What is the true church of God, and what is this web site all about?


The true church of God are the people who have been given a divine calling from God the Father, and who have completely surrendered their lives to let God and Christ correct, and change them so that they no longer live to please the lusts of the flesh, and the lusts of the carnal, fleshly, selfish mind. They are a people who have been so completely convinced by God that God is real and is definitely involved in their lives that they are able to give up their will, and their ways, and let the true word of God teach them, the truth, and they are willing to obey, even though Gods way is completely opposite of the way that they were living formerly.


The true Church of God didn’t just join the church of their choice; they were selected by Almighty God. They didn’t choose God until after God first chose to reveal himself to them.


Just like God chose Moses, Elijah, Samuel, Peter, Paul, and all other great men of God, so also God personally selected and called each member of the true church of God. God Almighty has had them in a process of repenting of the evil unrighteous nature that rules in this world, and growing in the Holy nature of God, by obeying the laws of God, and living by the way of love to God above all else, even above their own lives, and fleshly lusts.


The true church of God is also in training to learn to love their fellow man even as they do their own self. God’s true church is in training to examine all of their behavior, and deeds to avoid doing anything selfishly that would harm anyone else. This is applied in all of our dealings with other people, even in business. We understand by the Word of God that anything that seems good for us must not be at the expense and hurt of others in any way.


When we live this way perfectly, then we will be fulfilling the Law of God, even as Jesus did.


This is not humanly possible; so instead of us just pretending that we live this way, and wear a “cloak” to hide our unrighteousness, God himself makes it possible by giving us a portion of his own divine Spirit to come within us whom he has called to impregnate our human spirit with the divine nature of God. Read of this in Romans chapter eight. The churches of this world don’t truly have this power available to them, because they are not truly called of God.


They are trying by their own human power to at least appear to bear the fruits of righteousness, but it is all in vain. God looks on the heart, and he sees through their “cloaks” and sees what they are really like: selfish, greedy, lust-filled, and vain, only with a beautiful cloak that hides their true nature from their fellow man and from their mates, and families. If you will look deep into your own soul and heart and be honest with your own self, then you will know that this is true. But my friends, this doesn’t have to be so, for if you will surrender your life, and will, to completely obey God, and keep His Sabbaths and his laws then God will make his Holy Spirit available to you also.


However this is impossible for you to do until God gets your attention, and makes a believer out of you.I’m not talking about being a believer in this world’s false ideas about Christ, but I’m speaking of being made a believer in the true word of God. Those of us who have been called of God; we’re not looking to become religious and start obeying God; no, I wasn’t interested in being religious; I was going about selfishly seeking my own happiness, or at least what I thought would make myself happy, and was not concerned whether I caused hurt and harm to others by my actions as long as I could selfishly get my way, and what I lusted for. God struck me down and caused me to realize that HE IS REAL and, he caused me to FEAR to disobey him any longer. He also caused me to be able to understand that his way; his Laws are really good, and perfect. If people would live by all of the Ten Commandments, this would be a wonderful, peaceful and happy world.


Meditate on the Law of God and see that it is only good. But, there was a problem, I saw also in my own self that the way of God was not in my nature. Because of my own selfish lusts, I didn’t think I could be happy if I obeyed God. What a fool I was! Satan has deceived this whole world into thinking that the way to happiness is to satisfy your own selfish lusts. I could understand that God’s law was good, so I asked him to change me, make me so that I could obey him and do what is right. God was leading me to understand these things, even though I didn’t realize it at the time. What a wonderful, loving, and merciful God he is! God knew that I was now, sincere, so he gave me my heart’s desire.


The true church of God is made up of people who have been called of God, and who have surrendered to God to no longer willful live in, and commit sins, but to wholeheartedly obey God. We are not perfect, but God is making us perfect, as we live and overcome our own selfish lusts, and choose the way of God’s righteous law of love in every detail of our lives. When we are first converted and are baptized, we are given a small portion of the very Spirit that is in Jesus and the Father. This Holy Spirit unites with our human spirit to beget us as a child of God. We then must grow in the knowledge, wisdom, and character of God. As we yield to God and do the right thing, and reject the wrong, we develop the strength to do good. It’s like a bodybuilder; the more you exercise the stronger you become. As we root out selfish, lustful, evil nature, then God will give us more of his Holy nature.


