The Work of God’s Two Witnesses


You have probably heard or read of men who claim to be one of the two witnesses that are prophesied about in the book of Revelations; but the very fact that they boast of such things is obvious proof that they are seeking self-glory, and are too vain to be used by God in such an office. It is true that all true Christians should be true witnesses for God, but that does not make us one of the two that are prophesied about in Revelation, Chapter Eleven. God would only give such miraculous powers to men whom God himself has personally prepared and selected for that office. Men who begin thinking too highly of themselves, and covet such powers for their own glory are like Simon the Sorcerer, who was rebuked by Peter for coveting and trying to buy the power of God for his own self glory and wealth.

God does prophecy of two individuals whom God will give miraculous powers to; which will prophesy during the last three and a half years before the second coming of Christ in Glory and Power. It seems that a lot of people seem to be overly concerned about who these two witnesses are; but I personally believe that at this point in time, it is more important for us to focus more on the work that God has for these men to do. It is a work that we true Christians should all have our hearts involved in. God is certainly not giving miraculous powers to two men just to give these men a swelled head, and make them feel big and important in the vanity of their minds. But God does have a very special and specific purpose for giving his two chosen witnesses miraculous powers; for them to exercise, in accomplishing God’s own special purpose. What is that purpose?

I believe that God has given me understanding of that specific purpose for giving miraculous powers to those individuals. I believe that by understanding the knowledge of God’s character, love, mercy, purpose, and master plan for mankind that he has, by his Holy Spirit and Word, given me understanding of his marvelous purpose for giving such awesome power to his two chosen witnesses. It all has to do with his wonderful purpose to bring salvation to multiple thousands of people from all nations of this earth.

Before I get in to explaining what that purpose of God is, concerning his giving power to his two witnesses; I want you to consider that if God’s purpose was simply to smite the disobedient people with plagues; then he could very well accomplish that from heaven without the use of these two men. Next, I want to make it clear that I personally am not claiming that I am one of these two witnesses, though I do consider myself to be one who is trying hard to live in such a manner, so that I am a faithful witness of God and Christ. We all that are led by the Holy Spirit should be representatives and witnesses of God and Christ; which has called and sent us to represent him and his gospel, and his way of life before this entire world. Another point to note is that these men are God’s choice of witnesses. They will not be picked out of the church by some church leader, who claims to be an apostle or prophet; but they will be chosen and empowered by God. When God gives supernatural, and miraculous powers to these two men as the scriptures reveal that he will; then all of the leaders of the many church organizations; and all of the members of the body of Christ who are still alive in the flesh will know whom God has chosen to be his choice of leader, to represent him and his word before all of the saints, and also before all of the world. That is why God calls them his witnesses. Many men in this Laodicean Age are bearing witness of their own selves, claiming to be some great one, and their witness is not true. When Christ gives power to his choice of witnesses; then all men will be able to know whom God has chosen to represent him before the church as well as before the entire world. The Pastor General, or “Angel” of the Church of the Laodiceans has been “spewed out of Christ’s mouth”, because of his own stubborn unrighteousness. God can’t effectively use him to be a voice for himself; so he is rejected. (Rev. 3: 14-19) The church of God has been scattered by the very ministry which were supposed to love, protect, and teach the brethren in the way of Christ.

Because God plans to yet have a powerful voice to reach out and draw many of the people of all nations, tribes, and languages to Christ, that they may also be brought to real repentance and cleansed by the blood of the Lamb, in times of Great Tribulation at the end of this age; therefore God will give miraculous powers to his chosen and prepared witnesses, that they may be an honest and correct voice for God to use to speak to this whole world.

