personal marriage type, loving relationships with the ones that they breed with. Their breeding is not an expression of deep love and devotion, but it is simply God’s way for them to keep their kind reproduced. Man, on the other hand, was created to have and develop a permanent loving union with his wife, and to truly become one in heart and mind with each other, for we are made in the image of God; and God is a family. Animals are not made in the image of God and usually do not have a lifelong relationship with the ones that they breed with.

Our children are not born with instinct like an animal, to cause them to grow up living in a way that will produce good results in their lives, according to the purpose for which they were created by God, their highest parent. Children are born with a near blank mind and spirit, that must be taught and trained, and disciplined into the right knowledge and character to fulfill their intended purpose. Therefore, it is necessary that they have loving, caring parents who are joined with each other in mind and heart, and knowledge; and have applied themselves to learning wisdom, understanding, character, and knowledge from their parents and their Creator God; so that they can love, teach, train, and discipline their children in the knowledge and way of life that will cause good results in their lives, and lead to the fulfillment of the Creators purpose for their lives. We are made in the Image of God, and God beings are not programmed with an instinct; God does what is right and good because he, with understanding, chooses to.

We, humans, were also created to have a real and loving relationship with our Creator, God. Animals have no potential for eternal life, or son-ship in the Family and Kingdom of God. They are not created to be able to develop, by their own free choice, holy righteous character; but they are programmed to function according to what God knew would fulfill his purpose for them. They were created only to be the servants of man and his needs, either directly, or indirectly.

Creatures with Minds to choose needs to have Character

Holy righteous character is a spiritual characteristic which requires the individual must be a free-willed agent to decide for self whether to do the proven right ways of God, or to reject the right and do the wrong. I need to explain here also that right and wrong is determined by God, according to what will produce the good end results, according to the intended purpose that he purposed for that particular creation. What works well for dogs doesn’t produce good results for man, because man has been given a mind in the image of God, and was created for a completely different purpose.

There is no being that makes God do what is right, and live in a manner of love for others, so that all can live in peace and harmony. God does what is right because he willingly chooses to. God’s nature is Holy, unselfish, outgoing love. God loves all of his family. That is part of the reason why Adam and Eve were given minds after the image of God’s great mind, and they had to choose whether they would obey God their maker, or reject their maker and his wisdom. Animals do not have a choice whether or not they will follow their creator’s laws and rules to fulfill their intended purpose. We are made in the Image of God with the potential of being the very sons and daughters of God, as I plan to prove to you in this booklet. (Study Romans chapter eight.) Animals have no such purpose. God has simply programmed them with an instinct to do as God expects of them. God has made the animals with limited ability’s to learn, so that man can train his servants to do the service that he requires of them, and also so that they can learn things that may be necessary for survival.

Since man was created in the Image of God and has the ability to understand and think in a similar manner as does God, it becomes necessary that man lives by the same love for others as God does, in order for us all, to be able to dwell together in peace with each other. That is why God gave us his Ten Commandments. This willingly ignorant world has been trying in vain to find a way to have peace between the nations, and they can’t discover it, because they reject their Creator’s Laws, the Ten Commandments as well as his judgments that are based on those laws. Those world leaders want to have peace by making all others bow down to their own selfish rules, and for their own selfish and greedy profit. This has not, and never will bring peace, but it is the formula for war and destruction.

Laws Designed to Promote Peace and Unity

If you will study and examine the Ten Commandments, which are living laws of God you will see that they all are designed to help us to be able to have peace and harmony with each other, and with our Maker. To violate those commandments will cause strife, jealously, hate, injustice, bitterness, division, war, anguish, and ignorance of the right way that would produce the good end results that we all desire. Can there be peace if we steal from each other? Can there be peace if we commit adultery against our mates, or with our neighbor’s wife? Can the family unit be stable, and capable of rightly educating and training up our offspring in the way that will promote peace and happiness if we selfishly commit adultery, and end up getting divorced? Can children be taught the right values to live by, if they are not first taught and disciplined into honoring their mother and father? Does not lusting and coveting lead to stealing, envying, and figuring out how to deceive or trick someone out of their possessions? Does not the selfish attitude of covetousness cause people to trample their fellow man down while trying to get to the top in business, and careers? Can there be peace and unity when we are oppressing our fellow man to get self-gain? Does not an attitude of covetousness cause discontent, and is it not contrary to peace and unity, to desire to get what is your neighbor’s without rightly compensating him for it, even if he is willing to sell it to you? Does not it produce ignorance in your children, if they are not taught to respect and honor you? You learn best when you love and honor your teachers. Does it not cause ignorance in us all if we refuse to honor our Creator, and respect his name, and properly keep his Sabbath? Can we learn the real purpose for our existence and the right laws and way of life that will bless us, from a Counterfeit Christianity that won’t even keep God’s seventh-day Sabbath Holy as he commands us to do?

If we have anything that we respect or value more than our Creator God, then that becomes an idol that we put before the true Creator God. If we have vain idols before the true Creator God; does that not provoke him to jealousy and wrath against his rebellious children? If we value anything or any person more than our Creator, can we learn to value his wisdom and understanding enough to live by it? Whom we look to with the most respect and admiration is who we want to become like. Can idols serve our real and most important needs as God can? Can an idol, or something that man has made give rain in due season? Can some creation that man has made, hold this earth in orbit and keep us just the right distance from the sun so that our lives can survive? Can you learn wisdom from an Idol? Can an idol or some possession that you own give you eternal life? Can an idol teach you how to have the right spiritual relationships with your mate, or with your fellow man?

Can there be peace and harmony if we are so selfish that we don’t value the life and wellbeing of our fellow humans? No one likes to have offenses committed against them, so there can be no peace when we live that selfish way of disregarding our fellow man’s feelings, and wellbeing. Man feels the need to lie and deceive his mate, or his fellow man because of his own selfish, and evil nature, that is competitively against the welfare of his fellow humans; but can man truly be at one with each other if they are lying and deceiving each other? Even though this world and even this world’s false counterfeit Christianity refuse to even teach that we should obey all of God’s Commandments; yet God gave them to us out of deep love, and for our own good.

