The God Designed Family


 Where did the marriage and family institution come from? Animals don’t marry and have a family relationship. If marriage and a family, is a relationship of higher intelligence creatures, then why is our modern world, destroying the marriage and family institution through pornography, fornication, adultery, divorce, and just living together without any commitment, or marriage contract and homosexuality? Are we progressing in reverse? There is a real purpose for marriage and family, and most people on this earth don’t even know what that purpose is, or where it came from. Most people who are married don’t even know how a God designed marriage and family is supposed to function; that is partly why there are so many divorces in the land. Many people on this earth don’t even know what a marriage and family is. Many people seem to think that marriage and family can consist of two homosexual men or two homosexual women with children.

This world is ignorant of just what a marriage and family is, and they are also ignorant of what its purpose is. In this booklet, I aim to tell you the truth about this all-important subject. It is time for God to make known this knowledge to this entire world, to every person who will be willing to receive it, before we progress in reverse any farther. The farther we humans stray away from the God designed marriage and family institution, the greater the bitter evils in our society become. Children are not being raised to have a good strong character and moral values that would make them able to treat other people the way that they would want to be treated.

Before we go any farther in this booklet; let us understand just what good character really is. Good character is the ability of an individual to learn from their creator God what is right and good, as opposed to what is evil, and then the ability to discipline his or her mind and flesh so that he or she will not allow self to do the wrong, but will do the right even if there are strong temptations pulling the individual in the wrong direction. A good charactered individual will flee from temptations, instead of hanging around tempting situations and deceiving themselves into thinking that they can avoid acting on the evil temptation. All sin begins in the mind and heart, and if you take fire in your hands you will get burnt. A good charactered person will guard his mind against tempting, and evil thoughts.

When people live selfishly, lustfully, and vain, all kinds of hurtful and evil results are experienced by all of us. To better understand this, you need to read my article on “The True Way to Peace”; it is also posted on the internet. The whole way of thinking of this world needs to be turned around, and start living by the way that will produce peace, unity, cooperation, and real happiness. I am aware that not all people will be willing to even hear the truth, let alone be willing to be converted to live by it, but If a good number of people aren’t turned away from their selfish, lustful, and vain ways, then there wouldn’t be any reason for God not to just destroy all flesh off of this earth. Man is bringing such misery, pain, suffering, and destruction on himself by living according to his own unrighteous ways that God would just smite the earth with a curse, or utter destruction if he doesn’t repent and start living according to Gods laws and wisdom. If God doesn’t bring about a repentance and conversion in the lives of some people to live over into the new world when Christ comes back to establish his kingdom on earth; then there wouldn’t be people worthy to live as the flesh and blood humans in the new world.

God will do this by allowing man’s sins to escalate to the point that man is suffering the worst kind of prolonged pain and suffering that has ever been on this earth. This time of trouble is referred to in the Holy Bible as the Great Tribulation. Then after a good many have truly learned that man’s way under Satan’s influence brings only evil and very bitter end results, then God will draw them to the truth, which will be proclaimed by God’s true witnesses. God says that during this evil time, just before the Great and Dreadful Day of the Lord, that he will send a man in the spirit and power of Elijah to turn the hearts of the fathers back to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers lest he just smite the earth with a curse, (complete destruction). (Malachi 4: 5-6) The social and relationship problems in our society are increasing at a fast pace in our world because the foundation of our children’s lives, their families are being decimated through disobedience to God’s laws. The family units are the building blocks of our nations and the world.

For God to turn the hearts of the fathers back to their children, first he must turn the hearts of the fathers to the real true God and his laws. That is why the man that God will send is called Elijah; Elijah was used by God in the days of King Ahab of ancient Israel to turn the people of Israel away from false religion, and back to the true God. God did some mighty wonders through Elijah to prove to Israel that Elijah was truly the servant of the real God. God will do mighty wonders through his end-time Elijah also in order that this whole world will know that he is a true witness and voice for the Almighty God! Before God pours out his wrath on the Ignorant and deceived people of this earth; he will force them to know that his two witnesses are not just false prophets, but that they speak for the Almighty God. If the people will repent and start obeying God, then God will deliver them; if not they will suffer the wrath of God. God’s witnesses will be in the spirit and power of Elijah and Moses. (Rev. 11) You should turn in your bibles and read all of Revelation, chapter eleven, and notice that the plagues that God will bring on this earth at the mouth of these two witnesses are the same type things that Elijah and Moses did. God will force this entire world to take notice of these two prophets so that the people of this earth will know who it is that speaks faithfully according to the word of God. This world is full of religion and false prophets, but most people don’t know yet who is speaking for the true God. The people are in a similar situation as they were in Israel in the days of Elijah when they were all worshiping Baal and calling Baal God. Today the religions of this nation and the religions of the rest of the world have made Gods for their selves to worship which they call God and Christ, but they are completely different than the true God and Christ of the Holy Bible. False Christianity doesn’t make their Gods out of wood and stone today, but they make them in the imagination of their own minds. They make God and Christ the way they want them to be, instead of believing the truth that is written in the Holy Bible. Oh yes, they claim that they get their religion out of the bible, but it is with their own twist and perversion of the truth. Since they don’t want to obey God’s laws, they make their false Christ, to have done away with, the Commandments of God. Since they don’t want to give up their pagan religious customs, which the true God condemns, they just give the old pagan customs Christian sounding names and meanings, such as Christmas and Easter. Since they don’t want to be sanctified, or different than the rest of the world, they refuse to keep God’s seventh-day Sabbath, but substitute it with the old pagan sun worship Sunday observance, and call Sunday the Sabbath. Since they refuse to keep God’s commandments, God will not give them real understanding. (Psalms 111: 10) They don’t know about God’s plan of redeeming his people from their sins, so they preach of a Christ that will redeem them, while they live in sin. It is our sins that cause us all of our misery, heartache, pain, suffering, division, strife, and mental anguish. God will never give eternal life to people who live that way; it would be a major curse to have to live forever in sin. Sin doesn’t just stay the same in people, it grows and gets more and more sinful and evil. The true God says that the wage of sin is death, not eternal life. (Romans 6: 23) Eternal life is a gift to the righteous that come out of sin, and quit sinning, and start living in agreement with the Commandments of God. Sin is the transgression of God’s law. (I John 3: 4) Instead of telling the people the true benefits and blessings that God has in store for his obedient, and faithful followers; they try scaring the people into joining their churches by telling them that unless they become “Christian” that they will be cast alive into a hellfire, and they will live and suffer torture and torment forever with no chance of escape. What an evil god that would be! They teach the lie that Satan told Eve in the Garden of Eden; saying “you shall not surly die”. The true God is much more merciful than that; he will make himself known to them after they have had a belly full of sin and it’s evil results; then the true God will lead them to true repentance so that they may be given the Holy Spirit and be led into obedience to God and his good laws. If after all attempts of God fails to cause them to repent, then God in his mercy will burn them completely up in a lake of fire. (Rev. 20: 14) (Malachi 4: 1-3) Their pain and their pleasure will cease forever, they will be dead with no more hope of a resurrection. That will be the second and final death!

