Gary Stowers unto the scattered brethren of the Church of God. Brethren, God’s word tells us of a time of Great Tribulation that is to take place on this earth just before the second coming of Jesus Christ. (Matt. 24: 21, 22) Jesus tells us that if this time of tribulation is not cut short, that there would not be any fleshly life saved alive. As you brethren well know; we are living in the age when it is now possible for all fleshly life to be killed off, if God doesn’t stop it. Nuclear weapons and biological weapons now do exist in such massive abundance that if used it could erase all fleshly life off of the earth. What makes it even more frightening is the fact that the leaders of the world are like the majority of mankind, in that they have carnal human nature, and are subject to the attitudes of selfishness, vanity, pride, greed, covetousness, anger, hatred. These attitudes could easily trigger some of these world leaders to resort to using such powerful weapons, and start all-out destruction of humanity.


God, in His wisdom and understanding knew thousands of years ago that man would destroy their selves off the face of the earth if he allowed them to continue to pool their skills, talents, understanding, and knowledge while they continued to live in disobedience to their Creator Gods laws and instruction. That is why God forced the people to divide up and stop pooling their “fund of knowledge”. At the Tower of Babel God changed their languages and made it so the different races of people could not understand each other. By this God forced them to migrate away from each other, and form the many different nations that came to exist. (Gen. 11: 1-9) You see I am persuaded that God gave each race special talents and abilities that are unique to that particular race. When they pooled their talents; that gave them the ability to develop the technical knowledge that could be used for mass destruction. God understood that mankind had carnal unrighteous human nature and that their hearts were of evil intents.


God, in the beginning, had sentenced mankind to have six millennial days to live and experience living according to his own way, which Adam and Eve chose in the Garden of Eden. They couldn’t be corrected and made willing to obey God until they had learned by hard experience that their way was wrong, and produced bad, and undesirable end results. Up until the Tower of Babel, all people were of one language and dwelled together, and would not spread abroad. When the people began building that tower, they must have thought that if God ever sent another flood; they could just go up in this tower and be safe without having to obey God.


If God had not divided them up by their races and languages, God knew that they would have invented engines of destruction that could destroy all life off of this earth long before the six thousand years of God’s plan was finished. God acknowledges that nothing that they would imagine to do would be impossible for them to do. (Gen. 11: 6) God knows that he made our minds in the very image of his own mind. God had to hold things back until his purpose is accomplished. God does things on time according to his predetermined plan.


It is also recorded in the Book of Daniel that at the “time of the end” that knowledge would be increased and that people would be traveling to and fro, as is the case is in the last one hundred years or more. (Daniel 12: 4) This increase in travel and communication between the different races and languages, and the ability to store and share information, has provided the people of the earth the ability to unite the different talents, skills, and knowledge of each race and generation, to be able to develop their destructive devices so that now in this end-time it is possible to destroy all life off this planet if God doesn’t stop it in the last minute.


It is recorded in the Holy Bible that God has again been holding back the destructive winds of war that threaten to lay waste the earth and even the plant life on earth. (Rev. 7: 1-3) God has four angels that he has; holding back the winds of the earth. Notice, they are not the winds of Heaven, but the winds of the earth. They include the powers of the North, the powers of the South, powers of the East, and powers of the West. God is having the four angels hold them back until a certain thing has been accomplished.


What is it that God is doing that makes it necessary to hold back these destructive winds of war? God is calling, and “sealing” with his Holy Spirit his first- fruits that will make up the Bride of Christ; (Eph. 4: 30), (Acts. 2: 38, 39) they are the “Spiritual Israel.” The Apostle Paul explains to us in Chapter Eleven of Romans, that the Gentiles represented as a wild olive tree has been grafted into the root of Israel and is now part of the “Israel of God” which is represented as a tame olive tree. (Romans 11: All), (Romans 6: 15, 16). They are 144000 first-fruits that will make up the Bride of Christ (James 1: 18); and they are more deeply explained in (Rev. 14: all) to be the first-fruits into the Kingdom of God; to be redeemed from the earth at Christ’s coming. (1 Thess. 4: 15-17)


Now again I ask: When will these four winds of the earth be unleashed to go out and bring their destruction on the earth? It will be when God has “sealed” the last of his 144000 first-fruits. After this sealing of the Spiritual Israelites is finished; then notice what takes place next. When the seventh seal of the book is opened, then seven angels of God stand ready to blow their warning trumpet. The first angel blows his trumpet, and it appears that a Hydrogen Bomb is set off. (Rev. 8: 7)


When the second angel sounds his alarm; then it appears that another Nuclear Bomb is dropped into the sea. (Rev.8: 8, 9)

You can read in your own Bibles what the effects are of these four destructive winds of the earth. God has been holding these evil forces back until he has called and sealed, and is certain of who is going to be the 144000 first-fruits that will be redeemed from among men on this earth. Then God is going to let the destructive winds of the earth be unleashed. God help us all.

God knows that only when people have brought themselves to the point of near-total destruction, will many turn to God in sincerity and be willing to surrender to be obedient to God. There will be physical salvation of a great multitude of peoples from all nations that will be surrendered to Christ and will be allowed to live over into the new world under Christ our King. Unlike the predestined first-fruits, no man could know what that great number of people will be. They will not be a part of the first-fruits, but they will live as mortal humans in the World Tomorrow when Christ and his first-fruit wife will lead them unto the fountain of living waters, which is God, and his Holy Spirit is the living water, even as Jesus taught. (John 7: 38, 39) This large multitude of people are described in (Rev. 7: 9-17).


Surely we are very near the time when the sealing of first-fruits will be finished. Brethren I might also make you aware that the sixth chapter of Revelation is just a broad outline of events that begin in the days of the early apostles, and continues down to the second coming of Jesus Christ.


The events described in Revelation chapters seven and eight do not happen after the second coming of Christ that is talked about in Revelation Chapter Six. The rest of the Book of Revelation up to the seventh Trumpet, when Christ comes just fills in the details of the outline in Revelation Chapter Six.


Your brother in Christ,

Gary Stowers