Need for God to Empower His Two Witnesses


Now friends and brethren we need to consider that there is a great need for God to step in and show the entire body of Christ, as well as the rest of this world whom he has approved to be his leaders and witnesses. Today as I write this message, the Church of God is scattered into many organizations and groups, of which their leaders are not being completely faithful with the word of God, nor with Gods way of living and leading of the saints. They are covetous of the tithes and offerings of God’s saints; and are fighting against each other, as well as using dictator rules to try to hang on to their supporters. Many have been teaching heresy, and many have rejected truth that has been revealed by God and his word to certain individuals, simply because it didn’t originate in their own puffed up minds, or because they are afraid to correct the church teaching for fear of losing members and their money: That is members who may not be willing to accept new truth, and admit that we had all been wrong in some former belief or doctrine, even when there is plain and clear proof in the Bible.

Some of the brethren, are deceived into believing that we should only hold on to, and believe and teach, only what Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong understood and taught when he was still alive in the flesh. I agree that God did give us much knowledge and understanding through the biblical teachings of Mr. Armstrong, but even Mr. Armstrong taught that we must continue to grow in Gods knowledge and allow God to correct us and our former wrong beliefs when the Spirit of God reveals the truth from the Holy Bible; and we have carefully examined it, and found it to be true. None of us, not even Mr. Armstrong came to have perfect knowledge and understanding suddenly when we were first converted. We have to continue to repent and grow in knowledge as well as character for the rest of our lives. As Mr. Armstrong pointed out in the following audio message; that is one of the identifying marks of the one and only true Church of God; they are continuing to learn and be corrected by God and his word. You should listen to an old “World Tomorrow” radio broadcast by Mr. Armstrong, titled “What the True Church will be like”. (You may be able to find this in the archives of Herbert W. Armstrong, preserved in the Library of Congress.)

Now because of all of this scattered, disorganized, contentious, and deceptive condition that prevails among the Church of God in this Laodicean Age; God needs to show by miraculous means who it is that he has chosen to represent him as his faithful witnesses, so that the true Church of God can come together in more spiritual unity and doctrinal unity, if not in more physical unity; so that a great work can yet be done by God, through his individual saints in the end of this world. Read Daniel Chapter Eleven, verses 32 through verse 35. “And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall be corrupted by flatteries: but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits. And they that understand among the people shall instruct many: yet they shall fall by the sword, and by flame, by captivity, and by spoil, many days. Now when they shall fall, they shall be helped with a little help: but many shall cleave to them with flatteries. And some of them of understanding shall fall, to try them, and to purge, and to make them white, even to the time of the end: because it is yet for a time appointed.”

What is that work that Gods saints will be doing during the great tribulation? They shall be teaching the good news of the true hope, purpose, and plan of God, and obedience to God’s Law, which is the required way of life of God. They shall teach any and all individuals who are willing to seek the true God and his truth. Then many will finally be humbled, “primed” and able, and willing to believe that gospel, and surrender to God to live by Gods Holy Commandments. There will probably not be an organized church group with a minister in charge that will be teaching those people in a classroom type atmosphere during the great tribulation. It is not likely that openly teaching the true word of God will be permitted in those days. No, most likely the majority of the poor and humbled people will be as slaves, prisoners, and refugees, and will be struggling to stay alive. God’s saints will probably be scattered among them, and teaching all that will have respect for the Word of God. In those evil days, many will be beaten down, humbled, filled with grief and fear, and will desperately hope that there is a real God in heaven who will hear their prayers and deliver them. The Powerful work of God’s two witnesses will back up those true saints that actually do speak according to the true word of God.

I believe that too many of God’s Church members in this Laodicean Age are deceiving themselves into thinking that they are going to be in some place of safety, while everyone else is experiencing the tribulation. They are too concerned about some physical place of safety, where they think they will have their flesh saved from death. They hope and trust that they will not have to prove to God, and their own selves, that they do love God and his way, enough to die for it. They desperately want to hang on to their fleshly life, even though they profess to believe that they will be given eternal living Spirit bodies in a few months from then. What is the value of this flesh at that point anyway? Is their real hope to keep their flesh alive forever? Does not the Holy Scriptures tell us that it is appointed to men once to die, and after this is the resurrection? Could they enjoy life in a cave, while they know that their brethren, their children, and the rest of the people on this earth are suffering horrible things? That would be like standing outside of a house fire where your children and friends were being burned up, and just feeling glad that you are not having to suffer in that fire.