As I said this world has made themselves false gods in the imagination of their minds. This whole world has been deceived into believing in a false God and a false Christ. The people of the Israelite nations, as well as the gentiles of our day, are as the people of Israel were in the days of Elijah the prophet: They don’t know who the true God and the true Christ are. The difference between the true God and this world’s false “Christian” god is not in name but in their teachings and doctrines. The true God’s prophets seem like false prophets to the majority of people. God wants the whole world to know the difference before he pours out his severe plagues and wrath on this evil world. That is why he is going to send his two witnesses in the spirit and power of Elijah and Moses before the great and dreadful day of the Lord. God is not going to give this awesome power to these two prophets just so they can ride around in fancy cars waving at the girls and feeling big and important in the vanity of their minds. No, God is going to have these two men humbled by circumstances in their lives so that their vanity is all gone; then he will be able to trust them with this awesome responsibility to show the people who is the true God and who his faithful witnesses are, so that the people who are willing to repent, can know who will teach them the truth, and point them to the true God and Christ, instead of just exalting their self.

As it stands today, God could send terrible and frightening plagues such as earthquakes, floods, droughts, disease epidemics, and even frightening signs in the heavens; and the majority of the people on earth wouldn’t know who to turn to: they would just huddle together like mice in the corner of their own churches, and think they were turning to God. God wants there to be no mistake about, who the true God is, and who his faithful true witnesses are. That is why these two witnesses are going to be given power from God to send plagues on the earth at their will. I don’t profess to be one of the two witnesses that are spoken of in the bible, but I am a true witness for God and Christ. God will make sure that we all know who the two are when his time is right. If by God’s purpose, he does choose to use me in that manner, then God will make that known also without you having to just take my word for it. I am not yet certain that God plans to use me in that office, but I plan to wait patiently on God to let us all know. I do plan to do what God has put in my heart, and continue to teach you the plain unleavened truth, and reveal the wisdom and Glory of our Great God to this darkened and evil world.

God tells his prophet to cry aloud and spare not, but to show God’s Church their transgressions, and the house of Israel their sins. (Isaiah 58: 1) The Church is transgressing, not only the law, but also the Holy Spirit; they are grieving the Holy Spirit by allowing themselves to follow their lusts, and follow vain interpretations of the Holy Scriptures. They support a man’s teachings when it doesn’t honestly fit the scriptures. They just look to the man and trust in him, because he does teach some truth, and he pats them on the back by telling them that as long as they support him and his work that they are God’s very Elect, and that they are Philadelphians which God speaks favorable of, and tells them that if they support him and his work that they will be in a place of safety during the great tribulation. They lust to stay in the good graces of a man, and an organization more than seeking to have God’s grace and favor. They are by this means quenching the Holy Spirit out of their lives. Their human leader and the material things that they are being rallied around are taking place of the true word and Spirit of God in their lives. Such material things include a stone where Gods true Apostle to this age, Herbert W. Armstrong was said to have prayed at; also a building that they are being taught is the house of God and a spring-fed lake on that property which they respect as a symbol of great importance, claiming that it represents the living waters spoken of in the bible. Having and obeying the lead of the Holy Spirit is what is really important, not a lake of physical water. Other such physical, carnal things have become a rallying point for them because they are losing the real Holy Spirit and feel the need for these carnal things to give them a sense of spirituality, and to keep them all united. That is the way of carnal minded people of this world. Before Christ’s disciples were truly converted and given the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost, and while Christ was still with them in the flesh some of them were excited about the physical Temple there in Jerusalem, and they were showing Jesus the building and the stones of the buildings. Jesus knew that they were still physically minded and concerned too much with the physical and not enough with the spiritual, so he told them that the day would come when there would not be one stone of the Temple left on top of another, but it would be totally destroyed. In effect, he was telling them that this physical building is not where it is at! (Matt. 24: 2) If the temple that Christ taught in is not where it is at; then how much less any other physical building that man could build. Christ also teaches his followers that the days would come when men would not worship in “this mountain” nor at Jerusalem, but in truth and in Spirit. (John 4: 20-24) May God help his people wake up and repent, and draw near to the true God through honesty and obedience to the Holy Spirit. Let the true Church of God look deep into the inner core of their minds and hearts and see their vanity, lust, selfishness, greed, and lack of true unfeigned love for their brethren, and neighbors, and let them quit leaning on a man and a congregation of people, and start leaning on the true Word of God and his instructions. Let them quit comparing themselves with those that they condemn as Laodiceans, and start comparing themselves with Jesus Christ and all of his teachings. We all will come up short that way, but we don’t have to stay that way; Christ will help you grow in the real righteousness of God if you will pursue it with your whole heart.