How to understand the Word of God

As I stated above: Right and wrong (good and evil) is determined based on the purpose of the creation. Because man has rejected the wisdom of God, they also are in complete ignorance of the real purpose for which they exist. Even the religions of this world don’t know what we humans were created for. The religions of this world, even including this world’s version of Christianity have been created by man (under Satan’s influence of course). They use the Holy Bible, but they don’t truly understand the Word of God, because they refuse to be corrected by it. As a result, they interpret the Word of God to be according to their own human reasoning, and so that they will not have to do very much changing in their lifestyles. Human nature hates to change; they would rather find their selves to be “right” as they are. Understand though; the natural way that people are is the cause of all our troubles, heartaches, sorrows, pain and anguish.

The true Word of God cannot be understood by the way of creating God in your own image. If you want to truly and sincerely understand what God’s Word says and teaches, then you must let the Word of God interpret itself. If a scripture is not fully explained in one place, then you must look in all of the other passages of scripture scattered throughout the Bible, in both Old and New Testaments that has any bearing on that particular topic, and let them reveal the truth on that topic. To have a good understanding of any particular subject you need to ask these questions concerning it: Who? What? Where? When? How? Why? If you interpret any one of these questions out of human opinion then you will not have the truth; all you will have is a man’s interpretation. These questions must be answered by the Word of God in order for you to have the truth on any subject.

Herbert W. Armstrong, who was God’s Apostle to this end-time generation taught us how to study the Bible, so that we get God’s intended knowledge and understanding, instead of just our own opinions and interpretations. The Holy Bible was not written like any other book. You can’t fully understand the bible by just reading it through from beginning to end, as you would in reading a novel. It is good to read it through in that manner to help familiarize yourself with the many events and things talked about; but to truly understand it, you must get all of the many scriptures that have any bearing on a specific topic together, and when you view them all in light of each other, then the truth will stand out plain and clear. The Bible is God’s revelation of his mind to us humans; and to understand it, you must study it by subjects.

Even though our human minds are made in the image of God’s mind; you still couldn’t understand with the amount of knowledge you have, if you just began with the beginning of your thinking life and read it straight through. The knowledge that we have on any particular subject was not all learned in one day, nor in one experience. We have gained a little here, and a little there, all through the years of our life. That is the way in which God revealed his knowledge to us; through many different prophets, and apostles, over a period of several thousand years. Each one was given a part of the revelation of God’s word concerning many different subjects. To rightly understand it, you must put it together rightly by gathering all of the truth on a particular topic, and then the truth will be God’s interpretation instead of mankind’s. The Word of God is written like a jigsaw puzzle, and it must be put together rightly in order to see the true picture. The book of Isaiah reveals that the Word of God must be understood by reading a little here, and a little there, with one line of scripture, added on to another, (of the same subject). (Isaiah 28: 9-11) (2 Tim. 2: 15)

What is Good and Evil?

As I said above, humans don’t know of the true purpose for which they were born; as a result, they have all tried to give their selves a purpose to live for. Some have given their selves the purpose of trying to put in their time here in this short temporary life, living in as much comfort and pleasure as possible. Others give their selves the purpose of proving that they are better than most others by gathering as much material wealth to themselves as possible. Others give themself a purpose by proving that they are special by becoming a sex symbol, or idol which others will lust after and some will envy. Others give their selves a purpose by trying to rule over others and implement their ideas of right and wrong over other people. Others give their selves a sense of purpose by trying to conquer nations of people, like Alexander the Great. Whatever it may be, all people give their selves some purpose to justify their existence. Most of these purposes are self-serving and vain, because that is the nature of a natural carnal minded person.

The Human mind is primarily concerned with self and self-interest more than with others. Some people do seem to care about other people to a certain degree, especially with their extended self, such as children, or close friends, but ultimately the natural mind is more concerned with self than with outsiders. The cause for this is because man is carnal, physical flesh, only with a human spirit in him that must be taught and trained either by the Great Spirit God or else by evil spirits of demons and Satan the devil. Man’s knowledge comes into his mind through his five physical senses; hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling, and seeing; but his attitudes and moods are spiritual in nature, and they influence man’s behavior. The five senses connect his brain and mind to things about himself, but not to another person, which leads to selfishness.

Man needs God’s Holy Spirit to unite with his human spirit to give him the ability to love his fellow man as his self, and use his knowledge in a manner that is good for all, and certainly not against the wellbeing of his fellow humans. But this world as a whole has been cut off from access to the Holy Spirit since our first parents rejected God and his wisdom in the Garden of Eden. So that man could understand the results of his disobedience to his Creator; God has sentenced Adam and all of his prodigy to experience the results of living according to their own ways, in this first lifetime. They have been cut off from having access to God and his Holy Spirit; which they could have had if they had not eaten of the forbidden tree of good and evil but rather had taken of the tree of life.

Only a select few in this age of the last near 6000 years have been given a calling and had access to God and His Holy Spirit. The majority of mankind must live out their first lives according to their ignorance of God and following their own spirit as it is influenced by the god of this world, which is Satan the devil. God has plans to resurrect them and reveal himself to them and offer them hope of salvation from their sinful ways and its death penalty at a distant time in the future. (Rev. 20: 12) After their first life’s experiences, they may be better able to surrender to God, and live his way, when they are given their calling and opportunity. Then the book of life will be opened to them also, so that they may be offered eternal life if they truly yield in obedience to their Creator.

Now, back to the purposes that men give themselves for living; they are all basically selfish, and to serve their own self. As I mentioned at the beginning of this booklet; right and wrong (good and evil) are determined by the purpose of the creation. If my purpose is to be a conqueror as Alexander the Great, then to fulfill that purpose I would have to kill the people who resisted me and refused to be subject to me. If my purpose in life is “to rise to the top” among peers and rivals in a business, then I would most likely feel the need to trample others in the process. If my purpose is just to accumulate as much physical wealth in this world as I can, then I would need to be dishonest, cheat my fellowman, lie, steal, take advantage of others, and not be concerned with my fellowmen that I am in competition with.