True loving and Godly Character would dictate that we should be doing all that we can to save these poor deceived people, instead of just seeking to save our own fleshly life. What If our Lord Jesus had been that selfish with his fleshly life? We would all be lost. Jesus teaches that if we seek to save our life in this world that we will lose it; but if we are willing to lay our carnal life down for Christ and our brethren, then we will be given eternal life. This is not only speaking of our sinful way that we must lay down, but in many cases to do the right thing for God and his people, we may need to put our fleshly life on the line, even as many of our brethren have already done, including our Lord. Do you suppose that they were martyred because they were all lukewarm? Of course not! By their faith, love, and courage, they will receive a great reward! Our Great God has not just called us, so that we might just selfishly get saved; but that we might help bring salvation to many sons and daughters of God. He has purposed for his first fruits that we become a Royal Priesthood. That office is for serving others, not just for being served. It is true, that standing up and teaching others the true word of God in those days may get you killed; but our hope is not in this flesh, but in the power of God to resurrect us to eternal life. The Apostles and many of the saints of God were martyred because they risked their lives teaching others the precious Gospel of God and Christ. If we truly are converted, should not we also be willing to do likewise?

The Innumerable Multitude

During the prophesied great tribulation which will come on the entire world; as a result of the pain, hunger, death, fear, and sufferings that this earths people will be experiencing: multiple thousands, maybe millions will be hoping that there is a God in heaven that will deliver them. How do I know this? The seventh chapter of the book of Revelation tells us that there will be a great number of people from all nations, who will have gone through, and come out of great tribulation, and repented of their sins, and have had their “spiritual robes” washed clean by the blood of Christ’s sacrifice. But unlike the 144000 first fruits that God has pre-determined the number of in advance, whom will make up the members of the bride of Christ; No man could tell you the number of people who will be converted at the end of this world during the great tribulation. That number will not be based on a specific number, as was the first fruits that God determined to prepare to be Christ’s wife, as well as the priesthood for the World Tomorrow. This innumerable multitude will not be a part of the first fruits harvest of saints; for there will only be 144000 first fruits which will be redeemed from this earth at Christ’s second coming as it tells us plainly in Revelation Chapter fourteen. The first fruits will be joined with Christ in a Holy Marriage, and be his wife. (Rev. 19: 7-9) The first fruits, Christ’s wife will help Christ rule, teach and guide the people who will live as mortal humans on this earth during the millennium. (Rev. 20: 4-6) (Rev. 2: 26, 27) The Priest of the new world will not be hired shepherds; but they will be invested in their congregations with their life and blood, and with their whole hearts.

So now, who is this innumerable multitude of people from all nations who have repented of their sins and washed their spiritual robes in the blood of Christ, the Lamb of God? They are the physical people who will repent in great tribulation, and will be protected from God’s wrath in the Great and Dreadful Day of the Lord.

There would be no need for God to pour out his wrath on a people who are willing to submit to Christ and have truly repented, and come under the atoning blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. They are the majority of the people who will be allowed to live over into the new world, which Christ and his saints will rule and educate more perfectly in the way of God.

After God starts sending the trumpet plagues, and later, his final wrath; there is not many people who are said to have repented; but they just blaspheme the name of God because of their pains, sores, and the great plagues. The ones of this earth who will repent and surrender to God will mostly do so during the great tribulation and the heavenly signs. Revelation Chapter 19 reveals that the rest of the defiant, rebels against the Kingdom of God will be slain with Christ’s sword. No one will be allowed to live past the wrath of God unless they are willing to completely surrender to obey God.