In order to be able to cry aloud and not spare, God has been humbling me through the greatest trial of my life and causing me to have a personal close up view of how evil that man’s sins really are; not just other people’s sins, but even my own sins. Most of us, who are truly called by God, have excused and overlooked many sins in our selves. When God purges us, before we can be born again into the family of God; we must come to hate our former sins as much as we would hate to drink a can of gasoline! God will not allow us to have eternal life if we still have unrighteous lust and vanity in our hearts. When the whole house of Israel, including, the United States of America and Britain, are in the midst of Great Tribulation; then they also will experience just how evil that mans selfish, vain, lustful, and greedy ways of sin are. Satan’s cloak of lies and deception will be removed and the Israelite nations will come to learn that what God calls sin is really very, very bitter and evil. Today people think that what God calls sin, is pleasurable and profitable; many will painfully know better then.

As I said earlier, God will send Elijah the prophet to turn the hearts of the people away from their sins and false religion, and to the true God and Christ; then he will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and as a result, the children will have their hearts turned to respect and love their fathers and their instruction. If God doesn’t do this most important work, then he may as well just destroy all flesh off of the earth with a curse, because there wouldn’t be any people fit to be carried over into the new world to live as fleshly people. God will send this end-time Elijah as well as an end-time Moses to lead the repentant Israelites out of their sins and captivity. There will be an innumerable multitude of people from all nations, languages, kindred’s, and peoples who will repent in the Great Tribulation and the Heavenly Signs. (Revelation chapter seven)

The family institution is the building block of any decent society and nation. This is why it is so important that we thoroughly understand what a God Designed family is, and how it is supposed to function. God is a family. God’s family presently consists of God the Father, and Jesus Christ, his son, and a host of many thousands of dead true Christians who are resting in their graves, and waiting for Christ’s second coming to this earth when they along with many living Christians will all be born again into the God family by a resurrection from the dead, or by just instantly being changed from flesh to divine Spirit beings as Christ is now. (I Thess. 4: 15-17) Read all of Romans chapter fifteen to gain a better understanding of the first resurrection and our being born as God’s own children. Also read all of Romans chapter eight to gain a better understanding of this subject. Read Ephesians chapter three, verses fourteen through nineteen: “For this, cause I bow my knees unto the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, of whom the whole Family in heaven and earth is named, that he would grant you, according to the riches of his glory, to be strengthened with might by his Spirit in the inner man; that Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that you, being rooted and grounded in love, may be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height, and know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that you might be filled with all the fullness of God.” There is a lot said in that statement! God is the head of a family that he is building, and he wants us to be surrendered and grounded in the love, knowledge, character, and wisdom of God by Christ dwelling in us in Spirit, so that we may be filled with all of the fullness of God that we may actually know the length, depth, width, and height of who and what God is, and what he is like! You can’t truly and completely know God until you experience living completely as he does! We now who are called, and surrendered to God and Christ, and led by his Holy Spirit are already begotten, but not yet born children of God! (Romans 8: 14) Jesus was only the first born among many brethren. (Romans 8: 29) Jesus was the first born by his resurrection from the dead. (Eph. 1: 18) This world’s false Christ teaches that those professing to be Christians are already born again, but the truth is when we are truly born again, we will be composed of Spirit and not flesh. We will be like Christ is now. (I John 3: 2)

All true Christians collectively will make up the wife that will marry Jesus Christ at his second coming, similarly as the nation of Israel was married to the Eternal God (Christ) at mount Sion. (Rev. 19: 7-8) (Jeremiah 3: 14) The old covenant that God made with the physical nation of Israel at Mount Sion was a marriage covenant. We all will be submitted to our head Jesus, not being divided against him and pulling in our own direction. We will all be united with one another because Christ’s mind and character will be formed in each of us so that we all are in agreement with Christ and one another. The Apostle Paul teaches us of this unity of all of us in Ephesians 4: ll-16. Paul was inspired by God to show us this unity by comparing us to being the different members of a human body, all doing its part and working together as one unit, with Christ being the Head of this body.

The head of a natural human body rules the whole body by the spirit acting on the brain, and the brain extends out by a nervous system into every part of the body to send the will of the head to cause all members to work together in unity to accomplish the will of the head. When we are finally born again as Spirit beings we will all be many sons of God, but we will all be submitted to our Head Christ so that we all can work together in unity to accomplish the will of our Head. We won’t feel that we are subjected to a dictator, for we all will have first proved that Christ our Head is right and good, and we willingly choose to submit to his righteous, loving rule. We could never improve on the will of God and Christ, and we true Christians must come to know this before we can be born again. It will be our good pleasure to let Christ dwell in us and rule us by his Spirit being in us. When each member of this body has the mind of Christ formed in us, then we won’t feel that we are being forced against our will to do our heads will, for it is our will also. We will all have minds capable of doing our part in the family of God, but our minds are willingly submitted to Christ and to work together with one another in unity to accomplish the will of God. The way that a human body is made is a physical type of this family of God. We all collectively will be the wife of Jesus Christ and we will submit to him even as God tells a wife to submit to her husband. Christ is submitted to his head and Father, God; even as a husband is instructed to submit to his head, Christ. (I Cor. 11: 3) (Eph. 5: 21-32) All too often even in the different horns or eras of true Church of God, a minister got to thinking that he was the head, and he would lead the church to follow him and his teachings rather than the plain word of God. Such men taught the people, that what were really their own ideas and teachings, were the truth of God. It is the individual Christian’s responsibility to honestly prove all things before accepting it as fact. God wants his people totally unified with him, not a vain man.