Because all of man’s human devised purposes for existing are selfish; they pit us one against another. To fulfill the selfish human purposes that they give themselves, they feel the need to live selfishly and against the Commandments of God; for God’s Commandments are given out of love for all of us so that we all can live in peace and harmony with each other. Even if a man is successful in accomplishing his self-devised purpose, such as Alexander the Great; he will die and then what good was his efforts? It is all in vain. Many other men have conquered those same lands since his death. Men desperately need the right goal or purpose for their lives! The Purpose that God created us for is the only real purpose for our lives, and living to fulfill that wonderful purpose is the only way that we can all live together in complete harmony and peace with each other. Also, right and wrong for human conduct is determined by our Creator and is based on his purpose for our existence.

Living for the purpose that our Creator has purposed for us is the only way that man can ever have eternal life and real fulfillment, and peace. Ultimately God and God alone can tell us why we exist. Living in obedience to his Laws is the only way that we can fulfill our true purpose. God’s purpose is not selfish; his purpose for our lives includes all of us humans that will be willing and able to repent of our selfish sinful ways, and surrender our lives to him; to let him lead us in the right way.

The Incredible Human Potential

Mark this well, God is in the process of doing what he made us in his image to do; REPRODUCE HIMSELF. Read all of Romans chapter 8 and especially notice verses 15 and 16. When Gods Holy Spirit unites with our human spirit, it actually begets us as a child of God! (James 1: 18) (John 6: 63) Yes God is in the family business, of having children. As you study the Holy Scriptures, you will continually see that this is true. God desires that man be given eternal life after he has learned that sin (disobedience to God and his Holy just and loving laws) (1 John 3: 4) is wrong, and has repented of his wrong ways and truly surrendered to be obedient to God, and then has been given a portion of Gods own Holy Spirit to unite with his own human spirit, thus begetting him with God life; and then when he has followed the lead of the Holy Spirit through the rest of his life (Romans 8: 14), then he will have developed Holy righteous character like God has (Phil. 2: 5) (Eph. 4: 11-13, 23,24)) so that he will not allow himself to disobey God and his Commandments even if he is under temptation to do the wrong; just like Jesus Christ when he was tempted of the Devil. (Matt. 4: 1-11) Jesus had to prove himself faithful to God while he was in a weakened state of fasting for 40 days and nights before he could become our savior, and even before he began training his disciples to become Apostles.

When we have this kind of character in us, then God will be assured that we love his way and will not depart from it, so that God is confident that we can live together in peace and brotherly love. Then if we prove ourselves to be faithful to God and his Word until the end of our physical lives, or to the end of this Satan influenced world; then at Christ’s second coming to this earth to take over all governments, and rule as King of kings and Lord of lords (Rev. 19: 11-16); he will resurrect the dead saints, and instantly change the living saints into Spirit born children of God. (1 Cor. 15: 50-53) (1 Thess. 4: 15-18) You should study all of 1 Corinthians Chapter 15; it is all about the resurrection. Look also at Romans Ch. 8: 29, and notice that Christ is only the firstborn among many brethren who shall also be born into the family of God. This is not talking of Jesus’ birth in the flesh, for some of his disciples were older than him in the flesh, especially his mother, Mary. This world’s false counterfeit Christianity teaches that when they “accept Christ” that they are already born again. They are deceived and are deceiving many with this false teaching.

Born again as Spirit God Beings

Christ told the Pharisee, Nicodemus, that one must be born again to even be able to see the Kingdom of God, and that one must be born of the water, (which is our first birth) and then he must be born of the Spirit before he can enter into the Kingdom of God. Jesus further explained that one who is born of the Spirit will be Spirit, and similar as to the wind, in that you can hear it coming but can’t see it, (that is with our human fleshly eyes). (John 3: 1- 8) Our human eyes are not designed to take in information about Spirit, only physical matter. But when we are born of the Spirit we will be able to see Spirit. Read 1 John 3: 2, “Beloved, now we are the sons of God, and it does not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is.” When we truly are born the second time we will be like Jesus is now, and we will then be able to see Spirit beings. (Phil. 3: 21) Jesus had no need for any conversion; his being the firstborn among many brethren is talking of his being born again as a Spirit God being, by a resurrection from the dead, and being the first human to experience this second birth into the God family and Kingdom. Read Colossians 1: 18; “and he (Christ) is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the first-born from the dead; that in all things he might have the pre-eminence.” Yes, Jesus was the first to be born again by a resurrection from the dead (Romans 1: 4), but notice he is only the first to be born again into the Kingdom and Family of God. When Jesus Christ comes back to this earth to take over and rule all nations of people, he will make himself appear in a brilliant and glorious manner that humans will be able to see. (Rev. 6: 16) (Matt. 24: 30) (Rev. 1: 7) Christ in his wisdom and power is able to make himself in a form that human eyes are able to see, even as he did after his resurrection when he appeared to his disciples; also when he appeared as a man named Melchisedec to Abraham back in the Old Testament before he came to this earth to be born of the seed of Abraham, the son of Mary. (Hebrews 7: 1- 4)

God will not allow anyone to be given eternal life unless they learn to live the loving way that God lives so that the whole creation can live in peace and harmony with one another, and continue to help God with his creation forever. If God gave man eternal life while they continue in sin; they would bring nothing but sorrow and mental anguish, star wars, and destruction to the whole creation throughout the universe. Therefore God has determined that before we are born again, and given eternal life; we must first have formed in us, the spiritual characteristic of Holy Righteous Character. Read (2 Tim. 3: 16, 17).

Gods Apostle to this end-time generation, whom God chose to preach and teach this Gospel (good news) to the world, just shortly before Christ comes back: He gave us a very good and accurate definition of what Holy Righteous Character is. He said that Holy Righteous Character is the ability to come to see and distinguish the right from the wrong, and then the ability to choose and do the right as opposed to the wrong even when being tempted by our fleshly nature and Satan’s evil nature working on us, to tempt us to do the wrong.

