I Gary Stowers a true servant of the, most high God, thought it good for me to write down some of the knowledge and wisdom that God has taught me through the last twenty-eight years of being led by the Holy Spirit, and studying, and practicing the word of God. I know that until God Almighty calls a person, and causes them to fear and tremble before God, that they can’t really appreciate the Word of God and these things I write will only seem like some unrealistic and lofty ideas. This message is directed to those who have gone into tribulation and have been humbled by the, Most High God.

As most professing Christians know, Jesus Christ is the one and only one by which we can be saved. My question to you is: Do you really know what it means to be saved? Don’t answer too soon; I dare say that you don’t. The Apostle Paul was inspired by God to write in Romans chapter six, verse twenty-three, that the wages of sin is death. Yes ever since God planned to reproduce himself by creating man in his own image, God purposed that the soul that sins must die. (Ezek. 18: 4, 20) (Romans 6: 23) We, therefore, need to understand why a loving and merciful God would want to take away the life from a person just because they commit sins. We need to understand something about sin. What is sin, and why is it so bad that God won’t let us live forever if we live in sin.

Many people have tried to explain what sin is, some say violating your conscience is sin, but I tell you the truth, your conscience has to be trained to know what is right and wrong. When we were born we didn’t have any knowledge of right and wrong. Whatever we have been raised up to believe to be right or wrong is what our conscience will act on to guide us. But if our parents and peers and society around us have taught us wrong, then our conscience will lead us wrong also. Some people believe it is a sin to dance: some say it is a sin to drink any beer or wine. Some don’t believe it is a sin to drink in moderation or to dance in a decent manner. Who is right? Both will go according to their conscience. Many more examples could be used to make this point.

I tell you the truth and lie not; God Almighty has not left it up to men to decide what is right and wrong. God tells us plainly in the Holy Bible what sin is. Read it for yourself (I John 3: 4) “Whosoever commits sin transgresses also the law: for sin is the transgression of the law.” This is not talking about some manmade laws or codes of conduct. This is plainly talking of the great laws of God Almighty. The Ten Commandments is a God-given law to guide us into the right relationship with our God, and our fellow humans. These commandments hang on the two Great Commandments of, Loving God with all of our heart mind and soul and loving our fellow man as we love our self (Matt. 22: 37-39). Jesus gave us a new commandment: (John 13: 34) “… that you love one another as I have loved you, that you also love one another.” The only thing new about this command is that now after Jesus Christ has lived in the flesh among us and has perfectly lived by the laws of God, we now have a perfect example to follow in his manner of loving his neighbor as himself. Love truly is the fulfillment of the Law. Read Romans 13: 10: “Love works no ill to his neighbor; therefore love is the fulfilling of the law.” If you will examine the Ten Commandments you will see that they are not harsh, but they do help us to know the things that will cause division and trouble and hurt to ourselves and our fellow humans. These offenses against God and our fellow humans do much harm and hurt. They also take away the possibility of peace. We can’t have peace between ourselves except we love one another. John was inspired by God to write “He that says, I know him, and keeps not his commandments is a liar and the truth is not in him.” (I John 2: 4).

The Problem with people not wanting to live by the laws of God is not the law being bad. The problem is with the people. A natural man’s, mind,  does not have the Holy Spirit, and therefore, does not have the Godly love necessary to fulfill the law. Most people have some kind of image of what they think God is like, but unless they are living by the same love and way that Christ did and is; then they don’t even know God. For humans to live and love the way God does is impossible unless God gives us his Holy Spirit to dwell in us and lead us in the way of God and his word. And God will not give us his Holy Spirit until we have sincerely and truly repented of our way of living selfishly according to the lusts of the flesh which divides us against God and our fellow humans. And we can’t repent and surrender ourselves to God until God calls us by acting on our minds to cause us to truly hate our own way of sinful behavior.

When God calls a person he will cause that person to know that God is real and involved in their life whether they like it or not. Most of the time an unconverted person will not at first like God’s intervention in his life, because they will feel compelled to change the way they live and think and behave. This is like dying. The natural mind will resist and keep trying to make their own way work for them until they are brought to the point that they see, that they are at the “end of the rope”. When we truly realize that our life is worthless to us living our way; then and only then can we truly surrender to God sincerely.