Those people who repent during great tribulation will have been converted to start obeying God, and are surrendered to follow Christ, but they have not yet had their period of judgment in which they like we, must grow in the knowledge, and character of God; and continue to repent of, and overcome all of their sinful nature, as God will reveal it to them little by little, even as we have experienced. As you true Christians know, Holy righteous Character is not formed in us overnight. Holy Righteous Character is forged in us through much experience, trial and testing over a lifetime after initial conversion. These innumerable multitudes of new converts are not ready to be born again as Spirit born sons of God at Christ’s second coming. They will have just recently been started out in the way of growing in righteous character, and true Godly love, when God pours out his Holy Spirit on them; in like manner as we were when we were first begotten of the Spirit of God. When the great tribulation starts; God will have already called, and be purging and training the remnant of those who will ultimately be a part of the wife of Christ, the first fruits; which is only 144000 total from all ages.

So where do these multitudes of new converts fit into God’s plan of salvation? These people of all nations will have repented and been cleansed by the blood of Christ, but now they must be taught, corrected, instructed in righteousness, and given a space of time to grow, and develop Holy Righteous Character in themselves. This period of time will be the millennium when Christ and his wife, the true born again saints will be ruling and serving as Priest to them. Notice in Revelation Chapter 7 and verses 15 through 17 that these people will serve God day and night in his temple, and that Christ shall dwell among them; as is also referred to in the book of Ezekiel in the last several chapters which speak of the temple of God being among God’s people Israel and also including converted Gentiles. Notice in verse 16 that God says that they will not hunger, nor thirst anymore. I am sure that anyone who refuses the mark of the beast, and therefore will not be allowed to buy or sell; will suffer hunger and thirst during that tribulation, but God will help them with a little help if they will be faithful to him and his word. Now notice in verse 17 that God says that the Lamb, Christ shall feed them, and lead them unto fountains of living waters. This is speaking of feeding them the knowledge of God and leading them in the way which leads to eternal life, the way of Gods Holy Spirit, which is symbolized in the scriptures as living waters. (John 7: 38, 39) And God will wipe away all tears from their eyes. It is living contrary to the Holy Law of God that has caused all of our sorrows, tears, and suffering. When people start living in agreement with God’s laws, then their sorrows and tears will be wiped away. Yes, God has wonderful things in store for multiple thousands, maybe even millions of people who will yet repent, and learn the wonderful hope of God’s Gospel from us! Our greatest work is yet ahead of us, even in trying and difficult times! Then the hope of salvation will be made available to all mankind that are alive on this earth, if they are willing to repent, and humble themselves before the Great Creator God! Salvation has never been available to such masses of people before; but only to the elect, which are of the predestined 144000 first fruits. God will then be making his calling available to all people who will repent, and be given opportunity to live over into the new world. Remember what God says to us in Daniel Chapter twelve, verse 3: “And they that be wise, shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness, as the stars for ever, and ever.”

Brethren how many have you turned to righteousness? Here is our chance! So far, our time as Christians has been spent learning and growing so that we try to measure up to the standard of Christ. During this time most of the people of this world were deceived and cut off from access to God, and were unwilling to even hear the true word of God being taught; but soon in tribulation, and the heavenly signs; God will make his calling available to all flesh so that whoever is willing to be humbled, and sincerely call on God in truth, can be delivered from the wrath of God; and can be led in the way of God unto eternal life. Read this in Joel Chapter 2, verses 31, and 32. “The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord come. And it shall come to pass that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be delivered: for in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the Lord hath said, and in the remnant whom the Lord shall call. Of course we know from Matthew 24: 29 that the heavenly signs take place immediately after the great tribulation, and just before the Day of the Lord. Those people who will repent during tribulation; as well as some who will finally learn to believe God and our report, and repent when they witness the heavenly signs at the end of the tribulation; they will be the ones who will be delivered from having to face the wrath of God in the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord.

God is a merciful God, and there would be no need to pour his wrath out on people who have been humbled and brought to real repentance; and have surrendered to God as a result of the great tribulation and the heavenly signs. God has no pleasure in the suffering, or death of sinners, but God desires that all people repent that they may be allowed to live. Whatever degree of punishment that we humans require to bring us to true repentance and submission is all that is necessary.

