You need to know what Almighty God has to say about your spiritual clothing; it will make a difference as to whether or not you will be allowed in Gods kingdom.

Ask yourself; why did people first start wearing clothes anyway? It all began back in the Garden of Eden. When Adam and Eve were first created, they didn’t wear clothes. When Adam was busy giving names to all of the animals and learning that among them not one was suitable for a wife whereby he could reproduce himself; all the while he was naked. Doesn’t that strike you as odd? Why didn’t God give him some clothes to wear? Then after Eve was created out of Adams rib they still didn’t have any clothes. God was thoughtful enough to clothe the animals with their fur, and feathers and such the like; so why didn’t he give man clothes from the very beginning? To understand this we first need to realize that man was made in the Image of God; but not just in the image of what God was like then, but in the image of what God is doing with the family of God.

Adam was made first and was alone, just like the Word of God who later was made flesh and dwelt among us (John 1: 1-3). Adam had the Word with him, just like the Word had God (the Father) with him; but he didn’t have a wife whereby he could reproduce himself. God had all of his creation of angels, and they are sons of God by being his creations, but God wanted to actually reproduce himself and have children who were made up of his own seed, with his own character, nature, and Spirit. God wanted children who would be born from the very seed of God, and be his own offspring, and not just some totally separate created beings.

Adam was created to also be in a similar situation as the Word: he had all of the created animals under his authority and power, yet not one of them was suitable for a helpmeet (wife) for himself. Then God made a statement saying that it is not good that the man should be alone. Now what do you suppose had caused God to come to a conclusion like that? God knows that it is not good for the man to be alone without a mate because he, himself had experienced being without a wife for all eternity in the past. So God created Eve out of Adams rib, in the Image of what the Word was going to do with the specially called out saints (the church). The church is to be married to Christ at his second coming (Rev. 19: 7-8). The Church is created out of Christ’s flesh and bones (Spirit and character) even as Eve was made out of Adams flesh and bones (Eph. 5: 25-32). Eve was made in the Image of the born again church.

Adam and Eve were both naked and yet they had no shame (Gen. 2: 25). Now God didn’t make the human body a thing to be ashamed of. This nakedness with no shame is speaking spiritually as well as physically. At this point neither Adam nor Eve had sinned, so they could be completely open and honest with each other, and they had nothing in their minds or hearts, or deeds to be ashamed of. They were still completely at one with each other and with God. It was after that they had sinned that they were ashamed, for now, they both knew that they were guilty, and their spiritual guilt of sin was exposed to each other as well as to God. They now felt the need to hide from each other, so they made themselves clothes of leaves.

The nature of sin causes shame and division. When they heard God coming, they still farther tried to hide from God (Gen. 3: 8). The Physical was only a type of the spiritual nakedness; very much like what God says of the Laodicean leader of the Church. (Rev. 3: 14-18) The physical nor the spiritual nakedness didn’t shame Adam and Eve until they had done wrong, then they were feeling guilty, ashamed and exposed.

All sin is against God and also against our fellow humans. The results of sin does hurt and harm to our fellow man or woman. That is why God gave his Ten Commandments Law to his chosen nation Israel. That Law defines what sin is (1 John 3: 4), so that people could know what behavior to avoid, and what behavior to do. That Law is spiritual (Romans 7: 14) and deals with spiritual relationships between man and God, and also between man and his family and neighbor.

To avoid conflict and shame people who sin against others try to hide it by lies, and other deceptions. Jesus called these deceptions and lies a cloak which they used to cover and hide their sins from others as well as their own selves (John 15: 22). When you study the writings of the Apostles, you can see that was the main reason that the religious leaders of Jesus’ days hated him and wanted to shut his mouth, and kill him: Because Jesus spoke the truth, and the truth removed their spiritual cloaks. They realized that they were spiritually naked before Jesus and the rest of the people. Instead of repenting, as they should have when they saw their spiritual nakedness, they just lied and turned to farther sin by hating the one who brought the truth. That is certainly the attitude of the devil.