This divine process continues throughout the rest of our lives, and at Jesus Christ’s second coming, we shall be actually born again into the divine God family as Children of God. We will no longer be human fleshly beings, but we will be given divine Spirit bodies, even as God and Christ. The Awesome, wonderful purpose for our lives is beyond words to describe. When we have, by the Spirit of God, overcome all of our selfish, lustful human nature, and have overcome this evil Satan influenced the world, God will give us power, as he has over spirits and matter. Jesus overcame this world and Satan, and by the power of the father in him, he healed sickness, and disease, and cast out demons, and raised the dead back to life.


These powers and much more God wants us to have also,(John 14:12) but we must first learn how to live in peace and love with our fellow humans, and we must have first learned that God only is able to decide what is good and what is evil and that we will completely trust in him, and not in self. When Adam took of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil; they were in effect choosing to reject God as the one who reveals what is right and wrong, and would decide for themselves through their limited five senses what is right and wrong. Because our five senses are primarily concerned with our own self we have chosen to live selfishly, and not consider what is good for all. God then chose to let mankind try his way and experience the results. Mankind could not be satisfied with God’s word telling him what is right and wrong; he has had to prove it for himself.


The problem is that without the Holy Spirit, being in a man, he is not all there. Man is selfish and can’t consider what is good for all. Even when he does know what would be wrong for his fellow man, he is not concerned with him. Man is primarily concerned only with self and others to a limited degree that is a part of his extended self; (children and people who he feels that he can profit by). Lucifer trusted in himself and thought he knew better than God His creator, and has become an evil twisted, and insane being. He has become a destroyer instead of a creator as God is. Satan now works in this world, acting on the unsuspecting human minds with his evil, selfish destructive mind; (Eph. 2: 2) to deceive mankind into thinking that God’s way is not the way to happiness and peace. He has deceived man into thinking that the way to happiness is the way of competing against your fellow man instead of working together in cooperation. Satan has deceived man into thinking that the way to happiness is to selfishly satisfy your personal lusts, even when they are against the best interest of your fellow man.


By this means, Satan has pitted man against one another, and that has caused division and strife, and war. Satan has been able to even; divide the family unit against each other. Satan’s evil influence has caused us to even harm those whom we love the most. Satan and his evil demons rule this world to their own hurt. Satan wants us to live so corrupt that God will not allow us to have eternal life. God will not allow us to have eternal life and powers if we don’t choose to love God and his way, which is a way of outflowing love, and caring for your fellow man equal to your own self. The true church of God is being made out of the very Spirit and character of Christ, even as Eve was made out of the flesh and bone of Adam (Eph. 5: 30, 31). When Jesus comes back to the earth to take over all kingdoms and rule as King of kings and Lord of lords we will rise to meet him in the air and will be joined with him in a marriage which will last forever.(Rev. 19: 6-8) We all collectively will be the wife of Christ which will help Christ bring many children into the family of God. Our Jobs will be as kings and priests over the mortal humans who will live on this earth. (Rev.5: 9, 10) (Rev. 20: 4) We will replace Satan and his demons as rulers over man. We will teach the way of love to God above all, and love to fellow man equal to love for self.


We will raise these children for God and Christ that they may also be given real life when they have proven themselves to be loyal and faithful to God and his way. For one thousand years we will rule right here on this earth. This earth will finally experience peace and prosperity, and happiness. God speed that day! God has a purpose to call all people to know the true God and Christ but in his own time order. Up to this time, the only people who could know God in truth are the select few through all ages that God called and brought to repentance of their own way, and God gave us faith in the real Christ and we surrendered to let him be our Lord and Master.


We are only the Firstfruits harvest of people into the kingdom of God, pictured by the feast of firstfruits that God commanded Israel to keep in the appointed time of the early grain harvest in the land of Israel. We are the bride of the real Christ. We are to help Christ rule the future world which will be during the millennium when salvation will be made available to all people on the earth. God is now only calling a small number of people to train in this life under Christ to rule with Christ over that world. The people who will come into the family of God during the millennium will not be a part of Christ’s wife, but they will be his children.


