Think for a moment; where are you at? Do you really know where you are at? We judge where we or someplace or thing is at, based on considering the location in relation to other things or places that we know of that is around it. If I were to call my wife on her cell phone and ask her where she is at, she might tell me she is at home, at the grocery store, or maybe driving on the road between Fort Gibson and Muskogee, or some other place around here. You would be very much the same, in that you would tell me the location based on things and places around you that I would be somewhat familiar with so that I could get an idea where you are at. Most of the time that serves our purpose well, for our minds are mostly focused on this physical world and the things that we are very familiar with, our surroundings. Most human minds are consumed with thoughts about our own little worlds of our personal lives and the things and people involved in our lives. For a very small amount of our time, we do expand our minds out to think of other people and places in the world, maybe when we are watching the world news, or something similar, but the average person is primarily focused on their own life and the people, places, and things that we encounter on a regular basis.

You have probably heard the old saying, of being so close to the trees that you can’t see the forest. Well, we humans are so close to our own little worlds and the things and people involved in our world that we often aren’t concerned with other outside people and their worlds. We humans are also so close to the things and places that we are very familiar with that we don’t give much thought to other places and nations, and our relation to them. It is sort of like we have tunnel vision, where all we can focus on is the people, places, and things that are involved in our own little personal lives.

My purpose in writing this article is to expand your minds to see things from a much higher perspective and give you the ability to comprehend where you really are at, and to help you realize that the world doesn’t just revolve around you and your personal perspective of things. You are not the only one who has his own personal little world that he lives in. Every human who lives or who has ever lived has had his or her own little world in which they lived, and their world was just as important to them as yours is to you.

What I am about to tell you is not something new, but I want to help you to really comprehend the awesome truth that most humans on earth today know about, but don’t truly grasp the significance of it. It is truly an awesome, mind-expanding experience to just comprehend where you are at, in relation to other material things around you. I will also help you to realize that there are no humans that truly know where they are really at!

I will begin by examining my own location in fine detail, and then expand out from there. You should do the same for your own location. I am sitting in my chair, at my computer, in my office, in my home, in the town of Fort Gibson, in the state of Oklahoma, in the nation of the United States, on the continent of North America, between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, on the earth, which is like a round ball that is out in space, in the heavens among many thousands of other stars and planets. Scientists who have studied the heavens, and viewed the stars through powerful telescopes, tell us that many of the other stars and planets are many times larger than the earth that we live on. One thing that they all have in common is that they are all in their own orbit which they travel through, and they all are held out there in the heavens by a power which the human eye is not able to see, for it is invisible to us.

The stars and planets all travel through their orbits in precise timing, and yet they maintain their collective formations, such as the Big Dipper, and the Little Dipper. You should go out on a clear night when the stars are shining bright and meditate, and consider the things that I write to you here, and consider that our little earth is out there among them also!

People of past ages have not always had the knowledge available to them that we can now have. Before Magellan sailed around the earth and proved that the earth is round, many people believed that the earth is flat and that if there was an end to it, then one could go to the edge and jump off! Others believed that the earth is the bottom of everything, and the heavens were all above us. I believe from my own past personal experiences, that most people today are educated well enough that they accept the idea that the earth is a round planet, but the average fleshly, carnal-minded person is so involved in their own little worlds, and all that that involves that they are not constantly aware that we are all living on a, round ball out in space. The average person lives his or her life as if the earth was the bottom of everything, and that the heavens are all above us. People are too close to the trees to see the forest.

When you go out and look up at the stars, and meditate, consider the plain truth about this matter. We all live on a little round ball that is held out in the heavens only by the power of the Invisible Creator God who made them all, and we are not in charge of where we are going. We on this earth are rolling through the heavens; every twenty-four hours we travel the distance of the circumference of the earth, rolling towards the sun. At the same time, we are traveling on our oval-shaped orbit which takes us all the way around the sun and back every year! That is a lot of miles as you can figure. Our foundation that we all have come to trust in is not the bottom of everything after all, but we of all nations are confined to this tiny little ball that we call earth, and we are traveling through the heavens like a space ship at a very fast speed! This earth seems like a very large place if we compare it to our own selves, and our little worlds of our lives; but when you let your mind expand out and comprehend the truth, and compare it with the heavens and all that is out there around us, then we and our planet is like a little speck of dust out in space.