This kind of unity can only be possible when we all learn to be completely in agreement with God and Christ in everything, Spiritual and physical, and when we no longer lust against the Spirit of God in our hearts and minds. As the wife of Christ we will help Christ bring many children into the family of God, even as a wife does in the flesh with her husband. But we know that the process of bringing Spirit born children into the family of God is a Spiritual and educational process even as we true Christians now are growing into children of God in our mother the Church. Our jobs in the Kingdom of God will be as kings and priest to serve the physical humans on this earth that they also may be eventually born into the God family. (Rev. 5: 8-10) (Rev. 20: 4) (Rev. 2: 26-27)

Brethren understand this, any time there are two or more minds with free will and choice, their relationship with each other is a spiritual relationship. There is no physical brain and nervous system to unit two minds with each other in the way all of our body parts are united together. For two minds to be united they must learn to be in agreement with each other. If a man just follows his fleshly lusts, and his wife follows her fleshly lusts, they will never be united with each other. If they live so that they can’t be totally open and honest with each other, then they will never be truly united with each other. That is where the Spirit and mind of God comes in. For a husband and wife to be united with each other as one, they must both be submitted to Christ and his righteous will, and God intended for the man to take the leadership role while he intended for the wife to submit to her husband.

God created their brains to best be suited for these roles in a marriage, even as Christ is best suited to be the head of his wife, the church. God created the man’s brain to have one side of it more dominant than the other. The man’s dominant side of his brain gives him the ability to focus more on the overview and bottom line; while the woman’s other side of the brain is more dominant, and it gives her the ability to focus more on the details rather than the overview. Neither the man nor the woman is complete by their selves; it takes both of them working together in unity, and respecting and loving each other, both physically and spiritually to make a complete man. In order for us to learn the lessons of learning to develop and maintain right loving Spiritual relationships to qualify to be in the wife that Christ will be married to, God divided the man, who was originally made in the Image of God into two separate individuals that must be united through a spiritual relationship. This making the woman out of the man is also in the image of what God is doing in making his wife out of his Spirit and Character. (Eph. 5: 30-32) The flesh is a type of Christ’s Spirit, and bones are a type of Christ’s character. That is why Christ said that we must eat his flesh in John 6: 51-63. In verse 63 he tells us that it is his words that are spirit and that is what he was referring to that we must eat spiritually in our minds and hearts. Words whether spoken or written are merely a vehicle to transfer a spiritual thought from one mind into another mind. It is the mind and thoughts of Christ that we must be feeding on. The Physical character of the human body is the bones, which represent Christ’s character that must be formed in true Christians before we can be born again and be a part of the wife of Christ. That is why no bone in Christ was allowed to be broken when they were breaking the legs of the other two who were crucified with Christ. In all that he endured and suffered his Spiritual Character was never broken. That is what the Apostle Paul meant when he said that we are flesh of his flesh and bone of his bones. Eph. 5: 30-32) We the true Church of God are made out of Christ even as Eve was made out of Adam. God created man and his wife to be in the image of what he was doing in making himself a wife through whom he would reproduce himself and have many children.

God made man to be a family in the image of the God family. The purpose is that we might also reproduce and have children and through the God-designed family institution, we can develop spiritual relationships with each other. There is a big problem with mans relationships though; man and his wife are not truly unified with each other, and mans relationships with his fellow man are also plagued with this problem. What is the cause of this lack of ability to love one another as their own self and live in unity? Relationship problems are the oldest and most difficult of all of mans problems. It all began back in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve chose to disobey God and decide for themselves what was right and wrong (Good and Evil) instead of trusting in, and obeying God their creator. When Adam chose to let his wife seduce him into disobedience to God, then God determined that man must not be allowed to eat of the tree of life and live forever in a cursed sinful state; so God drove the man and his wife out of the Garden of Eden and barred the way so they could not re-enter and have access to eternal life. If they had resisted the devil and been faithful to God they could have had of the tree of life and would have been given the Holy Spirit of God to come into their minds and imparted to them the fruits of the Holy Spirit, which is love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, and self-control. (Galatians 5: 22-23) With these characteristics in their lives they would be able to love one another as their own self, and thereby be in unity with each other as well as be in unity with their Creator and have eternal life. This love of God flowing out of their lives in truth would have served as a spiritual nervous system to unite a man with his wife and a man with his neighbor in a less intimate way. This world would have been completely different than it is today if mankind would have chosen to obey their Creator.

But as you well know, man didn’t obey God, and most of them have not had the real Holy Spirit available to them. God at that time sentenced man to reproduce and fill the world with people and continue his generations for six thousand years, typical of the six working days in a week, and learn through his way of living in disobedience to God that his way apart from God produces only evil, and bad relationship between man and his wife, and between man and their neighbors. Without the Holy Spirit, man is under Satan the devils influence in his mind, and Satan hates man. Satan has influenced man to live selfishly against his fellow man, and even against his other half, his wife. That is why marriages don’t work today, both husband and wife are not subject to God and his wisdom, and they are not concerned enough with how their actions affect others even their mates. People do all kinds of hurtful offenses against one another while selfishly pursuing what they think will make their selfish old self happy. Man is selfish and looks out for self-interest at the expense of everyone else. People deceive one another into thinking that they are good and just and faithful to the people that they hope to get something from, but the bottom line is: they are all selfish and only concerned with others in a limited way which they stand to get from. This also affects married couples; they both won’t admit it, but they lust against each other for selfish reasons. If you will look deep in your own heart, you will know that I am telling you the truth. No matter how holy a person may appear on the surface, unless they truly are one of the very few people that has been called of God and given the real Holy Spirit, and are being led by that Spirit, then they are selfish and lust against what is right and in the best interest of others, even their own mate. Could a parent that truly loves their children abort some of them? Could parents that truly love their children allow their selves to jeopardize their children’s home, happiness, and future by committing adultery? As a result of man’s selfishness and unrighteousness, there are no grounds for true and lasting peace and unity. Everyone wears a cloak of lies and deceit to try and hide their evil against their mates and their fellow man, but it is often exposed anyway. God will not have a bunch of devils like this in his family. If we desire to be given eternal life and be in Gods kingdom we must see this evil in our self and repent and surrender to truly obey all of God’s laws and instructions, and then he will give us the Holy Spirit to lead us out of our wretched, sinful ways of thinking and living.