Satan the devil is the god of this world (2: Cor. 4: 4) and he works in the hearts and minds of unsuspecting people to pit them one against another (Eph. 2: 2) by all manner of sin. Often times, people don’t want to present themselves to others, especially their family and friends and coworkers in such an unjust and unrighteous manner that exposes their guilt, so they just lie and deceive others and even their own selves about what they are really like. A wife or husband doesn’t want to admit that their hearts go a whoring after others, so they lie to each other. They cannot be naked honest before each other and have no shame. As a result, they are not unified; they are divided against each other, by the secrets of their own hearts.

Satan causes division and hate between people who should love one another and be able to be honest with each other. All of this Satan influenced world must wear a cloak to hide who they really are. People love their own selves enough that most of the time they can excuse their own sins and not feel too bad about what they are really like. People don’t like to even acknowledge their faults and guilt to their own selves, so they just somehow try to make themselves feel justified about their wicked works and don’t focus much of their meditation on them. That is why God inspired the prophet Jeremiah to write that the human heart is wicked and deceitful above all things: and who can know it? (Jer.17: 9) People don’t allow their own minds to accept blame for their own evil deeds, so how could they know it?

When someone like Jesus or his true witnesses comes along and removes their cloak with the truth, they become offended and hate them. The well cloaked but sinful person feels that the one which bears the sword of truth is against, and harming them. In reality, God and his servants speak the truth that they might see themselves as they really are; and repent, and surrender to God and Christ that they might be forgiven and cleaned up, and have their names written in Christ’s book of Life eternal; that they may be saved from their sins and its associated eternal death penalty. (Romans 6: 23) (Rev. 20: 14, 15)

No matter what we think of ourselves, or how we want others to see us; the word of God is the truth, and we must get in agreement with the truth if we want to live forever. Before God, we are all naked, and God knows the deepest hidden secrets of our hearts. God will only give eternal life to those who are led by God to, first see and acknowledge our sins and then with God’s Spirit acting on us, causing us to hate our sinful nature and truly repent. Repent not only of something that you did but repent of how you are. True repentance is spiritual death. We have been slain by the double-edged sword of God’s Word. God will not beget us as his child until we have reached that spiritual death, where we surrender to completely obey all of God’s laws and instructions. Complete honesty, complete obedience, complete dedication to not sin willfully any longer is required. Anything less and we will only be deceiving ourselves, for no cloak will protect you from God’s eyes.

Some, and actually most have sins that they don’t want their husbands or wives to know about, so they may be tempted to lie, but a truly converted person will trust in God to deal with their mate and be willing to take the consequences, whatever they may be in order to please God. True Repentance means that you give up on your old self and trust in God for everything. I know by personal experience that God will not fail you. Even a husband and wife can’t truly be at one with each other until they can be before each other physically and spiritually naked and not be ashamed. How can this be you may say, when we have done shameful, sinful things against each other?

When you truly repent and are baptized into the body of Christ; God removes all of your sins from you and the old spiritual person is dead. You are now a new creature (2 Cor. 5: 17) in the same old flesh, but now you are clean by the washing in Christ’s own blood (Rev. 1: 5), (Eph. 5: 25, 26). You are now, clean and no longer guilty; there is no need for shame any longer. Most people will still feel shame for a while, but in time they will come to see that they really are now a different person. If your mate is truly converted they may be hurt when the truth is disclosed about your sins, but they must also recognize that now you are clean inside. You will be a better mate to them and they will be able to love you more than while they were deceived by your cloak. A long time, truly converted person should already know what is in the natural human heart anyway; so a godly mate should be able to accept the truth also and rejoice in your conversion. But even if we lose our mate because of being honest and truthful about our past sins; then that is just a price that we must be willing to pay, if we desire to be a member of the Eternal God family. There is no place in the Kingdom of God for liars. (Rev. 21: 27) It is through lies and deceptions that Satan has been able to lead the people of this world into sinful ways of living; which has caused all of the evils and woes of this world. That is why God will not compromise with liars and deceivers. They shall not be allowed in the Kingdom of God. (Rev. 22: 14, 15)

When the Church of God (Christ’s future wife) is finally married to Jesus Christ, then we will have been given garments of white to wear, not to hide anything for we will always be spiritually naked before Christ without shame; because he has washed us by his own blood on the cross; but the white clothing is a symbol of righteousness (Rev. 19: 7-8). God and Christ also wear these garments of white (Rev. 1: 13) (Dan. 7: 9).

A true witness of God and Christ,

Gary Stowers