The Initiative and Time, to “call” us to Christ, is God’s

Humanly it is impossible for natural-minded people to develop and have this kind of loving, unselfish character; so God in his own time order will cause his Holy Spirit to act on our minds to “call” us to Christ, then he will beget us with his Holy Spirit when we are brought to true repentance of all sin and disobedience to God and his laws, and truly surrender to be obedient to God. (Acts 2: 38) After true repentance of sin, then God commands us to be baptized in water, by one of Gods servants; then he has promised to give us the Holy Spirit.

Humans do not naturally have enough goodness in themselves to come to the degree of sincere repentance that God requires of us before he will beget us with his Holy Spirit. When God “calls” a person; it is the goodness of God that brings us to real Repentance. (Romans 2: 4) True Christians (saints) are called to be saints. (Romans 1: 7) (1 Cor. 1: 2, 9) (Acts 2: 38, 39) The initiative is God’s. God has predestined us who are called to be the first-fruits harvest into the Kingdom of God. (Romans 8: 29, 30) God the Father must call an individual before they can truly come to the true Christ, and be a real Christian. (John 6: 44, 64, 65) This is also another teaching that false counterfeit Christianity does not know or teach. They falsely teach that who-so-ever will can come to Christ. This world’s false Christianity teaches that this is the only day of salvation and that God is in a battle against the devil and is trying at this time to save the whole world. If that were true then God is losing the battle.

In truth, God does plan to call all people, but not all in this age. Today only the Firstfruits are being called, and they are not just called to get salvation, but to be prepared to become the bride of Christ at his second coming. (Rev. 19: 7-9) (Rev. 17: 14 last part) (Rev. 14: 1-4) These first fruits into the Kingdom of God will serve as a wife does in submitting to her husband, and helping Christ to rule on this earth over the rest of the mortal humans that repent and are allowed to live over into the World Tomorrow. (Rev. 2: 26, 27) (Rev. 20: 4) (Rev. 1: 6) Continue reading in Rev. 14: 6, 7) also read (Rev. 20: 4-6). We as the wife of Christ will help Christ to bring many children into the family of God, during that one thousand, year Millennial Day. We are called early for the preparation of ourselves so that we can do that job, as well as for our own salvation and joy.

Then after that one thousand year period, God will raise all of the rest of mankind that has been dead to a judgment period in which they will also have the understanding of the word of God (Books) opened to their minds. The Book of Life will also be opened to them at that time, and they will also be given a period of time to repent, and surrender to God, and be given the Holy Spirit if they are willing to obey God. Read Revelation Chapter 20; notice especially verses 11 and 12. The books of the Bible were not opened to their understanding during their first life; neither was the book of life opened, for them to have their name written in it. The Book of Ezekiel, Chapter 37 tells about this second major resurrection, which is a resurrection back to mortal flesh. This Book of Ezekiel chapter 37 is primarily speaking of the House of Israel, but Jesus said that the gentiles will also rise in the same judgment. (Matt. 12: 41, 42) (Luke 11: 31- 32) (Luke 10: 12- 14) (Matt. 11: 21-24) The majority of mankind that has lived on this earth have never been called of God, or given the opportunity to truly know God or his word. Salvation has not been made available to them yet; but God does have a plan to raise them back to fleshly life and open the Books of the Holy Bible to their understanding, and then they will be given their calling and offered the opportunity to be converted to obey God and his laws, if they will be willing. They will have eternal life made available to them, through the same process that the First-fruits harvest of saints has in this age.

The true Church of God is being judged today, (1Peter 4: 17) based on our works, and according to the Word of God. (Eph. 2: 10) (James 2: 14- 17) (Rev. 2: 2-5) (Rev. 3: 1, 2) (Rev. 20: 12, 13) Christ is not judging the deceived, and ignorant people of this world yet. (John 12: 47, 48) That is the reason that Christ spoke in parables when talking to the multitudes; to hide the truth from them, until God calls them. (Matt. 13: 34, 35) (Matt. 13: 9, 10, 11) Jesus spoke in parables to the multitudes, and when he was alone with his disciples, he expounded the parables unto them. (Mark 4: 33, 34)

There are three distinct and separate time periods in which God plans to call and judge his people. The first-fruits that are called during this age are being judged now. We that are faithful shall rise to meet Christ in the air at his second coming. The rest of the people that will be alive when Christ returns to this earth will be judged at the end of this present world, and the calling of God will go out to all people alive. (Joel 2: 28-32) Scripture reveals that many will refuse to repent and turn in obedience to God. God will destroy them. (Rev. 19: 11-21) But, those people who will repent of their sins; to them, God will make his Holy Spirit and the process of salvation available to them. (Rev. 7: 4, 17) Their day of salvation and judgment will be through the one thousand year Sabbath Day, when Christ and his faithful wife will rule this earth in righteousness. This Millennial Sabbath Day is also pictured by God’s annual Holy Day Festival, known as “The Feast of Tabernacles”.

The rest of the dead will be resurrected to judgment and given their opportunity at salvation after Christ and his saints have ruled, and judged the world for one thousand years, beginning with the second coming of Christ. (Rev. 20: 5, 11-13) The Holy Day of God, known as the Last Great Day pictures this judgment when all people who have ever lived, that have not been given a calling from God; they will be resurrected back to fleshly mortal life and then they will be given their opportunity to repent and know God.

All of God’s Holy Days picture steps in his master plan to redeem all people who will let him, from their sins and its eternal death penalty. God will offer them access to the “Tree of Life” which represents the gift of the Holy Spirit, which was closed off to man back in the Garden of Eden, because of man’s unwillingness to obey God and his laws of peace. God did reserve the right to call a specially selected few people during this age, to prepare a people to help Christ rule the world after Christ comes at his soon coming in Glory, as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. They are the first-fruits; typical of the early grain harvest in the land of Israel. That festival later came to be known as Pentecost, because of the manner in which it is figured on the Hebrew calendar. Pentecost is a Greek word which means, count fifty.