The marriage institution was given to man to help him to develop right, loving relationships, and to learn the way of two or more minds, being in true agreement and unity, all caring for one another instead of just self. Man under Satan’s sway don’t even know or have the character to do what will produce good end results for self. Evil relationships like this have caused the children of these families of this world to stray farther and farther away from right, good values, and each generation only gets worse. It is like a snowball rolling downhill; it gets bigger as it goes.

If any of you, fathers would like for your children to be given an opportunity to live over into the new world as physical humans under the rule of Christ and his wife; then you had better heed Gods word and start living by God’s laws and teaching them to your children. You had better develop a close loving relationship with them if you want them to respect your wisdom and way of life. Satan the devil is very active in our evil society trying to seduce your children into all manner of ungodliness and unrighteousness. Sometimes a little old fashioned discipline is also required, but all discipline should be done in such a manner that the child is able to know that you did it for his own good, and not just because that you were angry or frustrated at him. Also if you expect your children to obey you, then your discipline, as well as your love, must be consistent. A hit and miss here and there will not work. A good father’s job requires that you are first of all dedicated to, live by every word of your head Christ, and God the father. Your children’s future depends a great deal on how you live and treat them and their mother. Some of us can look back and see some of our failures, and now all we can do is repent, and do better in the future. When your children are grown, they may stray from the right way, but when they face the hardships that sin produces in their lives; eventually some, or maybe all will return as did the prodigal son. (Matt. Chapter 15) A good father should command that his authority in the family is respected by his wife and children, but unless you are submitted to Christ, and showing yourself to be just, honest, righteous and have their wellbeing foremost in your heart, they will not respect you. Children should never be allowed to argue back against your word, but they should honor you, and your wisdom, and authority. Most will not do it automatically; you must enforce your authority for their own good.

Did you ever consider; why did God create us so that when we reproduce ourselves and have a child that it is firstborn as a helpless little baby? God could have made us different, so that when we reproduced ourselves that the child would be a physically mature man or woman. There is nothing like that too great for God to accomplish. God made us reproduce ourselves by having a little baby so that it is helpless and learns to completely rely on its parents to take care of its every need; because that is the way we are to our Spiritual Father. A child has to be cared for, not only physically, but also spiritually. A child doesn’t know how to live and behave in a manner that that will cause peace and unity with parents or other people; they must be taught by their parents. A little child is born very selfish; its five senses and nervous system only tells the child what it desires and needs; they don’t cause the child to be concerned with anyone else’s needs or desires. The child is basically selfish. Good parents must educate, and discipline the child to learn to be concerned with others and to guard their selves against letting any of their behavior be against the wellbeing of others. That is what the laws of God are all about; so that our relations with others are good for all, and not just satisfying our own selfish lusts. A baby is small and helpless enough that a good set of parents can physically control their behavior, and train them up in the right way. All of the evils in this United States of America, as well as the entire world, are a direct result of people not being taught, nor living by the Ten Commandments of God, and not having the love of God in their hearts that will lead them to live by God’s commandments.

Things have progressed so far in reverse that, there is no fixing this nation; this nation must be chastised by the Almighty God in a severe way to get a few people to repent and start obeying God. If you desire for your selves, or your children to live past the wrath of God; then you fathers had better start talking to the Real Almighty Creator God, and humble your selves to give up on your own selfish, vain ways, and start obeying all of God’s Commandments, and study the word of God to know his will, and then teach it to your children, and wives. The new world that Christ will start, will not have a bunch of selfish, vain, lustful, and stubborn people living to begin that world! All who will live over into that world, even as mortal humans; will have to be surrendered to obey the rule and authority of Christ and his true saints. Even little children must be submitted to the authority of their parents. This won’t just happen; you must make it happen if you truly love them. The World Tomorrow will be made up of people who are willing to be made into righteous people, not a bunch of wicked, self-willed, lust led demons like this present world is.

The kind of family environment that you provide for your children will greatly affect whether your children will be there. God help you heed this instruction, for it is the truth, and is as sure as this big round ball we call the earth that we live on, is rolling through the heavens and around the sun every year! Almighty God who created and sustains this earth out here in space is the one who inspired these words to you. I personally have found that true and complete surrender to obey our Creator God is the only way to real, lasting happiness and peace. As long as men keep on resisting the Great God and his laws, they will keep on bringing untold suffering, pain, heartache, and misery to their lives, until they are dead, or until they are in the midst of the greatest time of trouble, and suffering that has ever come on this earth; then maybe a few will give up, and let God truly have their lives, to lead them out of their miserable ways. The End of man’s rule and Satan’s rule of this earth is at our doorstep; Christ is coming back very soon! There will be about three and one-half years of hellish tribulation on this earth first, to humble a few who will be willing to repent of their ways; and to let all know what the end results of living according to Satan’s influence, and man’s ways will bring. Man apart from being led by the Holy Spirit of God cannot build a world of peace, happiness, and wellbeing, but only a world whose evils continue to mount up, and destroy its inhabitants off of the face of the earth, if Christ doesn’t stop it. Adam didn’t realize how foolish his decision was when he chose to disobey God and get his self and his children cut off from the Holy Spirit ruling in their lives, but we at the end of this world can see it if we will. God and his way of true, unselfish love is the only way that will ever produce the real happiness and peace that we humans have desired for six thousand years; but man desires it only selfishly. God desires that we all have happiness, peace, prosperity, joy, and experience wonderful good loving relationships with our wives, husbands, family, and all people. This can only be achieved by being led by God’s Holy Spirit into obedience to the commandments of God.