Who Should The People Believe?

Now we have another situation to deal with. When the people of this great innumerable multitude are finally humbled as a result of the evil conditions that they will be experiencing in tribulation, and by the beast power (that world dominating evil government); who will the people turn to, so that they may be instructed in the truth of Christ?

Consider this my friends: If the people were stripped of all their worldly possessions and pleasures, and left with no worldly hope, and taken into slavery again and beaten by taskmasters and made to work day and night with very little sleep; and if frightening and deadly disease epidemics were unleashed on the people of this earth; and if drought and war made food shortages so bad that many of the people were dying of hunger, others are eating humans to try staying alive, and if the destruction of war was everywhere, and nuclear bombs were being used on some nations. The majority of people would be very terrified; many would hope there is a God in heaven that would hear their prayers and deliver them. They would want to turn to God for help, but they would not know the true God so they would just turn to their false Christianity, thinking they were turning to God! People would clutter together in this world’s false Christian Churches honestly thinking they were turning to God. That false religion would only deceive them more.

My friends, this world is in similar condition as was Israel in the days of Ahab King of Israel. You need to read and study about that history. In the days of Ahab and his wife Jezebel, who was daughter of the king of the Zidonians; Israel had been deceived into worshiping Baal, the pagan god of the Zidonians; and the people of Israel of that generation actually didn’t know who the true God is. The people of Israel were just like dumb sheep, allowing Jezebel and her pagan religion to lead them into serving Baal instead of the true God. They honestly thought Baal was God.

Elijah’s Work

Friends and brethren, I hope you will re-examine the work of Elijah the prophet; and consider that the main purpose that God gave such awesome and miraculous powers to him was because of the desire of God to use Elijah to show all Israel the difference between the false religion of Baal, and the true God of Israel. God wanted to give Israel another chance, and turn their hearts to him; and expose the false god of Baal for not truly being God at all.

God could have thundered his voice down from heaven and showed the people himself without Elijah; but that would have terrified the people even as it did when God thundered his Ten Commandments down from Mount Sinai. As you should know the story; the people pleaded for Moses to talk to God and then speak to them instead of God directly speaking to them. God agreed to do as they asked. From that time forward God has always spoken to his people through his chosen prophets, and later on by his own son, Jesus Christ. Likewise, God used Elijah to speak for him to the people of Israel, but his voice was backed up by the Power of the Almighty God! You should study this history in 1 Kings Ch. 16 through Ch. 19; also 2 Kings Ch. 1 and Ch.2.

When Elijah called for fire to come down from heaven and consume those soldiers who came after him: In every case God did it.

When Elijah prayed, and asked God to withhold the rain for three and one half years: God did it.

After God had used Elijah to get Israel’s attention with a severe drought, then God used Elijah to call Israel together at Mount Carmel and show them that Baal is not God, and that Elijah’s God is the true God of Israel. God did not leave any room for any of them to doubt. God worked through his prophet, his true witness in those days to show all Israel that he is God, and that Elijah is God’s servant, whom the people could trust and believe in his instructions and corrections for Israel. Elijah was used by God to expose false religion, and to restore the worship of the true God in Israel.

My friends, this work needs to be done again in this end time age, not only for Israel, or for the Church of God, but for the entire world. Today millions of people think they are Christians, and yet they will not even keep the Commandments of God. False Christianity has deceived this world’s people into thinking and believing the opposite of the way Jesus lived, and taught; yet they think they are following Christ. False Christianity mixed in paganism has deceived the people of this earth about God, and what he requires of his people. False Christianity needs to be exposed just like Baal was exposed by Elijah and his God.

Understand this friends and brethren: God will not pour out his great wrath on people who are sincere, and trying to please God, but are just deceived and ignorant of what the true God is like, and what he expects of the people. Even among men, no good father would whip his young son for some offence which his son did, unless he had first given his son instructions as to what kind of behavior that he expected of him. God is the best of Fathers, and he will need to undeceive the people, concerning this worlds false Christianity, and make it clear to the people what he does expect of them, before he pours out his wrath on the disobedient people in the Great and Dreadful Day of the Lord.