When Adam and Eve chose to disobey God, and become sinners, then God sentenced mankind to six thousand years of experiencing their own ways of living, so that they may write the record in their minds, through blood, sweat, and tears, and eventually learn what Adam and Eve did not know; that man is not capable of rightly deciding what is good and evil, or right and wrong apart from his maker. This 6000 years is typical of the first six workdays of the week, but the seventh thousand years is a type of the Sabbath when man’s unrighteous works cease. (Heb. 4: 1- 11) Notice what Peter wrote: “But beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.” (2 Peter 3: 8) The First-fruits are called first, then the people that are alive and repentant when Christ comes, as well as those born during the thousand-year Rule of Christ and his saints; then after a thousand years, the rest of the dead will be resurrected and given their calling. (Rev. 20: 5- 12) All people will be called, but not all of this age. Presently God is in the process of calling, converting, and training a body of people who will marry Christ at his return, and they will help Christ teach, and administer the Government of God over the mortal humans that will live on this earth, to prepare them also to eventually be born again into the Family and Kingdom of God.

The Holy Spirit

Now I have spent a good deal of time explaining briefly about God’s master plan to offer salvation to all people, but in his own time order; but now we need to get back to the topic that I started talking of earlier, the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit of God is the very Spirit of God himself that can dwell in us, to act on our human spirit to lead us into farther obedience to God and to lead us out of the sinful nature and ways of this evil world. You should study the 14th chapter of John to better understand how God the Father and Christ dwell in true Christians by the Holy Spirit. This Holy Spirit begets us with the very life and nature of God. Notice that the nature of the Holy Spirit will help us to have the very fruits of the Spirit which are; love, joy, peace, longsuffering or willingness to patiently bear with others, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, or humility, and temperance, or self-control. (Galatians 5: 22-23) God’s Spirit in us actually gives us power to overcome our natural fleshly nature; and power to overcome unrighteous moods, attitudes, and evil spiritual forces. God’s Holy Spirit also imparts to us love and sound minds. (2 Timothy 1: 7) To live according to the sinful nature of this world is not sound-minded, for sin is what causes all of our troubles, heartaches, sufferings, and eventually the eternal death penalty if we don’t repent, and turn to God in truth.

After being begotten of the Spirit of God, then we must follow the lead of the Holy Spirit willingly; it will not drag you or force you, but it will be grieved and cause you to be grieved if you disobey the Spirits leadership. The Apostle Paul warns us not to grieve the Holy Spirit, for that Spirit of God in us is what seals us as Gods children until we are finally redeemed from this fleshly life and born into the family of God. (Eph. 4: 30) Also if you grieve God’s Spirit, you can expect to be chastised by God. (1 Cor. 11: 32) (Heb. 12: 5- 11) As we yield to the Spirit of God in obedience, then we are growing in character, and actually growing into a child of God, just like an ovum in a woman, when it is impregnated by a man; it will grow in the protective care of the mother’s womb until it is fully developed, and ready to be born. Mankind truly is made in the Image of the Great God, our Creator! The institution of the true Church of God is our Mother, and God is our Father! (Mark 3: 31-35) (Gal. 4: 26) The church nourishes and feeds us the Word of God and teaches us, to help prepare us for our Spirit birth into the very family of God. (Eph. 4: 11-13)

The Kingdom of God

Understand this, friends, God is a family. This world’s false counterfeit Christianity teaches the Trinity doctrine, which says that God is composed of three individual God beings consisting of God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit. That false doctrine says that God consists of those three individuals and that it is all one; three in one, and that it is a closed and sealed unit which no human can ever become a member. That Trinity doctrine is a devils doctrine, for it denies the very Gospel of Christ.

The true Gospel that God sent Christ to bring to this earth is THE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD. (Mark 1: 14) God is a family, (Eph. 3: 14, 15) and a family is designed by God to be a kingdom. A kingdom is basically a family that has grown large. As all of the scriptures indicate; God expects the man to be the head of the wife and children. God is the supreme head of his kingdom; and Christ his son is under the Father, but Christ is head of his future wife, the church. (Eph. 5: 2) Both the husband and the wife rule out of love over the children for their ultimate good, so that they may grow up to be like their parents. This world’s false counterfeit Christianity does not even know, or preach the message that Jesus did; The Kingdom of God. I will explain more about this kingdom later.

The word gospel is a Greek word, which was the language in which the New Testament was originally written in, and it simply means good news. The good news that Jesus brought to man is that God is a ruling family of God beings which man can be born again into, through the process which I have just described above. Presently there are only two divine members, God the Father, and his Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit is not an individual personage, but rather it is the very Spirit of God which is also in Christ, and can also be in us when God begets us with it. I realize that the King James translation of the bible has several places in it which refers to the Holy Spirit a “He”, which makes it appear to be an individual personage, but those are errors in translating. It should be referred to as “it” instead of “he”. The only reference of it being a he would be in; that it is by Gods Spirit that God dwells in us, who are begotten of the Holy Spirit, even as Jesus was begotten of the Holy Spirit in his mother, Mary’s womb (Matt. 1: 20), yet he is the Son of God the Father, and not the son of a separate being called the Holy Spirit. Jesus always prayed to his Father in heaven, and not to the Holy Spirit.

To get a better understanding of this subject I recommend that you get and study a copy of the late Herbert W. Armstrong’s book, “Mystery of the Ages.” You may be able to find a copy of this book in a public library, or a school library, or you may find one in an old nursing home; we put many of these books in those places back in 1986, or 87. The church organization which God raised up under Mr. Armstrong’s leadership has, since his death in 1986 turned away from God and his truth, and cast out as faithful members of Christ’s body. They no longer teach or preach according to the truth so you couldn’t get that book from them. You also can go on the internet and through Google; you can find and read this book, as well as many other books and booklets by Mr. Armstrong. Search for “The Herbert W. Armstrong Resource Library”, which has been preserved in the United States Library of Congress.