God didn’t give his Holy Commandments to the nation of Israel just to show his dictatorial authority, and to deprive the people of pleasure and happiness, as this world seems to think. No, God gave his commandments to Israel for their good and peace, and wellbeing so that they might have true and lasting peace, happiness, joy, and prosperity. God then for obedience would divinely bless them with every good blessing that God could give them. God intended for Israel to model his way for the rest of the nations to see, that they might also desire to follow the true God instead of their vain powerless gods. But as you know Israel was stiff-necked and rebellious against God; so God let them experience their own way and let them be carried away as slaves by the foreign nations. Most of the twelve tribes of Israel today don’t even know that they are the descendants of Israel; they think they are gentiles. Soon, the great tribulation is coming on the tribes of modern Israel, for God still loves Israel enough that he yet intends to bring as many as will to repentance that they may be made the head nation of the new world that Christ is going to start at his second coming. God’s love is much greater than man’s love; man would have completely given up on a wife that was so wicked and self-willed as Israel was to the Eternal God, her husband. Jesus Christ, at his coming, will marry a Spirit born wife, which will consist of those true and faithful Christians that have proved their selves to be faithful, loyal, and trustworthy while they were still humans. They will be composed of Saints from many races and nations. The new Israel and all of the rest of the world will be their children and will yet be ruled over by God and his laws, but then they will be given the Holy Spirit to lead them into obedience, as the true church of God is now. Anyone in this world today who will not surrender in truth to Christ and God will not be allowed to live in that world.

The God-designed human family is a direct type of the family of God. The God-designed family was given to man to prepare him, to educate him, to set examples for him, to help him learn how to live in right loving relationships with others, and to make him ready for the real eternal family of God. So what is a family, and how is it supposed to function according to God’s design, and purpose?

A family according to Gods design begins with a man who has the deepest love and respect for his Creator God and all of his wisdom and instruction. The man has good strong character, so that he will not let himself do anything against God’s word or laws. The man meets a woman who also comes from a good decent family who lives by the word of God in every aspect of their lives. You can’t pick a sweet cherry off of a wild thorn bush. This young woman must also be chaste, and decent in all her behavior. This young woman must be a virgin, and have good character, to resist doing anything in disobedience to God. Both of these should always honor their parents. After they meet and like each other’s physical appearance and personality; then they begin to see each other fairly often and get to truly know each other in mind and spirit. This dating period should be long enough that they come to really know each other, and be totally honest and open with each other, so that they don’t have a “front” or false image of each other. They need to know one another deep in heart and mind. Incidentally you get to know a person better in difficult and trying times than you do when everything is going well. This couple must remain faithful to God, and to each other and to self. They should never allow the temptation to fornicate cause them to do so. If a woman will fornicate with you before marriage, she has just proved to you that she is not likely to be faithful to you in difficult times after you are married. The same holds true for the man. By remaining virgins, until you are married builds trust, and faith in your mate, and proves yourself trustworthy. Jesus Christ is not going to marry a vain little slut when he comes back to this earth, but a faithful church of tried and tested saints who are spiritually virgins. (Rev. 14: 1-5) (Rev. 19: 7-8) If a man wants his marriage to truly work and produce good results he must also follow Christ’s example. The woman should also make sure through the dating period that the man that she chooses to marry is a man that she respects, loves, and is willing to submit to do his will, and let him be her leader and head, even as Christ is head of the Church. God expects her to submit to her husband, if she doesn’t think she could submit to the will of the man that she has been dating, then she needs to end their relationship and wait for a man that she can submit to. If they truly are obeying God, then there shouldn’t be any problem with her submitting to her husband. You should read my article on “Just what do You Mean Love”; it is also posted on the Internet.

After this couple has truly come to know each other in heart and mind, and have come to love each other for who and what they truly are; then they should commit their lives to each other to live as one, for the rest of their lives. They should make sure that they will never allow any other person to come between them in any way. This commitment should be done before God, and should be considered a lifelong contract to be united as one, and it should be done before witnesses of this world also. This contract should include all vows and expectations that God expects of them; and it should include all vows and expectations that they expect of each other. This is a contract for life, and should not be entered into without deep consideration, council, and communication between each other. There are absolutely no grounds for a God designed marriage to get a divorce! Moses allowed the children of Israel to get a divorce because of their sinful nature, and the hardness of their hearts for one another; but those kinds of marriages are not God designed marriages. Those marriages are peoples attempt to make a marriage work while they lie and deceive each other, and wear a “cloak” to present themselves to be better than they really are. This world today is full of those kinds of marriages; they are Satan designed relationships! They will not, and do not work. For a true marriage to really work and produce the results that God intended; then the husband and the wife must first have an obedient, right relationship with the Creator God. There are very few if any truly God designed marriages in this world today, but they will be common on this earth when Jesus Christ comes back and establishes his rule, and authority on this earth. That millennial Sabbath will be a rest from the works of the devil, and God’s Holy Spirit will be leading all people into obedience to God and his laws. The people will not then lust in their hearts against each other, but their hearts will have God’s law in them. (Jer. 31: 33) (Heb. 10: 16) These Holy God designed marriages and families will be the building blocks of that world that Christ and his wife will build. Satan will not be around to deceive the people into evil ways during Christ’s rule as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. This earth will finally experience one thousand years of right relationships. Everything in that world will be centered on doing it the way that will produce good and lasting results for all, which is God’s way. That way is the way of loving your neighbor as you do your own self. Treat others the way that you would want to be treated. What a Wonderful World that will be. These things that I write unto you are true and you will know the goodness of God someday if you will repent and let God totally rule in your heart and mind. The wicked who refuse to repent and surrender completely to God will never truly know the goodness of God, but they will eventually be completely burned up, leaving them neither root nor branch. (Mal. 4: 1)

Now back to the God-designed marriage; when the couple is joined together in a legal marriage contract, then and only then can they enjoy the benefits of a sexual union. This sexual union added to their spiritual union of heart and mind will give them awesome ecstatic pleasure together, and will endear them to each other even more. Since they both have waited faithfully, and remained virgins until marriage, they will have the pleasure of knowing that the one whom they are united with is all their own, and no one else has or could ever share in this special relationship with each other. What a wonderful delight they will be to each other! This also is in the image of Christ and his faithful wife, and the spiritual pleasure and joy that they will share with each other in this truly unified marriage. No one else will ever enter into that marriage but the 144000 first fruits that remain faithful to Christ, and his way of life. What an exclusive group of people the true Church of God is to Christ! Christ should be that exclusive, and special to us also if we truly do comprehend what are the depth, length, width, and height of our Lord and future husband.