Friends, that is the reason that God said he would send Elijah the prophet before the great and dreadful day of the Lord. (Malachi 4: 5) When false religion is exposed; and the true God is magnified in the eyes of the people; then the earth’s people can be taught God’s true doctrine, and the hearts of the fathers can truly be turned in real love toward their children, and the children can then have their hearts turned to honor and respect their fathers and their Godly teachings. If God doesn’t do this, then he may as well just smite the entire earth with the curse of utter destruction. (Verse 6) Why? Because there would not be any people worthy of being carried over into the new world as physical people. The whole earth is deceived and corrupt, even as in the days before God brought a flood on them to destroy all flesh; with the exception of Noah and his family.

God worked through Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong to restore much bible truth and knowledge of God to the people whom God had called to be first fruits; and he helped God reveal to his called out Church, that this world’s version of Christianity is in fact false religion. With the combination of Mr. Armstrong’s teaching, the Holy Bible, and the Holy Spirit; God was able to reveal himself to us true Christians; so that we were able to truly believe and surrender to the true God and be converted. But the work that Mr. Armstrong did was for teaching and training a kingdom of priest, so that we may continue in the truth, and bring it to millions of others who will soon be made willing to believe and obey. God had not yet gotten the attention of the entire world, while Mr. Armstrong was still alive. Whether some want to believe that Mr. Armstrong was the end time Elijah or not; the truth remains that someone with the kind of power that God gave to the original Elijah will come on the world scene soon; and with truth and miraculous power from God; will expose false Christianity, and magnify the true God before the entire world. Of course this will cause them to be hated by the wicked of this world, even as Jezebel was turned to wrath against Elijah.

The two witnesses

The Holy scriptures reveal that there will be two prophets that God will give power to, after the order of Moses and Elijah. Read of them in the eleventh chapter of Revelation. God calls them his two witnesses. God will have prepared these two men for that great work. To be trusted with the kind of miraculous power that God will give to these men; a big part of their training and preparation must be: Causing them to go through experiences that completely deflate their human pride and vanity. These men must be of such strong and faithful character, that God knows that this power will not corrupt them. The tough preparation that these men must go through would not be pleasant. You can be sure that before God gives such power to those men; that he will know that they will remain faithful in all trying and difficult situations that they will have to encounter. Anyone who openly or secretly covets vain glory or material wealth will certainly not be qualified for this job. No man, but God himself will choose his two witnesses to represent him before this entire world.

Just like Moses was used to show the Israelite people that his God is the true God; and Elijah was used again to show Israel that his God is the true God; so also will God’s two witnesses show the entire world who the true God is, as opposed to the false god and his false religions which the entire earth has been deceived about. God at the same time will be showing all people, whom he has approved to lead and teach the people the true way of living and obeying, that God does require of them.

Because of God’s great love and mercy, and his desire to save an innumerable multitude of people from all nations to re-populate the new world, and to spare them from his wrath which will be poured out on the unrepentant wicked of the earth; therefore God will send his two witnesses with miraculous power to punish, chasten and get the whole world’s attention; and expose false Christianity as well as all false religion; so that he may be magnified in the humbled people’s eyes, and turn their hearts to him and his true and right way, his true religion. God used Moses to do this to a limited people in his day; so also God used Elijah to do this to a limited people in his day; but these end time witnesses’ will be used by God to cause the entire world to know that their God truly is God, and that all other religions are false. The true Christ will then be magnified, and none will be left with the excuse of saying “we didn’t know”. They will all know then; whether they will repent or not will still be their choice. An innumerable multitude of all nations will repent, but many more will suffer the wrath of God and refuse to repent of their sins. These hardened devils will just blaspheme God and refuse to repent. One thing is for certain though; they will be left without a just excuse, and Christ will slay them all who refuse to surrender to him. (Rev. 19: 11-21) No, the rebellious that refuse to repent and surrender to Christ and his kingdom will not be allowed to live. The new world under Christ and his wife will be made up of only those people who are willing to be taught, corrected, instructed, and be obedient.