All of us humans have, since the day we were born, been in the pursuit of happiness. Our Declaration of Independence in this great country has written in it that it is our right to the pursuit of happiness. The pursuit of happiness is a good and right thing; the only problem is: we are not all there. Literally we are not all there, because we only have our human spirit and do not have God’s Holy Spirit to unite with our spirit (Romans 8:16) to give us the ability to be at one with God and our fellow humans. Our natural human spirit is concerned primarily with our self. We may have a certain degree of love for others, but only if we are satisfied that we are getting what we want from that person. That is the reason for so many divorces in our land. Our selfish human spirit, under Satan’s influence, of course, leads us to do offenses against one another. That is one of the main reasons that people feel compelled to lie, to try and hide their evil that they have done. But it was all done in the pursuit of happiness of course. People don’t cheat on their mate because they want to dam their marriage; no they think that a little extramarital sex will make their selves happy. What fools! The same is true with all of our sins against our fellow humans. We are pursuing our own happiness, and that against our fellow man, even those that we think we love, and those that love us. How wretched man is! All sin is against God and our fellow humans, and in the end, we find that it is also against our own self.

When a man is going through a divorce and his children are suffering also; if he were smart at all he could see that his pursuit of happiness was a selfish, foolish, ignorant, and damnable mistake. But because of man’s unwillingness to repent and admit wrong; oftentimes he will just try blaming it all on his wife and go off and do the same stupid stuff again. I tell you by the Word of Almighty God that all sin is hurtful to others and even our own selves. That is why God is against sin in all of its forms and deeds.

God wants us to have happiness and pleasure, but God knows what will produce good results, and what will produce evil, and harmful results. Jesus wants us to have everlasting life, and have it more abundantly, but he knows also that to have it we must learn to love one another as we do our own selves, and as Jesus commanded that we go farther and love one another as he has loved us. There cannot be peace and unity when we are committing offenses against other people. That is why God hates sin. Sin is not ever in our best interest, no matter how tempting it may seem. Sin comes in all forms and styles, but it is always hurtful, and has a bitter sting in its tail. Sometimes the hurt of sin may not be felt for many years, but it will catch up with you, and woe to you and your fellow humans that are affected by it when it does! Sin is not just bad for us because God will destroy the sinners out of the earth; but because it causes miserable pain and anguish and hurt to us and others. That is why God has determined that the wages of sin is death. (Rom. 6: 23) That is not just talking of the first natural death, but eternal death. (Rev.20: 13-15) (Malachi 4: 1) God and those who are truly converted and filled with the Holy Spirit know that to live in sin, contrary to real godly love is just as hurtful as drinking a glass of gasoline would be to our flesh.

God desires for all humans that we learn from our sins, and come to hate them, and hate our self for being so evil, as to do these sins; that we truly repent and surrender our lives to God. Then when we are baptized by one of Gods true servants, we will be given the Holy Spirit to unite with our human spirit, thus begetting us as a child of God. Then if we will let it, the Holy Spirit will lead us to walk in a new way of life. This new way is the way of Love to God and Love to humans. We will be in a process of being converted from our old selfish way of disobedience to God , to the way of obedience to Gods laws, For by the Holy Spirit God will put his laws in our hearts and minds. (Jer. 3: 33) Read all of Romans chapter eight. Also read all of Hebrews chapter ten.

God desires that we all be truly converted so that he can give us real-life eternal. But God knows that to give us eternal life and powers like God while we continue in sin, would only be a curse to us. So God has made man flesh of the dust of the ground, with a temporary chemical-physical existence in order that we may be put out of our misery through death, if we refuse to repent when we are given the opportunity to know God. God is for us, he wants us all to repent and live, (Ezek. 18: 23) but we do have our part in it. If God had just made us where we had to obey God, then we would only be like robots. God wants us to be like he is; so that we do right because we choose to, and not because we are forced to. God intends us to be his very own children. No one forces God to do the right things and live by love. He does it because of his wisdom, understanding, and love. He gives us the opportunity to grow to be like that also. He will strengthen us and guide us in that process if we will let him. This is your incredible awesome potential!