After that Church organization or government turned into a synagogue of Satan, which is just another one of Satan’s deceived churches; God raised up the last Horn of Christ, the Laodicean Church Era, which has become, neither “hot nor cold,” by a man named Gerald Flurry; they refuse to be called the Laodicean Church organization, because of what God says to their leader in Revelation Chapter 3: 14-21. You may be able to get a copy of the mystery of the Ages from them; they call themselves the remnant of the “Philadelphia Church of God”. They are headquartered in Edmond Oklahoma USA. You can find them on the internet. They have bought the copyrights to many of Mr. Armstrong’s writings and they still publish some of them; but they also are led by a man who claims his self to be a prophet, and he exalts himself and teaches a lot of false teachings as well as a lot of truth. Anything that they publish that Mr. Armstrong wrote is safe to read, but I would be careful not to be misled by Flurry’s false teachings and self-exaltations. A good idea is to prove all things by the written Word of God, and believe only what you can honestly see to be in agreement with that Word. Pray for God’s guidance, and be careful lest you be deceived by any man’s opinion. Follow Christ and not men. Jesus warned us that there would be many false prophets who would deceive many. (Matt. 24: 24)

I have taken quite a bit of time and space to warn you about the very church leadership that I have told you that you might get a copy of “Mystery of The Ages” from, but I feel that it is my duty out of love for you, to do so lest you be deceived.

Now we need to study more into just what the Kingdom of God is all about. I am not in any way trying to compete with the truth that Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong wrote in his book, “Mystery of The Ages”. In this article, I am only giving you the very briefest truth to introduce you to the true Gospel that Christ taught, of which this world’s false Christianity don’t teach. As you study your bibles, with this truth in mind you will gain more and more truth, also I strongly recommend that you study the writings of Mr. Armstrong. I have many other articles also posted on the internet which will help you gain a much better understanding. I strongly suggest that you make copies of them, because the days aren’t far off when this truth will not be allowed to be freely taught in this evil world.

Eternal Life as a Gift of God to the Righteous

If you are familiar with the religions that this world calls Christianity, then you may be a little surprised by my statement above, where I said that God will not give eternal life to anyone unless they learn to live by the way of God’s love including his law, the Ten Commandments, so that there can be peace and harmony among all of us. The false counterfeit Christianity of this world teaches that we already have eternal life. They teach the same lie that Satan told Eve in the Garden of Eden.

When Satan tempted Eve to eat of the one forbidden tree, she told the devil who had appeared to her in the form of a serpent: “We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden; but the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God has said, you shall not eat of it, neither shall you touch it, lest you die.” Now notice the lie that Satan told Eve: “And the serpent said unto the woman, you shall not surely die.” (Gen. (3: 1-4) Then the devil went on to further lie and deceive the woman, appealing to her vanity, telling her that if they ate of the forbidden fruit that they would become as Gods, and be able to judge for themselves what is good and evil (right and wrong). Satan had just disputed the Creator God’s word and deceived her into thinking that she wouldn’t die, but that they already had eternal life, and that they would be Gods knowing for their selves what is right and wrong. The devil was the first one to teach that lie that humans already have eternal life! Notice what God says is the fate of the wicked that refuse to repent and be converted when they are given their opportunity. (Rev. 20: 14, 15) Also notice that God drove them out from the Garden of Eden and barred re-entry, lest they take of the “Tree of Life”, and eat and live forever. (Gen. 3: 22- 24)

Sin doesn’t stay the same; it gets worse as time goes along and God knew that to have to live forever in the ways of sin would be a very bitter curse to the people. Death would be better than life if we had to live in sin forever. God is more merciful than to allow that, so he determined from the beginning that the wages of sin are death. (Romans 6: 23) That is why we are made of flesh with a temporary life; so that we can mercifully be given death if we choose to not repent, and let Christ lead us to develop Holy Righteous Character so that we will not continue in sin.

God has appointed for most of mankind to experience the first death before being raised to a judgment period. (Heb. 9: 27) The first death is only temporary, but the second death is permanent. (Rev. 20: 14, 15) (Malachi 4: 1) Death has reigned over man from Adam’s sin forward until Christ came at his first coming, and lived a perfect, sinless life even though he was tempted like as we, (Heb. 4: 15). He also qualified to be our savior and to replace Satan as ruler of this earth when he comes in the very near future. He gave his life to pay the death penalty for us, and fulfilled the Passover Lambs death once for all time (Heb. 9: 11- 15) (1 Cor. 5: 7). Because Jesus had no sin, death could not hold him, and God the Father raised Him from the grave back to eternal life.

If we let Christ live in us after we are called, then we can also grow to be Holy Children of God, and God will raise us from the grave to eternal life also (Col. 1: 27) (1 Peter 5: 10). By putting leavening and sin out of our lives, and growing in Christ we are fulfilling the Old Testament Feast of Unleavened Bread (1Cor. 5: 6-8). True Christians still keep these Holy Days of God, which are listed in Leviticus Chapter 23. We keep them in the New Testament Spirit; we don’t sacrifice a lamb on Passover, but we follow Christ’s teachings of how to keep that Holy Day, reminding us of his death for us.

Now the counterfeit Christianity of this world continues teaching that same lie that Satan told Eve. They teach that you will live forever, either in heaven or in hell. They are deceived and ignorant of what is the reward of the righteous, and they are also deceived and ignorant about what the fate of the wicked is. The Apostle Paul explains truthfully that the wages that one earns for sin are death, not life but death; then he goes on to say that we can have eternal life as a gift, through Christ. (Romans 6: 23) Of course, we must repent and become obedient to God and his laws, so that we all can live in peace and harmony, to qualify for this free gift of eternal life from God. God has a definite master plan by which he will redeem sinful mankind from sin and its death penalty. In this context also you should read Ezekiel 18: 4 and also Ezek. 18: 23. Many false ministers of this world’s “Christianity” teaches that if you will just believe in Jesus and confess the sins that you think that you have done, and ask for forgiveness, and receive Christ, whatever they think that means, then you are already saved. They are ignorant of the true process in which Christ redeems us from sin and death. They don’t even know what the reward of the saved is.