My friends and brethren, this great salvation that God will bring to this earth’s population; to all who will repent and surrender to the true Christ when their false religion is exposed and Christ is magnified: That is the reason that God is going to give miraculous powers to his two witnesses. God desires to save mankind from their sins and the death penalty, instead of just vent his wrath on them. That is also why God inspired the prophet to write; “Behold I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord.” That is also why the one that comes in the Spirit and power of Elijah just before the great and dreadful day of the Lord, is called Elijah. He will be doing a work similar to the work of the original Elijah, in exposing false religion and magnifying the true God, to turn their hearts to the true God, so that they will not have to suffer the wrath of Christ in the great and dreadful day of the Lord. God desires that they repent and live over into the new world, and be led and taught, and fed the true word and way of God, so that they also can qualify for the gift of eternal life as a son or daughter of God. God has no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but that they would repent of their sin and rebellion, so that they might be allowed to live. (Ezekiel 18: 23)

My friends, Moses and Elijah have been true witnesses of God before Israel and many people of this world; showing that their God truly is God. I personally believe that is why they were “standing by the Lord” in the vision in which Christ was transfigured and coming in his Glory in his kingdom. (Matt. 16: 28 thru Chapter 17: 9) Those witnesses will be in the spirit and power of Moses and Elijah. They will do many similar works as Moses and Elijah. God will work through these men to turn many away from false religion, and to the true God and Christ.

People will not respect the spoken, or written word of God; but when it is backed up with plagues on the disobedient, then many will learn that these witnesses’ are truly backed up by Almighty God! Many will fear, and repent. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and a good understanding have all they that do his commandments.” (Psalms 111: 10) Later they will learn to love God, when they really get to know him, and will then obey out of love and respect. After truly living God’s way, they will be able to truly agree with God, and honestly worship him with understanding, for his goodness, love, mercy, and wisdom. Brethren remember: This great “fall harvest” of people will be begun as a result of God working through his two witnesses; exposing false religion, and magnifying the true God and Christ, and our examples and teaching. All true saints of all ages shall also have their part in planting, cultivating, watering, and nurturing the people of this “Feast of Tabernacles Harvest”.

Even as it was in the days of Moses; the fake wonders and miracles that the magicians did was no match for the true wonders that God did through Moses. Likewise the false prophet of Satan’s fake Christianity will be no match for the wonders and miracles and plagues that the two witnesses will be doing by the power of God. That is why they will hate them so much, and will eventually be allowed to kill them. But God will only use their deaths to further magnify himself and his faithful witnesses, when he raises them from the dead before their very eyes while they are rejoicing over their deaths. Our God is truly the only God, and he will leave no doubt about that to anyone.

Brethren, after God’s time has finally come to expose false Christianity, as well as all false religion; and God is being magnified in the eyes of the entire world; by the two witnesses; would you honestly want to hide in a cave somewhere to save your skin? Wouldn’t you prefer to trust in the Mighty God to defend you while you are actively teaching those people who are humbled and able to believe in the true Word of God? Our hope should be that God will give us real living faith, and courage, so that we can stand up for Christ and his people even if we must be martyred in the flesh. Why should God’s priesthood hide in a cave when our greatest opportunity to teach the truth to multiple thousands is just beginning? God can deliver us from death, or allow us to experience death. Being willing to die for Christ and his people, speaks louder, and is greater witness to other people than all of our words.

God bless those of his people who are willing to risk losing their life in the flesh in order to help turn others to the truth and righteousness of God, after God has gotten their attention, and made them willing to receive the truth and obey God’s Holy Law. Let God be magnified! (Psalm 70: 4)

Your brother in Christ,

Gary Stowers