They will also be our children as Christ’s wife. They will be made spiritually of the Spirit of Christ, and the Spirit of his wife. And we all are made out of Christ even as all people on earth including Eve are physically made out of Adam. Understand this, brethren; God is not a closed trinity as this world’s false Christianity teaches; God is a family. That is why God made man a family.


We were physically made in the image of the spiritual family of God. When Adam was alone, he was made in the image of the way God was then. When Eve was made out of Adam then they were made in the Image of what God is doing in making himself a wife so he can reproduce himself and have many children.


The People who will be given their chance to qualify for the gift of eternal life in the millennium are pictured by the large fall harvest and the fall Feast of Tabernacles which God commanded Israel to keep in its appointed time after the fall harvest in the land of Israel.

The way this world is living today, there are not a people ready and willing to obey God and live over into the new world, so God is withholding his blessings from the United States of America, and Britain, and all of the other end-time nations of the descendants of Israel. God is allowing the devil to unite the gentile nations against us, and there is coming great tribulation on these people. When modern Israel has lost every good thing they have been blessed with, and when they are starving for food and clean water, and when diseases are killing millions of people, and when the evil of their own adulterous, and selfish ways are exposed to one another, and they are in great suffering, and being carried away as slaves in foreign lands; then some will repent and start sincerely seeking the true God. Then God will hear them and deliver them out of their own evil mess. God will deliver them out of their captivity, and bring them back into their own land that God gave to their forefathers. (Read all of Jeremiah chapters thirty and thirty-one.) There will also be an innumerable multitude of all the gentiles that will be humbled, by the great tribulation and made willing to be taught the true and right way to live. (Read Revelation chapter seven verses 9 thru 17.)These people will not be qualified to have eternal life, but they will be led in “the way” that leads to eternal life. God will wipe away all their tears because it is their sins that have caused all of the sorrows that this world has been, and will be experiencing. They will then truly come to know God and Christ.


God also has a wonderful plan to offer truth and salvation to all of the people who have lived in this evil world and have never had a chance to know God. At the end of the 1000 year, Sabbath or as we call it the millennium God will raise all of the dead who have never been called by God and they will be physically mortal humans and will be given the truth. (Rev. 20: 12) They will be given a space of time to prove whether they will let God rule in their lives or not. They will then be judged as the true church is being judged now. Those people have experienced Satan’s way in their former lives: then they will have God’s true and right way made available to them. If they choose the good then they will also be led by the Holy Spirit into right character development. If they choose evil they will be destroyed and dead forever. God in his wisdom and love has a plan for all of us humans that we must make a decision for ourselves with our eyes open, both having experienced evil and then good if we will have it. The people who are born during the millennium will not have Satan to overcome until the end of the millennium. But they also must be tested. That is why Satan must be loosed for a little season at the end of the millennium.(Rev. 20: 7-9) God will not give eternal life to anyone until they have been proven to be loyal to God and his way.

So now we come to the question: where is the true church of God today? Many of the true and faithful saints are still in their graves waiting to be resurrected to Spirit born life when Christ comes back. (I Thessalonians 4: 15-17) Some of us are alive on this earth today. Where do we meet? Because of sin God has let his true church be cast out of the visible organizations of the church. Yes, because this last horn of God’s church is lukewarm and not altogether holding to the plain truth, they have cast some of us out of their organization because we choose to follow Christ and not vain men who seek their own glory. We are a scattered flock, but we are being fed by Christ where ever we are. Most are probably not able to meet with other brethren. This is also part of our trial and test to prove and refine our character. Christ knows his own saints, and when he comes he will gather us all together in the air, and we shall come back down to this earth to rule with Christ. Until then we must settle it in our hearts to do the will of God and follow the true Word of God and not vain men.


God has given me much truth and understanding since I have been cast out of the Laodicean Church, and I want to share much of it with the rest of our scattered brethren.