My dear brethren, we need to understand that God is a family, and not a closed sealed trinity. The false religions of this world teach a satanic doctrine that claims that God is three in one; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, and that is closed so that no one else can ever enter in it. That is false! God is a family, into which we humans can be born again into it, by a resurrection from the dead. (Ephesians 3:15) You should read (1 Cor. 15: 34-58: this talks about that resurrection by which we will be born into the God family.

God made Adam and his wife in the image of himself and his wife, who will consist of the truly converted saints or Christians. Ephesians chapter five makes this clear. Verse thirty is like what it says in Genesis chapter two and verses twenty-three and twenty-four. When we are converted we are “flesh of his flesh, and bone of his bone” because our new life begins with him making us out of his Spirit, and character even as Eve was made out of Adams rib flesh and bone. The true Church of God is going to be married to Christ at his second coming. (Rev. 19: 7) Christ’s wife will then help him bring many children into the God family, even as Eve did for Adam. What an awesome potential we have!

Jesus Christ and his wife will rule on this earth for one thousand years, and bring many children into the family of God (Rev. 20: 4-6). Romans chapter eight, reveals that eventually God plans for man, with Christ to inherit, and rule over the entire creation, throughout all eternity. God is a creator, and so shall we also be. Because our God-given purpose for life is so great, and because we are to be given awesome powers, and because we are to be given eternal life; God knows it is a must that we also have the Holy righteous character like God formed in us before we are given this wealth of power and life, lest we use it to do evil and harm, and hurt one another, and destroy like Satan the devil and his demons. God has determined that to have life eternal, we must first have Holy righteous character and real godly love formed in us.

If God allowed us to have eternal life while we were living according to the natural carnal fleshly way of this world; then we would cause indescribable pain and suffering and anguish on ourselves and one another, throughout all eternity. Great destruction would consume the whole creation! Talk about some “star wars”! Fortunately, God is more merciful than to allow that, so God from the beginning determined that the wages for sin is death; not life, but death. (Romans 6:23) We can have eternal life as a gift of God, if we will truly surrender our will to completely obey God, and let Christ lead us out of our own wretched sinful way, and into his good way of love. When we truly surrender our will to God and actually let him be our lord and master, then when we are baptized, God will let Jesus’ shed blood cover our sins, and we won’t have to pay that eternal death penalty our self. Jesus paid it for us. What love and mercy they have for us!

Ever since the Garden of Eden, when Adam and Eve chose to take to themselves the knowledge of good and evil: that is to decide for themselves what is right and wrong; man has continually experimented trying to find what would produce the desired results of happiness and peace, and what way will produce good results, and avoid the bad undesired results. They haven’t yet found it, and even if they may hear of that way, they don’t have the character to resist the lusts of the flesh and live by it. God proved when he gave his perfect law and way to His chosen nation Israel, that man without the indwelling of God’s own Holy Spirit, cannot live by it, so that they may be blessed by it.

Again, the problem was not with the law, but with the people. Man is not all there; he needs Gods Holy Spirit in order to think and behave in a manner of love to his fellow man and his creator. The natural carnal mind lusts selfishly against his fellow humans. Read Galatians chapter five beginning in verse fourteen. “For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this; you shall love your neighbor as yourself. But if you bite and devour one another, take heed that you be not consumed one of another. This I say then, walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lusts of the flesh. For the flesh lusts against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary the one to the other: so that you cannot do the things that you would. But if you be led of the Spirit, you are not under the law” ;{ that is if you truly are being led by the Holy Spirit you will be performing according to love to your neighbor as Christ loves us, and the death penalty will not be over our head.} Verse 19: “Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, envying, murders, drunkenness, reveling and such the like; of the which I tell you before, as in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the Kingdom of God.”

