Feb. 8-2013

Hello friends and brethren,

We know from the Word of God that this nation, the United States of America, as well as Britain and many other nations which have descended from the twelve original tribes of Israel, are going to be humbled in the worst time of trouble that has ever been on any people since there ever was a nation.

The Holy Bible refers to this time of trouble as the Great Tribulation, and particularly the time of Jacobs’s trouble. Jacob had his name changed by God to Israel. His twelve sons became the heads of the twelve tribes of Israel, which made up the Nation of ancient Israel. To understand what is about to happen to the United States of America, and the British people, you need to read a book written by the late Herbert W. Armstrong, “The United States and Britain in Prophecy”. This book will give undeniable proof to anyone who is willing to believe the truth, that we are the modern descendants of the tribe of Joseph and his two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh. We are the tribes that inherited the “birthright” that God has bestowed on us since about 1800 AD, giving us the lions portion of material wealth and prosperity and power in this world; but we have not come to obtain the blessing through righteous behavior but through sin, greed, lust, covetousness, selfishness, vanity and pride. Because of our continual increase of sins, we are about to lose all of it, and be brought down to slavery again just before Jesus Christ returns. We are already on the decline in this world, but Great Tribulation will soon come on us from our enemies, both within as well as from abroad; which will reduce us down to great pain, suffering, the anguish of heart and mind, death, and slavery. Those of you, who truly are called of God and have been taught the truth, know that what I’m saying is true. For those who don’t know these things, I say it is time to wake up and get your minds off of your daily pleasures and comforts and read this book that I mentioned above. You can find it on the internet. It is happening whether you have “your head in the sand” like an ostrich or not. All of this great trouble is coming on us because of our individual and national sins against the great God, and against one another.

Friends and brethren, it appears that these evil times are coming about in a little different manner than we had always thought and speculated. But before I continue on; I want you all to understand that I’m not writing these things just to scare you. I also have no purpose to gain any money or tithes from you; but because I love you with a Godly, and brotherly love, I feel the need to make you aware of the coming captivity and suffering, so that you may turn to the true God and surrender your lives totally to him, and keep all of his Ten Commandments. He is the only real help that is available to us, and when you do really get to know him you will see that his help is what we should have desired all along.

In this time of great tribulation, God will give some help and deliverance to his people who are faithful to him; but we must all be tried and purged through difficult times. (Dan. 11: 34) And also let it be thoroughly understood that I do not in any way suggest that we should take up arms to fight for our freedom that we have all enjoyed in this land. Those who live by the sword shall also die by the sword! It may be hard for even God’s own church not to fight to defend their selves and their freedoms, but God will fight for us when and how he chooses.

Our warfare is not against flesh and blood, but our battle is in our own minds, and against wicked spirits, that try seducing us into disobedience against God and his laws. When Jesus overcame the devil and qualified to begin his ministry here on earth; the battle was in his own mind, and against that wicked spirit, the devil. So also is our battle. Satan and his demons will use other wicked people to persecute us in the flesh, but the real battle is to always remain loyal and faithful to God and his way of life, even if we must suffer and die in the flesh. As you well know, the word of God tells us plainly that some of us are numbered for death by this evil event. Friends, that doesn’t just mean that only lukewarm Christians will be killed. Many faithful saints of God in past ages have proven their love for Christ, and God by allowing their selves to be murdered; instead of violating God’s seventh-day Sabbath, and because they refused to become a part of the great universal counterfeit “Christian” church, and because they continued to practice and teach Gods word. By this, they will obtain a better resurrection.

If our hope is only in this life, then we have no real hope. The time is coming soon when as God’s word tells us; that those who die in the Lord are blessed, (Rev. 14: 13) that they may rest in their graves, but their works will continue on to help prepare for the soon coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and his divine kingdom and family; to take over all nations and de-throne the devil and his demons and rule the entire earth in truth and righteousness, and with the supreme power of God Almighty. If we truly believe the true Gospel, and truly do believe in the resurrection of the true saints of God, to immortality to help Christ rule this earth; then we should live our lives in such a manner as to prove it to God, in every detail of our lives. This is our hope; not this nation, nor its form of government.

The days are coming soon when many of our fellow Americans will rise up in the spirit of revolution, as our founding fathers of this nation did; to cast off oppressive government and tyranny! They will probably be labeled as terrorists also by evil and corrupt people within our own national government. We true Christians must remember; this great nation that we live in, is not the Kingdom of God, and we should not take up arms to fight to keep our freedom and democracy. Jesus Christ said that his kingdom is not of this world if his kingdom were of this world, then would his servants fight that he should not be delivered to the Jews. (John 18: 36) We must be likewise.