Now as a result of a married couples loving sexual and spiritual relationship, they will bring children into the family. The father will provide the overall leadership to the family by being submitted to his wise head Christ, and because of his love for his wife and children, his leadership will be for what is good and in the best interest of the whole family even as Christ will do for his family. The father will provide for and make sure that the overall care of the family’s needs and well being, both physically and spiritually are taken care of. The wife and mother will be submitted to her loving husband, and obedient to his will, and will not resist her husband, but will respect his judgment. If she feels that her husband doesn’t quite understand the details of their needs, she will peacefully and lovingly, and respectively make her petition known to her husband so that he can consider it, even as the Church makes our petition known to God through our prayers; but the bottom line is that Christ’s and God’s will be done. If God hears our prayer, and still don’t agree with our will, then we should learn to get in agreement with him, and trust in his overall direction and leadership. Likewise the good wife in a God-designed marriage may not realize all of the factors in her husband’s judgment, and should learn to trust in his overall leadership and direction. It is the good husband’s responsibility to help his wife understand why his judgment is best in a case where the wife thinks it should be different. But it is the husband’s responsibility to make the bottom-line decision, and it is the wife’s responsibility to learn to obey and agree with her husband’s leadership. If the Husband is truly submitted to Christ his head, then he will take care to make sure that his judgment is right. God will deal with the husband accordingly! The only way that a good wife should disobey her husband is if the husband is trying to get her or the children to disobey God in any way. That will not be the case if it truly is a God designed marriage.

There must be constant and complete communication between the wife and her husband, to ensure that they stay in agreement and unity of mind. If sin ever is allowed to enter the mind of wife or husband, then that will cut off the ability to be open and honest with each other, and as a result their communication will not be complete. The only way to fix that problem is to repent and be totally honest with each other. A marriage that has sin festering below the surface, will never be truly unified and produce good results, until it is completely repented of and honesty is restored between the man and his wife. This world today is full of sin and dishonesty between married couples and that only leads to division and greater sins, and eventually divorce. God didn’t design marriages to be plagued with this evil, but Satan the devil is working hard to destroy the possibility of a truly God designed marriage and its God-ordained results; which is right spiritual relationships in husband and wife, and also in their children. We can’t be born as the children of God unless we first learn, and develop Holy Righteous Character, so that we can have good honest relationships with God and man.

There is a lot more to reproducing yourself than just having sex and creating a baby. To create a baby, people don’t have to have much of a mind or character; all they have to do is to follow their God created fleshly appetites like any dumb animal and have sex; but, to actually reproduce yourself, as a Godly, righteous, good charactered, wise and understanding person; then it requires a lot more. That is why God gave us the family institution to help us in this process. A father and mother have to work together as a team in complete unity with each other, and under Gods authority, to teach and discipline and train up the children in the way of respecting and honoring both of you, so that they will also be able to believe and respect your teachings and obey your rules and judgments. Then when the children respect and honor you, you can teach them the way of loving one another as their own self. You have to teach them to overcome their natural selfish nature and care for one another as they would like for others to care for them. God’s way of life is really simple; it is the way of unselfish, outgoing love for others in every bit of their actions and thoughts. The things that cause this world all of their problems are really the things that we should have learned at home, and in kindergarten; how to respect our elders, and how to get along well with others. God’s law of love your neighbor as you do yourself is not just to be applied once in a while when you feel like it; but all of the time in every thought, and action. In this evil world, it is not natural to live this way, so we must teach this way, and punish for disobedience, and reward good behavior at least by acknowledging it in our children. Children naturally desire to have favor with a good loving parent. Let them know that you value them and their good behavior. Even when you must punish a child, let him or her know that it is because you love them too much to allow him or her continue in wrong and hurtful behavior. Your discipline must be consistent, and the child must know that it will be done consistently, but your love and affection must also be consistent, and the child must know that you always love him even if he has to be punished. The children must know that your goal is to do what is always in the child’s best interest in the long run. Short term it may not always be pleasant, but the outcome is for the child’s good. Your children are able to read you like a book, and they can tell if you are truly concerned about their welfare or not, so it must be true from your heart. The mother and father must be unified in their approach to teaching educating, and in; discipline, lest the children learn to play one parent against the other for their own lusts. This is one of the reasons that God tells the wife to be submitted to her husband. God made the male brain better capable of being focused on the overall purpose and plan than the woman. The woman’s brain is designed to better be focused on the details. This makes her best suited to carry out her husband’s direction and administer much of the children’s education. The wife is designed to carry the child in her womb for nine months to help her develop a closer bond with the child, for she is most often the one who will be responsible for the children’s minute by minute care especially when they are very young, while her husband is busy working to provide a living for the family. A good father will be involved in his children’s lives as much as he can in person, but by his wife carrying out his will when he is gone, his authority and overall direction will benefit the whole family all of the time. It is the mother’s responsibility to prepare food and feed the children most of the time. Her attention to detail makes her best suited for this role. That is why God put large breasts on the woman instead of the man. Today all that women seem to think their breast is for in this evil world is to attract and tease men with. That will all change when Christ comes back to rule this earth.