When you are looking up into the heavens; pick out a tiny little star way out in space, and consider that our earth is like that, maybe even smaller! You would think that man would learn to fear and obey the Great Creator God who holds our little planet out here in the heavens among the other ones. When you are outside looking around and across the horizon, consider the truth and let it sink deep into your mind; that this whole earth is like a round ball, and that it is constantly rolling toward the sun, and away from the sun as it also is traveling on its journey through the heavens making its way around the sun every 365 days.

We should live our lives, with this understanding in our minds. It is the plain truth about where you are at. People who are living their lives without being constantly aware of this truth are far more likely to get so bogged down in their own little worlds that they are not aware of the great Creator God who gives them their breath and holds this planet out here among the other stars and planets in the blackness of eternal space. Anybody who can consider this information, and then say there is no God is a fool. God is the Great Spirit being who created all of the whole creation and rules supreme above all. He has purposed the only real purpose for your existence. Most people do not know what God’s real overall purpose for their lives is. Even the religions of this world don’t know what the real purpose that God has created man for; yet God does reveal his astonishing purpose for man in the Holy Bible, which he has inspired his prophets and apostles to write. But, most of mankind doesn’t truly understand their bibles when they read them.

Part of the reason that most people are unable to really understand their bible is that they are unwilling to be corrected by the word of God. People would rather find their selves to be “right” as they are, rather than to be willing to admit that they are wrong and that they have been taught wrong. As a result, people will twist the scriptures around, and try reading into the scriptures their own opinions. But if God Almighty has been acting on your mind and heart to bring you to face the truth about yourself and this deceived world that we live in; then I suggest that you go honestly before the Great God in a heartfelt and honest talk, and ask him to do something to you so that you will be able to keep the commandments of God. God won’t force you to obey him, but if you can see that you should, and if you would like to; then God can give you the power and strength, and determination so that you can. God says that a good understanding is determined by whether you are willing to obey the Commandments of God. (Psalms 111: 10) God will not give a good understanding to those people who still think that following their lusts is the way to happiness. When you have learned that your own lusts have brought on yourself all of your heartaches, sorrows, and anguish; then if you are willing to truly repent of your way, and totally surrender to obey God; then God will give you the power to do so, and keep the Commandments of God. Then and only then will you begin to really start growing in understanding of the Word of God. But if you are only expecting to use God to help yourself temporarily, like one would use a salt shaker then put it back on the shelf; then you should not expect to receive any power from God, and God knows what is in your heart better than you do. God wants people who have truly, and deeply repented of their self and this worlds way, and are willing to give up on self-reliance, and begin trusting in, and obeying the Great Creator God who gives breath to every one of us humans on this little speck of dust out here among all of the other stars and planets in the heavens. As long as you think that you can give yourself purpose for existence, and find happiness and meaning to life living in disobedience to God; then you will not be able to truly surrender to God. God knows the difference between those who only want to have a form of religion, and deceive themselves into thinking that they are Christian from those who are honest and really desire the truth even though it means changing their whole lives and way of thinking and living.