Brethren of God we know that God is allowing the devil and his demons to work through humans to take over, and slaughter and enslave the modern descendants of Israel because of their sins. Americans and Britain have proved to God, and to us, that they have not used their freedom to only do good and serve God and show brotherly love for one another; but they have used their freedoms to do evil and destructive behavior against each other. They have chosen to live the way of self-centeredness and destruction. Even the professing Christian Churches refuse to obey all of God’s Commandments. As I have said many times: Freedom is only as good as the character of the people who have it. Therefore God is going to let the Israelite people lose their freedom, and let them become slaves to the world’s tyrants and their puppet rulers. Satan possessing a man will rule at the top over the entire empire, and above his kings. This empire is not just going to rule over the European Union, but they will rule over much of this earth, including the nations that have descended from the twelve tribes of Israel, including the United States of America, Britain, Israel, and their goal is to eventually rule all of the earth. This is the final revival of the “Beast” which is the Roman Empire. The Vatican’s Pope will guide this Beast as does a rider, guide a horse.

We know that the Americans won’t go down without a fight; but they will not have God’s favor in this Great War, as they have had in past wars when our freedoms truly were at stake. Because of our sins, we lost much blood in World War II, but God did give us the victory, because he had a work to do through Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong, preaching the true gospel to this world, and in calling us to be first-fruits; and in preparing us to be qualified with Holy Righteous Character, so that we may be qualified to rule with Christ in his soon coming kingdom. We true Christians should see all of this from God’s perspective, and not stand up to fight to try to salvage America’s constitution and bill of rights, even though that is the best form of man devised government that this world has ever experienced. We are of the World Tomorrow, The Kingdom of God. Let us remember that even unto death. By being faithful unto death, we will be assured of having the opportunity to help Jesus Christ rule the new world.

When Satan the devil was cast down to earth in this end time, the first order of his business was to attack and destroy and scatter the power of the Holy People. (Dan. 12: 7) He began by attacking the true Church of God. Those of us, who still loved the truth, were cast out because we were trying to wake up our brethren to the evils being done against the truth. Many were driven out of their organization by the devil’s doctrines and unrighteous ministers. That organization was turned into a Synagogue of Satan. God raised up the final Horn of his first fruits Church by a man named Gerald Flurry.

Satan didn’t quit with the destruction of the World Wide Church Organization; he came after the leader of the next church organization also. Satan’s tactics are to use our individual weaknesses against us; such weaknesses as lust, vanity, greed, covetousness, fear, and self-exaltation. We should examine our own hearts deeply and honestly with God’s help to see what our weaknesses are; for that is where Satan will hit you the hardest. Satan has been able to cause that man whom God used to raise up the Laodicean Organization, to exalt himself and to teach much false teaching, and to turn away, scatter, and drive out many faithful saints from that Laodicean horn also.

Today the true Church of God is a scattered people; so we must be very careful not to let Satan or his demons deceive us, in our own minds, lest we are destroyed spiritually. That is the devil’s goal! Satan has the power to kill the flesh, but he can’t kill us spiritually unless we let him; and that is what he will desperately try to do, through his deceived and ignorant followers.

The persecution will only get worse as time goes along. Whether we know it or not we will prove to ourselves as well as to God what we are made of. Hopefully, we have built our lives on the solid foundation of Christ and his way; all the way to the innermost part of our hearts and “bone marrow”. We all must be tried even as our Lord and brethren were. Some few have been tried severely as they lived, and proved their selves to be faithful to Christ so that they were counted worthy to inherit eternal life without having to go through this evil Great Tribulation. Some may yet be protected to a great degree, but remember; saving our skin is not our main goal, but to overcome our weaknesses so that we can live without sin, so that we may reap the reward of what God has in store for us in his family and kingdom.

God wants us to practice complete honesty, truth, and devoted love to God, and also a deep love and concern for our brethren, as well as true Godly love for all of God’s people on this earth. If we truly love people we will desire deeply to share with them the precious truth that we have received from God, if they can receive it, they will also become our brethren and family. During the tribulation, many will repent and learn to trust in God and Christ.

The seventh chapter of Revelation tells of this great multitude of peoples from all nations that will come out of the great tribulation, having washed their spiritual clothes in the blood of Christ. In other words, they will repent of their sins and yield to being obedient to God; and then Christ’s shed blood will cover their sins. They will be forgiven and cleansed, and then they will be led by Christ and his first-fruit wife unto the fountains of living waters, which is symbolic of God and his Holy Spirit. They will be allowed to live and be judged by Christ during the 1000 year reign of Christ and his resurrected saints ruling this earth.