Begotten First Before Birth into the Kingdom of God

When God himself acts on a person’s mind and heart to bring that person to real sincere repentance of his sins and his sinful nature, and brings you into contact with the real true Gospel of the Kingdom of God; and when God gives you real living faith to believe that wonderful purpose for our lives; then after you totally surrender to be obedient to God and are baptized; then God has promised to give you the Holy Spirit. By his Holy Spirit, God will beget your mind and heart as a begotten, but not yet born son of God (Acts. 2: 38, 39) (Romans 8: 9-16). The Holy Spirit will also bring to your remembrance the necessary truth that you have learned from God’s Word that you need to properly understand the true doctrine of God and Christ, and to be able to comprehend the wonderful plan and purpose of God in bringing many children into his family and Kingdom (John 14: 26).

When we are first converted, and given a very small portion of God’s Spirit to beget us as the begotten, but not yet born children of God (2 Cor. 1: 22) (2 Cor. 5: 5) (Eph. 1: 13,14) ; then we are not yet finally saved; we are in the process of being saved. We must continue to follow the lead of the Holy Spirit and grow in this gift of God, even when we are tempted to do otherwise. (I will also let you know that the translations of the Holy Bible that we have are just that; translations, made of the original Hebrew and Greek texts. The translators didn’t understand the word of God; they just translated it into the old English language, under the direction of King James of England. The word translated begotten, and the word translated born are sometimes used wrong; when the translators used one it sometimes should be the other. An obvious example of this is in (Rev.1: 5) Jesus was not the first begotten from the dead; he was the first to be born from the dead, by a resurrection (Romans 8: 29). The original Greek root word “yevvaw genete” translated, (begat) can properly be used to mean begotten (sired) or born as in birth). By the context and understanding the whole truth, God’s true saints can tell the difference.) If you will look this word begat up in the ‘’Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance and Dictionary of the Bible’’ you will see what I am saying is true.

Now if we are continually yielded to God, and following God’s Spirit throughout the rest of our lives, we will continually be seeing our hidden faults and sins and repenting of them so that we grow in God’s gift of the Spirit and grow in God’s Holy righteous Character until we are finally ready to be born into the very family and Kingdom of God at the second coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ (2 Peter 3: 18) Our human begettal, growth, development, and birth are made in the very image of what God is doing in bringing his children into his family. We are a long way from being born when we are just recently begotten; and likewise, we are not totally saved until we have grown and developed into Christ-like character, in heart and mind. He that endures unto the end, the same shall be saved (Mark 13: 13) (Matt. 10: 22). When we are first converted to, following righteousness and surrender to Christ, we are saved only if we continue to be loyal to Christ and God unto the end; of our life in this world, or unto the end of this evil Satan ruled, world.

We are very near to the end of this evil world, and the beginning of the Millennial Sabbath Day when Christ will remove Satan off of the throne of the earth (Rev. 20: 1-3), and Christ, with his then born wife, will rule this earth and all of the nations that will exist on earth. You can read of Christ taking over this earth in Zechariah Chapter 14, also in Revelation Chapter 19, and Chapter 20: 1-4) The Spirit born, Kingdom of God will rule in the way of true peace. The prophets of the Word of God speak of his Glorious Kingdom that Christ will establish among humans on this earth. Isaiah Chapter 11 verse 9 says the earth will then be as full of the knowledge of God as the waters cover the sea. Isaiah Chapters 25 and 26 tells of this time. Isaiah 2: 1- 4 tells of this Kingdom being set up. Jeremiah chapter 31 talks of the Kingdom of Israel being re-established when Christ comes back. Ezekiel also has much to say about the Kingdom of God being established on this earth when Christ comes back. Zechariah Chapter 14 talks much about this Kingdom of God ruling this earth. If I gave you all of the places in the books of the Prophets that talk of Christ’s Kingdom being on this earth, I would have to write a whole book. Pray for God’s guidance, be honest with the scriptures and read your Bibles. The Holy Bible is a gold mine full of most precious knowledge and wisdom!

The false counterfeit Christianity of this world teaches that all of these prophecies of the Old Testament are past and have no value for Christians. They are wrong; God has declared his plans of his Kingdom to the prophets of old, and it is preserved for us to read and understand in this end-time generation. Jesus quoted much from the Old Testament, and so did his Apostles. Daniel Chapter 12 verses 8 thru 10 shows that much of the knowledge that God declared to his prophets was not intended to be understood even by the prophets; but God will open it up to his saints at the end time generation. As you read the bible, do so with these precious truths in mind that I have taught you, and you will find that the Word of God becomes alive and real in your mind; that is if you are truly being called of God and are led by His Spirit working on your human spirit. Jesus said that if you hunger and thirst for righteousness, you will be filled (Matt. 5: 6).

The book of Daniel talks much of the Kingdom of God. Read Daniel chapter 7 verse 27) (“And the Kingdom and dominion, and the greatness of the Kingdom under the whole heaven, shall be given to the people of the saints of the “Most High”, whose Kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all dominions shall serve and obey him.”) My friends to truly understand all of these prophecies concerning the Kingdom of God will take you many years of diligent study, but if God calls you, and you believe this Gospel, and love it, then you will find that the study of God’s Word is the most enjoyable time you can spend doing anything. As I said earlier in this booklet; this is the real reason for your existence; to become a Son of God, born of the Spirit, and with power to help Christ rule over his creation, and help him in creating whatever he plans forever!

After true Christians are finally born into the Family and Kingdom of God, we will rule on this earth for one thousand years; but eventually after God has redeemed all of his people that will let him, God plans to put all things, the entire creation (the entire universe) under man’s rule (Romans 8: 16- 22) (Hebrews Chapter 2 all, and especially verse 2. God plans to eventually plant the heavens with his people (Isaiah 51: 16). Those barren planets will come to have life on them.