As I said earlier, most people don’t even truly comprehend where they are in relation to the things around them. We on this little earth are out among the stars in heaven and would be pitifully lost and purposeless if it were not for the Great Creator God and his purpose for creating us and allowing us to live here on his planet, earth. We are a very tiny physical creation that was created by the Almighty God for his purpose, which most people don’t even know about. We and this earth were created out here in eternal space, of which God inhabits. (Isaiah 57: 15) Think about this for a moment; there is no beginning or end to eternity either in time or space. There is nowhere out in space a wall that stops space. If there were a wall out there, it would also inhabit space, and space would be on the other side of it. We don’t know exactly what all is in space, but it goes on forever. Likewise, time is the same way. When you stop and consider it carefully, we and this earth are in the very midst of eternity, both of time and space; and God has always inhabited eternity. If you were to travel one million light-years from your location here on earth, you would still be just as far from the end of eternal space as you were when you started! That is incredible to believe, but it is true. There is an end to physical matter, but there is no end too, eternity of either time or space. If you were born in the days of Adam and Eve, then you would still be as far from the beginning of time as you were to the end of time! God who inhabits eternity has neither beginning of life, nor end of life; he will go on forever! Wherever we are physically, or when we were born; we are always in the very midst of the eternal realm of God’s domain. So where in creation are you? Most people don’t let their minds expand out to even be concerned about such things, but it is the truth, and we should desire the truth, and not some false illusion that men seem to be content with. We are a very tiny physical creation that has been created in the very midst of the Eternal God and his domain of eternity both of time and space. God created us with intent that if we can learn that all sin and disobedience to God is wrong, and only produces bad, harmful, evil end results; and then if we will repent of all disobedience to God in, deed as well as in our hearts and minds, then surrender to obey God and his word, then he will impregnate us with his own Holy Spirit which will lead us into obedience to God and his laws. Then as we live and resist the pulls of the flesh and the lusts of the mind that would enslave us to sin; we develop holy character in our selves so that we become strong enough, and wise enough that we will not let ourselves sin against God or man. God gives us more of his Holy nature as we yield to Him and resist the wrong that we may be tempted to do, and think. When we have grown to the stature and character of Christ, (Philippians 2: 5) (Eph. 4: 1-13) then we can be given everlasting life and eternal Spirit bodies like Christ now has. At Christ’s coming, we shall finally be born again as the very sons of God! Yes, that is your awesome potential, for which you were created for. God is in the process of reproducing himself through us humans! Is that not awesome? I realize that most of you who read this don’t have enough education in the word of God to really know that I am telling you the truth, but if you can surrender to God and Christ and start obeying God, then over time you will see these truths also in your own bible. If you can believe the true Gospel, which is the Good News that Jesus preached, then you will better have the motivation to strongly pursue this awesome potential. To be born into the very Kingdom and Family of God as a very Son of God is awesome beyond words to describe!

Since you are always at the very center of eternity, I suggest that it is more important to consider your location of where you are in the great plan of God in bringing you into the knowledge and character of Christ, so that you may be more concerned with your real purpose for existing, rather than being so close to this world and the things of this world that you can’t see the reality of your life and the life of your maker. The Holy Bible is a gold mine full of precious wisdom and knowledge that God wants to share with those who can have respect for it! But the wicked that hate knowledge, and correction, and refuses to repent even after God punishes them; they will eventually be burned up in a lake of fire and become ashes under the righteous people’s feet. (Rev. 20: 14) (Malachi 4: 1-6) There will be no resurrection from the second death; they will be as though they never existed; gone forever. This world’s false Christianity teaches many false satanic doctrines, among which is the one about a cruel and merciless god who will torture the wicked with, an everlasting, life in hellfire! I thank God that the real Christ and God are more merciful than that.

The Great Spirit Devil has deceived this whole world (Rev. 12: 9) into believing in a false Jesus which has been invented in the minds of men and taught as the word of God. This evil will become worse for a short season, but soon God will expose this false Christ for what it is. We are living very near to the beginning of the Great Tribulation when Satan’s evil wrath will be openly displayed on this earth in such a hellish fashion that many will hope that there is a real God to deliver them; soon after God will intervene with supernatural signs in the heavens, and Christ will shortly come back to take over all nations and rule them in righteousness, but with the firmness of a rod of Iron.

The few people who will still be left alive, and have been made willing to surrender to God, but who have not yet had time to live a Christian life of overcoming their sinful nature long enough to qualify for being born again as a son of God; will be allowed to live as human mortals here on this earth during the one thousand year period in which Christ and his Saints will rule this earth. They will be judged then as the true saints are being judged today in this world. To qualify for the gift of eternal life we must be free from sin in heart, mind, and deed. God is not going to give real life to a bunch of dissenting sinful demons who hate the righteousness of God. God is building a family of God beings to inhabit and rule with him throughout eternity. Sin only leads to strife, hate, division, and destruction. God is a Creator. If we don’t prove to God that we love his way of love, peace, cooperation, and unity, then we will not be accepted into the Kingdom of God. The true God wants you to obey him because you believe his word, that he is right, and because you are in agreement with him, and love him; not as this worlds false Christ tries to scare you by telling you of a God who will torture you in a miserable unbearable eternal life in Hellfire. That is a Devils doctrine.

There is much yet that could be written about this subject, for it is the true words of God made plain to be understood by all who can believe it, but I will close this article by asking you again: Where are you at in God’s creation?

A true friend, and witness of God and Christ,

Gary Stowers