Now back to the this present evil world, and Satan’s evil plans: The next order of Satan’s business after scattering the true Church of God was to complete his already carefully laid out plans to build his “New World Order”, which is intended to be a world government that will conquer the Israelite people’s governments. Their plans are to bribe and persuade the corrupt political leaders of the Israelite people into handing over their nations to join with this world government. By joining with the Global government they would separate the American and British people from having control of their national military power. This plan has been taking shape for decades through the Bilderberg Group, The European Union, and the United Nations, and secretive organizations. They are a group of the world’s wealthy and political elite, which hold secret meetings, and plan to covertly topple any government that stands in their way, then set up their own puppet government in its place. This has been taking place for decades, and we were lied to and deceived about the real reasons for the wars that American soldiers have lost their lives in. The devil is the real mastermind behind all of this evil. The American people would be shocked and alarmed if they were to pull their heads out of their pleasures, and comforts long enough to read a book titled “America Betrayed”, written by Rhawn Joseph PhD. I urge you brethren in the strongest way possible with words, to read that book. The writer gives very good documentation of what he says, in numbered notes that are revealed at the end of each chapter. You can find it on the internet.

Satan is going to use this “New World Order” to revive the so called Holy Roman Empire. Brethren of God, one thing we need to understand: This evil world government is not just going to sit on the continent of Europe! It is to rule the world. I agree that they probably will not be able to conquer all of the big Asian nations, for the Holy Bible reveals that they will be at war with each other in the last days, but that is their ultimate goal; a one world government. Because of the sins of the modern Israelite people, God will allow them to be conquered by this evil empire. It is moving fast now; Satan knows that he has but a short time to do his evil work. (Rev. 12: 12) Satan has worked through these wealthy world elites, and covert organizations to plant his men in top positions of our own government! These traitors are surrendering our government, which we thought was a government by the people; to become a part of this “New World Order”.

More and more Satan’s people have come to power in our nation and are trying to overthrow the constitution of the United States, as well as the Bill of Rights. Those politicians are also deceiving many people into believing that it is all for our good; to stop terrorism, and in reality they are setting things in order for them to be able to suddenly spring their trap on the American people. When the average American realizes what is going on it will be too late. Yes God will allow this evil empire to develop and enslave, murder, and abuse horribly the modern descendants of the Israelite people. Mass genocide will take place which will make Hitler’s deeds seem small. They will be taken as slaves into many nations. The young and pretty women will be used as their whores, while many elderly, disabled, physically or mentally handicapped, and defiant people will be exterminated!

In the end, God will again deliver his people who will repent and sincerely turn in obedience to the true God and Christ; he will deliver them out of slavery, even as he did ancient Israel from Egyptian slavery. Read all of Jeremiah chapters 30 and 31; it is all about this time of Jacobs (Israel’s) trouble, and Christ’s second coming to deliver them that are alive and repentant out of this tribulation, and to establish his new covenant with them, when he brings them back into their own land that he gave them when he brought them out of slavery in Egypt. There is yet hope for Israel because of Gods great love and mercy.

The American people love their freedom, even if they do use freedom to sin against God and one another. They will not surrender to this “New World Order” without a fight, but this will not be effective. When people wake up and realize what is going on, they will fight as revolutionist to defend their constitutional rights to no avail. Their efforts would be like a child attacking a hornets’ nest with a pop gun. The guns that our government allows us to have are no match for the war machine that the government has. They will simply label them as terrorist, and even call in the United Nations to crush them, like they are doing in foreign nations even now. Then the government owned news media will make the revolutionist look like evil terrorist to those deceived people who will go along with their evil rule. The government of this nation expects and even welcomes this revolution so that they can kill out any resistance to their evil take over, as well as exterminate any “undesirables”, which can’t be used for slave labor. They are preparing for it! Resistance is just one of the things that will make this great tribulation the worst time of trouble ever on this earth since men lived on earth. The government will take control of all transportation, food and drug supplies, gasoline, and every other thing that the people need for survival. They can easily cut off food supplies to all stores whenever they feel the need. Diseases created in science labs will be unleashed on people in a massive way, death and suffering will be in the millions. There is a video on internet by Alex Jones that you should watch: The Obama Deception HQ full length version. Another video to watch is: “End Game” by Alex Jones. If you want to see how deceitful our government and its leaders are I suggest that you also watch both videos about “The Sandy Hook Hoax”; if you watched the news about the Sandy hook shooting, then you should have already seen some of the lies and deceptions surrounding this case, but these videos will help you see how deceitful and evil that these people really are. The devils face with no covering over it is about to be revealed to the world, and especially the house of Israel. The worst time of suffering, pain, fear, and anguish that has ever been, or ever will be, is about to be unleashed on this sinful society that we live in. People will see for their selves what great evil sin produces.