Also during the soon coming tribulation, many people may become interested in finding the true Word of God, so I try to make it available here to help them. I don’t believe God wants me at this time to try forming another organization, or horn of Christ. Christ only has seven Horns mentioned in the bible. (Rev. 5: 6) (Rev. Chapters 2 and 3) Soon this world will come to see who the true witnesses of God in this age are. The leader of the Laodicean Church is too interested in exalting his own person to be used by God in doing the real work of God, so God will just send his faithful servants who are outcasts to the Laodicean Church to speak for him. You probably won’t believe me now but soon many will, for I tell you the truth. During the great tribulation, God will give power to his witnesses so that this world will take notice. God will send two men who have been proven by God to be faithful, who will be given power like the original Elijah, and Moses. These men will show the nations of Israel and the whole world who the true God and Christ are.


This world doesn’t know today, but they soon will. All of the professing Christian churches of this world are counterfeits and they don’t even know the true God and Christ. It is necessary for God to make himself known to this deceived world when God punishes them that they might know who to believe and be taught the truth. God will not punish the earth’s people without giving them an opportunity to know what God does expect of them. The days are coming soon, as it says in the book of Joel, that God will pour out his Spirit on all flesh, and that whoever will sincerely call on God will be delivered; that is spared from the wrath of God that will soon be poured out on the wicked who refuse to repent. Those who will sincerely repent and surrender to the true God will be allowed to live over into the new world as physical humans, which the true saints will rule over, under Christ of course. Those who refuse to repent and surrender to Christ will suffer the wrath of God and eventually be killed and put out of their misery forever. Sin will not be tolerated much longer. This earth will become a place of peace, true love, and honesty, and faithfulness.


Cooperation will replace competition. The Knowledge of God will fill the earth like the seas are full of water. (Isaiah 11:9) Finally, man will learn the way that does produce good results. I, as a true witness of God, choose to make this known to all who will receive it. Copy this and save it, for someday soon you will know that I was speaking the plain truth to you. I use this web site to share the word of God with the true and faithful brethren of God’s church, and also I want to teach the truth to this whole world, that they may know who will give it to them straight when they are humbled and able to desire it. God loves all mankind and desires that they repent and obey the truth. Just because God loves all man, certainly doesn’t mean that he approves of, or will accept the way that they live. If we want to live forever then we must start living the way that God lives.


Eternal life in sin would be a very bitter curse. Sin grows and becomes worse continually. Eternal life in a sinful state of mind and character would become so unbearable that God will not allow it. The true God is much more merciful than the false Christianity of this world teaches. That is why God says that the wages of sin is death, and not eternal life in Hellfire. (Romans 6: 23)


(Read Geneses 3: 22-24). If we desire to become real children of the Almighty God, then we must acknowledge that our ways are wrong, and be willing to sincerely turn to God in truth and not in pretense as this world’s false Christianity does. I tell you the truth: it is possible to live God’s way and love it, when you really are given the Holy Spirit of God to unite with your human spirit, thus begetting you as a child of God. I can’t make this plain enough: God’s Holy Spirit is real and powerful! God in you can do what you couldn’t. Even Jesus said that the works that he did were because of the Father that is in him. (John 14:10)


God wants us to have the awesome power of God in us, but the first great works that we need to accomplish by this power of God is to root out all unrighteousness and develop Holy righteous character: Then, and only then can we be given the power to do the awesome wonders as Christ does. If mankind had the power of God to act on “matter” the way Christ did, while mankind still has their selfish, lustful human nature: could you imagine the evil results that would take place? No, man must learn how to live in peace with one another first. The only way to real peace is through Godly love and consideration for others as we do for self. We humans need the Holy Spirit to give us this love, and power to change our nature into beings that can practice righteousness in truth. And understand this, friends; righteousness is not just what seems right for me, but what is right for all that may be at all affected by it in any way.


True love works no ill toward anyone. The Ten Commandments were given by a God who thinks in terms of love. Examine the laws of God and see if they are not inspired by a loving mind, which is looking out for what is good for all. There can’t be real peace and lasting happiness until we are truly one with each other.


A true friend and witness of God and Christ,

Gary Stowers