The ideal situation for a family is for them to have their own farm, and work together to produce their material living from their own farm. This is not possible for most families in this evil world, for most can’t even afford to buy their own home, let alone a farm; but when Christ comes back you will see that the world will once again become an agricultural world. Men will be able to teach their children, even at an early age, what an honest day’s work and its benefits are like. Instead of Dad only working, the whole family will do their part, and learn the way to enjoy their work, instead of just sitting around and playing video games all day, or hanging out in some pool hall, and with other bored and unrighteous children.

A good father will also be doing fun and decent things with their children, such as fishing, swimming, camping, hunting, and even working together on some good projects that they can enjoy. A good father must develop a good relationship with his children, while at the same time maintaining his righteous authority and respect in their eyes. A good father should be his son’s role model instead of some rock star, or some movie actor, or some other evil influence. Sons that honor their father will want to grow up to be like their father, and a daughter who honors her mother will want to grow up to be like her. This is why it is so important that we set the right example in how we live our lives. God and Christ is our role model and we aspire to be like him. This is what it is to truly reproduce yourself! We have the responsibility to reproduce our good character in our children also. Just making a baby doesn’t make you a man, but being submitted to your head Jesus Christ and reproducing your good character and wisdom in your son or daughter; that is what will make you a real man. Likewise, a Godly woman should teach her daughters to follow her example of being submissive to and obedient to her husband. A good wife and mother will also be teaching her daughters the value of keeping a good clean home and preparing meals for the family among all of the other good works of a faithful and loving wife and mother. A good mother will be teaching her daughters how to be good wives, and how to live in harmony with their husbands. There should be no competition or power struggle between a husband and wife, but if they will honor their Creator God and fulfill their God-given role in a family, all will go well with them. God, not man, set the man to be the head, and he set the wife’s role to be submitted to her husband, and thereby reveal her husband’s glory even as the Church of God should submit to Christ and reveal his glory. When it is done properly the wife will share in the glory of her husband even as we, the true Church of God share in Christ’s glory, and when we marry Christ we will even more so share in his glory. The love, wisdom, understanding, righteousness, faithfulness, Holy Character, and strength and power is the real Glory of Christ. The more that we have Christ formed in us in spirit, the more that we reveal Christ’s glory, and we also share in it. Our glory will never outshine Christ, it is enough for us to share in his glory, by being totally submitted to him in every way physically and spiritually in heart, mind, and deed. A wife who is selfish, vain and lustful who seeks to reveal her own glory, in reality only reveals her shame, and she also causes her husband shame and heartache. A worthy wife seeks to reveal her husband’s glory and the good husband will glorify his wife. A good husband will also treasure his loving, faithful wife, even as Christ does his church and soon to be wife. As the moon reveals the glory of the sun, in the dark of night; so also is the true Church of God, supposed to reveal the glory of Christ to this darkened and evil world. When the new heaven and earth is, established after all enemies are destroyed, there won’t be any more night, for the light of Christ will be the light at all times. (Rev. 21: 22-25) Evil is pictured as darkness, for darkness is deceptive, and hides what may be harmful that is in it, even as this evil Satan influenced world hides much of their evil by lies and deception; the people wear “cloaks” to hide their true nature, but they are not hidden from Christ. Satan rules this world through deception. The people of this evil world are so deceived that they can’t even see much of the evil in their own hearts. That is why Jeremiah the prophet was inspired of God to say that the heart of man is deceitful and desperately wicked above all things: and who can know it? (Jeremiah 17: 9)

Soon all of Satan’s deceptions will be exposed, including all of the false religion; and this earth will blossom with true righteousness and peace. The God-designed family will become the building blocks of a very wonderful and good world. I hope you and your children can be a part of it. Today because of sin and Satan’s influence on all mankind, it is almost impossible to experience a truly God designed marriage and family, but if you can appreciate this truth you can repent and let God lead you out of this sinful way in which we all have lived, and start from here on to try your best with God’s help to make your family become a Godly family. Remember this though, you can change yourself if God is calling you, but you can’t change your mate. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. If your children are still young, you can have a major effect in their lives, but this evil society around us will resist you and pull against your good efforts until God brings an end to Satan’s rule on this earth.

During and soon after the great tribulation that is coming on this earth as a result of man’s sins, some will repent and turn to God. They will be allowed, if they are faithful to God, to live over into the new world as the physical humans that will be the children of Christ and his wife. They will experience the goodness of God as mortal humans and will be given opportunity to qualify for the gift of eternal life: that will be their judgment day, even as the true Church of God is being judged today.

The marriage of Christ and his wife, the true Church of God is typified by the God designed marriage that he intended for mortal man to have here in this world. We ought, therefore, to take great care in how we live in our marriages and families, for the God-designed family is an educational and learning institution to prepare man with Holy righteous character, and knowledge and wisdom, so that man can be given opportunity to be in the real Spirit born family of God.

Friends and brethren, if anyone of you reads this and values it; I hope that you will copy all of my writings which I have on the internet and save them for yourself, as well as for other people who may come to repentance in the future. I fully expect that the days will soon come when we may not have access to the use of a computer or the free publishing of the truth. Satan hates this work that God is using me to do, and the Great Tribulation will soon be upon all of the modern nations of Israel. If you value the truth, then you should do what you can to preserve, and publish it. The Beast will soon get their empire together militarily and religiously; then we had better watch out for they will destroy and scatter the power of the Israelite nations. They will remember that it was the United States who fought to defend the world’s freedom in World War II. God gave us the victory in that war for; He purposed that the true Gospel must be published to the entire world before Christ comes back to judge the earth. This has been done and is now being done through this work. God will not let the United States of America and Britain win freedom for the world in World War III. God is going to use the final revival of the “Holy Roman Empire” as a rod in his hand to punish modern Israel for their sins, that in turn some of them may repent, and be converted to obey God, and live over into the new world that Christ will rule. God help us all realize the seriousness of the times that we live in.

A friend and true witness of God and Christ,

Gary Stowers