We are living in fearful times! But above all brethren we are near the coming of our Lord, and soon all this evil will be destroyed. Our main goal is not to let our self be caught up in this revolution, but to remain faithful to Christ and keep the Laws of God. If we must live in a world without freedom and democracy, then just remember that so did our Lord and many of our brethren of past ages. Resist the government only if it tries to get you to disobey God and his Laws. Many brethren will be killed for obeying God, but they will rest in peace until Christ comes. (Isaiah 26: 17-21) The righteous in Christ will rise from their graves at the coming of Christ. In the end, we will win if we are loyal to Christ to the end!

We know that America has a military unmatched by any in the world. Satan and his wicked servants also knows that; so instead of using a European Empire to strike at a unified nation which has such power, as we have assumed in the past; it is being done in a covert way, in like manner as Germany did to conquer the European Nations governments, also as Satan did in scattering the Church of God, and separating us from our power to publish the truth. The world’s most wealthy elite under Satan’s influence have been planning, and systematically bringing about this “New World Order” ever since the end of World War II. Many of the top government officials are deceived into thinking that they will be given a large slice of the pie when this world government takes open control. These traitors may very well be betrayed also by their “strange bed partners,” which would serve them right. Such evil and deceitful people cannot be trusted as well as a rattle snake. The time to spring this on the people of America and Britain and Israel (Judah) is just about here. The manufactured economic collapse is a major tool in their hands to accomplish this. So also is the threat of “terrorism” which they have created. People who have infiltrated the Bilderberg secret meetings have reported much of their agenda to us. You should Google search for “The True Story of the Bilderberg Group”. This will help open your eyes to what their plans are. It truly is time to Wake Up! Turn to God with all your heart mind and soul, and trust in God even if we must suffer, and die for it. Keep your eyes on our real hope in the Kingdom and Family of God. God will allow us to be tried and tested for our own good.

Brethren unless we truly are of the same mind and character of Christ, then eternal life would only be a major curse to us and the family of God. God must refine us, and prove us through trials and temptations to make sure we are converted all the way through to the inter core of our hearts. Just imagine what evil would have been, if God had given eternal life to all of those ministers and people that were in the World Wide Church of God, without first giving us a great test to see if we would be loyal to Christ or follow Satan’s men. God knew what we would do, but he proved it to ourselves. You can’t fool God; he knows us better than we know our own selves. As a result of God allowing Satan to come in and forcefully teach false doctrine in his church, and exposing the brethren’s sinful weaknesses to their own selves; it may be that many of them may actually repent and become more dedicated to God in the future of their lives, that they may be saved. The tares were also gathered into bundles as a result of this scattering of God’s people. The whole trial has been painful, but it served God’s purpose which is for the good of his loyal children. So also is this Great Tribulation that God is going to let happen to his people. In the end those who love truth and righteousness will be made better, and the wicked will be condemned. God’s wisdom is perfect. All his ways are just and right.

Brethren, in the trying times that lay ahead of us we will have opportunity to show the world that our God is God! When we are given opportunity to share the Word of God with other people; then do not hesitate if they are willing to hear it. Many will yet come to repentance through our teaching in trying times. (Dan.11: 31-33) (Rev. 7: 9-17) God give us all the faith to do what he desires of us, even if we are killed for it. When we were scattered by Satan’s deceived men: that does not mean that we should sit back and do nothing but moan because we don’t have a faithful minister to preach to us. God has called each and every one of us to be kings and Priest for the Kingdom of God. When God allowed us to be scattered without a faithful and true minister; that is a sign that God wants us to go to work and teach others the truth that we have learned and love. It is time to graduate and go to work! The devil is trying to stop Gods truth from being taught, but so far he has only been allowed to scatter it.

Each of us should do all that we can to help other people have access to the truth by our own scattered efforts, if we truly do love the people as much as Christ does. Remember, we also were gross sinners before God through mercy and love called and taught us the truth. I must warn you though that you will be held accountable before Almighty God for what you teach. Teach only the truth and without pride and vanity lest you be numbered among the hypocrites. If you ever learn that you have taught something wrong; it is your responsibility before your Creator God to correct yourself and your teaching openly, so that all can understand the truth and not be deceived. God would rather have an honest man who knows very little, than a vain puffed up man who thinks he knows all things, or a man who can’t bring his pride, vanity and fear under control enough to admit he is wrong about something.

Those who are humble, obedient to God, and love the way that God lives; the way of honesty, truth, outgoing love for others, and complete faithfulness to Christ and God; they will be the ones who will be given the rule of the world under Christ in the very near future. I hope you are able to believe and love this truth. Again in closing I will plead with you for your own sakes as well as for others sakes: examine the related material that I have recommended to you in this letter. God keep each of us safe in Christ to the end of this world and the beginning of Christ’s world. Whether in life, suffering, pain, or death let Christ be glorified in the way that you live and think.

Your brother in Christ,

Gary Stowers