The People Called to Live and be Judged during the Millennium


If you are called to repentance during the time of Great Tribulation which is just ahead of us now; then you can, if you surrender to God and Christ, live over into the new world which will be ruled and re-educated by the Spirit born Christ and his saints which will also be born again of the Spirit then. They will be your kings and priest. (Rev. 20: 4-6) They will teach you more thoroughly in the way of God and his plans, and purposes. (Rev. 7:17) Those that are called during the great tribulation and the heavenly signs will not be a part of the First-fruits harvest to be born again of the Spirit at Christ’s second coming, but they will be called to live as mortal humans during the one thousand year Sabbath. They will be given an opportunity to get to know God and his Word and prove their selves to be faithful so that eventually they also can be born into the Immortal Family, and Kingdom of God as the very Sons of God. The seventh chapter of Revelation talks of these people. (Rev. 7: 9-17)

Even though they are still mortal humans, if they will be obedient to God, and live by his commandments; they will be protected from many of the trumpet plagues, including the seven last plagues of God to be poured out on the wicked that refuse to repent (Rev. 9: 4) (2 Cor. 1: 22) (Eph. 1: 13) (Joel 2: 32). There is no need for God to punish so severely those people who have surrendered and are willing to let Christ and his wife lead them out of sin, and into the way of God. At the end of this world God will pour out his Holy Spirit on all flesh; that is not to say all people will repent and be obedient, but they will be given their calling anyway. (Joel 2: 28-31) Many will refuse to repent and will blaspheme God because of his corrective plagues. (Rev. 16: 10, 11) Those people that God gets their attention and calls during The Great Tribulation would not have time to learn the truth, overcome all of their carnal nature, and grow in Christ, and be thoroughly proven, and tested well enough to be a part of the First-fruits harvest; so they will be allowed to experience their salvation and judgment period during the Millennium under the Kingdom and Priesthood of Christ and his wife. God will at that point already have his numbers of Predestined First-fruits called anyway.

The fourteenth chapter of Revelation reveals that the first fruits that will make up the wife of Christ will only be one hundred and forty-four thousand. Many have been called through the ages but only a few will be chosen, (Matt. 20: 16) for only a few were faithful and proved their selves to truly love the Word of God more than their own lives in this world. Jesus said that the gate to the Kingdom of God is strait and the way is narrow, and only a few will find it. (Matt. 7: 13, 14) That way that Jesus is talking about is the way that God lives. God help us all, not only to receive the truth but to receive the love of the truth. (2 Thess. 2: 10)

After that you have read this booklet through, then I strongly suggest that you read it again and stop at each scripture reference and study those Bible verses with their context so that you can know, and not just assume, that I am telling you the truth. Then after reading it through that way; start again and read it through again, and if Gods Spirit is working on you to call you, you will find this amazing true Gospel to be very precious, and you will need to make your decision to surrender your life to God and Christ if you can believe this good news. Keep the Commandments of God and study the Word of God diligently. You should be baptized as soon after true repentance and surrender to God as is possible. It may take some time because of the nature of things; because God’s faithful saints are scattered abroad today as a result of Satan’s influence on the Laodicean Church. Keep Gods Commandments and God will provide. Read and study as much of my writings, and Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong’s writings as you can possibly get your hands on.

Jesus Christ said that this would be the sign that we are near the end of this world and the beginning of His world; when this same true Gospel was preached in all of the worlds, as a witness to all nations, then the end will come. (Matt. 24: 3, 14) This true Gospel of the kingdom and family of God has not been preached to the world as a whole since the days of the original Apostles of Christ, until God raised up his end-time Apostle, Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong to do this very work. My friends, God raised up Herbert W. Armstrong to do this work through personal evangelism, radio, television, and printed magazines and books. Mr. Armstrong was invited to have personal and private meetings with many of this world’s presidents, kings, prime ministers, and even emperors. He told them of the Kingdom of God that will soon come and take over, and rule this earth according to the way of true peace. This world has been struggling for peace, but they don’t know the way. Mr. Armstrong told them that peace will come, but not by man’s carnal efforts. Christ will come and will compel all that desire to live, that they must obey God and his laws of peace. When they have God’s Spirit in them, it will not be so hard.

Since Mr. Armstrong’s death in 1986, the Church of God has been tried and tested, and many have fallen away from the truth. To better understand how Christ let his church be tested and tried, you should read my booklet, “Who or What Caused the Falling Away From the Truth”. The People who live during the Millennium will also be tested in similar manner when Satan is released for a short season at the end of that time. (Rev. 20: 7-10)

The few of us First-fruits in this end-time age that remain faithful have been cast out of the organization of the Church, but we are still in the body of Christ, for we are faithful to Christ and are led by the Spirit of God. We are now a scattered flock, but Christ knows who are truly his. Thanks and praise be to the “Most High” God for allowing me to help finish this work through the international internet. Most people have a computer now, and this Gospel can be brought right into your home, almost anywhere in the world, and read in your own language, at very little cost to me. This helps much since I don’t have an organized body of people to back me financially. I hope you value it. It truly is that pearl of great price that Jesus talked about. (Matt. 13: 45, 46)

Friends time is short, and Christ will come soon, but before he comes the Beast of Revelation Chapter 17, (the final revival of the so-called Holy Roman Empire) will rise up in Europe, most likely with Germany or France at its head, and the Pope and Vatican of the Catholic Church sitting astride and driving it all; and will cause the greatest time of trouble that has ever been on this earth, and especially on the modern nations that have descended from the twelve tribes of ancient Israel. (Daniel 11: 40 thru Daniel 12: 1) If at all possible, get a copy of Mr. Armstrong’s booklet, “Who is the Beast”. If this hellish time of trouble is not cut short, there would be no flesh left alive on earth. (Matt. 24: 21, 22) Christ will cut it short by his second coming in all Power and Glory, as King of Kings, and Lord of Lords. (Rev. 17: 14) To better understand who the modern nations of Israel are, and to understand what is prophesied to happen to them in this end time, you should try to get a copy of Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong’s book, “The United States and Britain in Prophecy”. You may be able to get these books from the same church that I recommended that you get “Mystery of the Ages” from, or you can find them on the internet. True Christians do suffer persecution in this world, but in the end, we with Christ our Lord shall win! God’s purpose for our lives will stand; God will have many Children!

I have just told you the plain truth about why you live and exist out here on this planet in the heavens; I hope you can believe it and give your life over to Christ and God and experience the fulfillment of this precious purpose in your life. Study this booklet, examine all scripture references, then read it again with knowledge, and understanding, that your judgment may be sound and accurate. Pray for me, and I will also pray for all who God will draw to this truth.

A true friend and witness of God and Christ,

Gary Stowers