Yes all of these works of the natural fleshly human spirit and mind pit us one against the other. There are no grounds for peace between us. In order to try and avoid a confrontation with those that we must be around and those that we are supposed to love, such as wives or husbands or family; people will try to cover up their unrighteous thoughts and actions with lies, and other deceptions. Satan the devil invisibly is at work in the minds of the natural carnal person stirring up these evils against the best interest of others and our own self. (Eph. 2: 2) Satan truly is the god of this world. (II Cor. 4: 4) Satan has been making people of this world into wretched beings as he is. Satan knows that our destiny if we can overcome, is to take over and rule this earth with Christ, and eventually to rule all of the whole creation. Satan hates that. He knows that he has only a short time until God will bind him up and remove him so that he can’t deceive the nations anymore. (Rev. 20) Satan is trying to deceive us into living the way that causes hurt, pain, suffering, and anguish, and division so that God will not allow us to have eternal life. But we shall win through Jesus Christ and his Holy Spirit in us empowering us to live the way of love to God and love to our neighbor. “For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and love, and of a SOUND MIND.” (II Tim. 1: 7)

A very valuable lesson that we must all learn eventually is that any time there is more than one: two or more people, or two or more nations: we must learn to work together caring one for the other as our own selves, lest we hurt and devour one another. At the end of World War II, the great leaders of the world came together and realized that now with the weapons of mass destruction that men have developed; there is only one hope for human survival on this earth. That one hope was one single world government over all nations. In other words, all nations must act as one concerned one for the other as for their own self. This began what came to be called “THE UNITED NATIONS”. Well as you should know, that has failed also, because the hearts and minds of those peoples are not, and cannot be in unity with each other. They don’t have Gods Holy Spirit to unite them in real brotherly love. The people’s natural human spirit is selfish, and can’t truly love their fellow man as their own self.

Almighty God has designed our human bodies with many members, all performing different functions, and one member can’t boast it’s self as being better than the other. They all need each other. (I Cor. 12: 14-26) Please read all of these scriptures, they are a gold mine! These scriptures are using the natural human body to show the relationship that true Christians must have with each other, which is the body of Christ, the church, the bride of Christ. Jesus Christ himself is the head of this body. God has created within the natural human body a nervous system coming from and united by the brain which unites all of the members to work together as one unit. If you stump your toe all of the members will care for the needs of that one little member. If you get something in your eye, all of the rest of the members will work together to get it out. If you get a cut on your hand, all of the rest of the members will work together to care for it.

There is no nervous system to unite man with his neighbor, though we are all one people made of one blood in Adam. Because Adam disobeyed God and decided to decide for himself what was right and what was wrong, what is good and what is evil, Adam and all of his children have been cut off from the tree of life ever since, with the exception of Christ and those whom God had predestined to be called in this age to become the first-fruits into the kingdom of God, and to know God and receive the Holy Spirit. (Romans 8: 28-30) The called are only a select few in this age, but during the Great Tribulation, and the Day of the Lord all flesh shall have the opportunity to know God and receive the Holy Spirit if they can repent and surrender to obey God. (Joel 2: 28-32)

Now back to the point; the “nervous system” that man needs to unite him with his neighbor is the LOVE OF GOD that is one of the main fruits of the Holy Spirit. This world has not known the true God, nor his love, but as one of God’s own, begotten sons, I tell you by the authority of God Almighty that there is a very REAL Spirit of God that will make it possible for a man to be at one with God and his fellow humans. This Holy Spirit will make it possible for a person to keep Christ’s commandment, of loving one another as Christ loves us. There are also very evil spirits at work in this world to cause us to lust against one another and do hurtful offenses against even those that we think we love! We desperately need the Holy Spirit of God to overcome this evil, lest we hurt and destroy one another. True peace cannot be had except through Godly love, and that is a gift from God to those who can truly repent and hate sin in all its forms, and surrender to let God rule you by his word and Spirit.

I realize that most people who would read this message today will scoff at it and think some religious nut wrote it, but the Great Tribulation is about to strike, and when it does, you will come to know that God is real, not just some religious fantasy. Then this message may prove to be the most valuable thing you can get your hands on. You have nothing to give to me at this point; I give this truth to you free because of God’s love in me. That is the way Gods love works.


God speed that day,

Gary Stowers